Donald Trump Golfed While Puerto Rico’s Governor Begged for Help as Jones Act Expires

donald trump golfed puerto rico's governor jones act expires
Donald Trump Golfed While Puerto Rico’s Governor Begged for Help as Jones Act Expires

Donald Trump spent the day golfing with his babysitter Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) while Puerto Rico’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello begged for an extension of the Jones Act, which expired on Sunday. The Trump administration caved due to immense public pressure and temporarily lifted the Jones Act on Sept. 28. The waiver was only good for 10 days. The Department of Homeland Security declined Rossello’s request for an extension. “The island will go back to paying much higher shipping costs to import supplies,” the Huffington Post reports.

Trump’s golf trip on Monday came on the heels of a golf-packed weekend while 85 percent of Puerto Rico still has no electricity, while less than 60 percent have drinking water. On Monday, Gov. Rossello ordered an investigation into claims that water and food deliveries weren’t getting to areas of the country. You would think this would be of paramount importance to this White House. Nope. Not so.

Even Sen. Graham got into the act of not giving a damn about Puerto Rico. He made sure everyone knew he golfed with Trump today. He gleefully tweeted, “President Trump shot a 73 in windy wet conditions.” Trump also posted a propaganda video Sunday night whining that he did not get enough credit for the stellar response in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile he quietly let the Jones Act expire.

Gov. Rossello was used as a prop during Donald Trump’s photo op in Puerto Rico last week. It was a political disaster. It was one insult after another from Trump. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz must feel a sense of vindication because she saw right through Trump’s stunt. Trump is a vindictive and petty person, who would rather stick it to Puerto Ricans (who are American citizens) because they voted for Hillary Clinton in larger numbers than for him during the primary.