Barack Obama, George W. Bush to Stump for Candidates for Virginia Governor Northam, Gillespie Respectively

barack obama, george w bush virginia governor candidates
Barack Obama, George W. Bush to Stump for Virginia Governor Candidates [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will campaign for the candidates for Virginia’s governor — Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie, respectively.

So, who will have the greater impact in helping the candidates? Barack Obama for sure. He left office with a 55 percent approval rating. Bush left with an approval rating in the 20s. I seriously doubt their are pro-Bush fanatics left in Virginia. He is a reminder of everything that went wrong under his watch — 9/11 and the recession due to a near financial-collapse.

Bush will hold fundraisers for Gillespie on Oct. 16, in Richmond and Alexandria. While Obama will stump for Lt. Gov. Northam later this month. He will hold public events with Northam, though the details are still being worked out.

Obama and Bush are also teaming up with the other living former US presidents to attend a hurricane relief benefit concert in Texas.