Donald Trump Literally Threw Rolls of Paper Towel to Hurricane Maria Victims During Puerto Rico Trip

donald trump puerto rico visit
Donald Trump Literally Threw Rolls of Paper Towel to People During Puerto Rico Trip

Donald Trump’s Puerto Rico trip was a political disaster from the moment he sat down during a round-table to when he literally threw rolls of paper towel to Hurricane Maria victims like he was throwing t-shirts at a concert at Calvary Chapel relief center. Unbelievable.

Trump passed out food to hurricane victims in Florida and Texas, but decided to just throw stuff at hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. He’s also not even going to the Virgin Islands. He’s sending Mike Pence. Maybe that’s for the best because he doesn’t do so well around mostly black crowds. He has no interest in people who didn’t vote for him. Hillary Clinton won by huge margins during the primaries compared to his wins.

He also said the victims at the relief center didn’t need flashlights, even though he was passing them out:

The paper-towel throwing comes after Trump said Hurricane Maria wasn’t a “real catastrophe” like Katrina because the death toll is about 17 in Puerto Rico. That’s not true. It’s expected the climb once they start recording that information, plus, there are people in areas that are cut off from the rest of the island. Trump also railed that the hurricane threw “our budget out of whack.” SMH. No words.

Reaction on Twitter to Trump throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans: