Email Scandal 2.0: Media is Trying to Pin Harvey Weinstein Scandal on Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton harvey weinstein scandal
Email Scandal 2.0: Media is Trying to Pin Harvey Weinstein Scandal on Hillary Clinton

The media is desperately trying to pin the Harvey Weinstein scandal on Hillary Clinton any way they can. That’s despite Donald Trump and his third wife, as well as Ivanka Trump taking pictures with Weinstein. This is email scandal 2.0. Yet, they wonder why Donald Trump is occupying the White House.

Hillary Clinton, who was under no obligation to issue a statement on Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, finally broke her silence today. That didn’t matter. Some in the media, such as CNN’s Erin Burnett railed that it’s been five days since the scandal broke and Mrs. Clinton said nothing.

So, what did she tweet after Clinton issued a statement? Burnett still wasn’t satisfied. She can’t win with these people.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson tweeted: “NOTE: at least 11 Dem sens. say they’re giving to charity the money Weinstein donated. No word from Clinton on whether she’ll do the same.” Um, did she ask Donald Trump a similiar question with regard to money he donated to lawmakers before his sexual assault allegations came out?

Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter (who was in tears when she was portrayed as Sen. Ted Cruz jump-off) said on CNN: “Hillary Clinton isn’t president right now because she enabled sexual abusers.”

No words. Donald Trump is president right now because the media enabled a sexual abuser. Simple.

Chris Cillizza didn’t disappoint with his Hillary haterade. He tweeted: “It took 5 days for Hillary Clinton to say something on Weinstein.”

Aaron Blake mentioned the “puzzling half-measures on Harvey Weinstein.” Um, whatever.

CNN’s Dan Merica tweeted: “Clinton says she is shocked and appalled by the news on Weinstein. Statement doesn’t mention what she will do with his campaign donations.”

According to some in the media, Hillary Clinton should be blamed for the unsavory actions of the men she has come in contact just because but Donald Trump is given a pass.

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