NY Times Calls Donald Trump “Independent President” After He Makes Minor Deal with Democrats

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NY Times Calls Donald Trump “Independent President” After He Makes Minor Deal with Democrats

Donald Trump strikes “one minor deal” with Democrats while throwing the Republican Party under a bus and the media is already trying to spin this by calling him the “independent president.” If this isn’t propaganda from the White House then I don’t know what is.

New York Times: “Although elected as a Republican last year, Mr. Trump has shown in the nearly eight months in office that he is, in many ways, the first independent to hold the presidency since the advent of the current two-party system around the time of the Civil War.”

“In recent weeks, he has quarreled more with fellow Republicans than with the opposition, blasting congressional leaders on Twitter, ousting former party officials in his White House, embracing primary challenges to incumbent lawmakers who defied him and blaming Republican figures for not advancing his policy agenda.”

The New York Times gave Donald Trump cover many, many times during the presidential campaign while going in full feeding frenzy mode in its scathing criticisms of Hillary Clinton’s emails and Clinton Foundation. They conveniently ignored Trump’s baggage and scandals, which paled in comparison to Clinton’s infractions.

The Washington Post and the Associated Press also parroted the nonsense from the NY Times, each with their own ridiculous spin on Trump’s deal with Democrats.

Washington Post: “Trump’s agreement with the Democrats is hardly the first time the president has flouted his allies, including those around the world, sending them skittering nervously in response to a threat or a sudden turnabout.”

WaPo’s Robert Costa tweeted:  “In spirit, Pres. Trump isn’t a Democrat or a Republican. He’s a freewheeling, transactional pol who looks for wins.” What a load of crap.

The Associated Press:  “On display at that chummy scene Thursday was the Trump who’s emerged in full this past week: Trump the independent. A president who spent months catering to the Republican conservative wing now appears unbound by ideology and untethered by party allegiances.”

Sorry, but Donald Trump has no attention to detail, understands very little about what his job as president entails, has no inclination to learn more about said job, is unscrupulous, demands loyalty from others but offers none in return, is mentally unstable and unhinged, is a racist and sexist bully with very little legislative victories, but yet he’s now being called the “independent president.” Not even a month ago, Trump called white supremacists who sparked violence in Charlottesville, “very fine people,” until he was forced to repudiate his words. Give me a break with all this talk of this ignoramus being “independent.”

Well, Twitter clapped back hard against the New York Times’ ridiculous assertion that Trump is the “independent president:”