Donald Trump Silent After Eminem Obliterates Him in Freestyle Rap at Hip Hop Awards

donald trump silent eminem obliterates freestyle rap bet hip hop awards
Donald Trump Silent After Eminem Obliterates Him in Freestyle Rap at Hip Hop Awards

No response from Donald Trump after Eminem obliterates him with a freestyle rap performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Um, Trump can only pick on people he thinks he can bully.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, told the world what the majority of Americans think about Donald Trump — he’s a disgusting person in every way possible. He told his fans to make a choice between him and Donald Trump. That performance is something to behold.

Eminem rapped: “F**k walking on eggshells. I came to stomp, which is why he keeps screaming drain the swamp ’cause he’s in quicksand. It’s like we take a step forwards than backwards, but this is his form of distraction. Plus, he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL, so we focus on that n instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All these horrible tragedies in these borders and he’d rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.”

“Same sh*t that he tormented Hillary for than does it more,” the rapper said. He also called Trump “a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust and … just gas his plane up and fly around ’til the bombing stops.”

The line that’s the most profound to me was when the rapper said, “Support for the Klansman. Tiki torches in hand for the soldier that’s black and comes from Iraq and is still told to go back to Africa.”

This takedown was second to none. Eminem broke the Internet last night and the #Eminem hashtag is still trending on Twitter. No surprise that Trump is silent. He didn’t hit back after LeBron James called him a “bum” because he attacked Stephen Curry over nixing a White House visit.

Watch Eminem obliterate Donald Trump with freestyle rap at BET Hip Hop Awards show: