Trump’s Racist Attack on Virginia Governor Candidate Ralph Northam Backfires ‘Bigly’

ralph northam trump's racist attack virginia governor candidate
Trump’s Racist Attack on Virginia Governor Candidate Ralph Northam Backfires Royally [Photo Credit: Facebook]
Donald Trump’s racist attack on Democratic candidate for Virginia governor Ralph Northam backfires ‘bigly’ as the Democrats are fundraising off the tweet. Trump’s racebaiting is nothing new. He thrives on that — from his birther attacks on Barack Obama to attacking black NFL players for taking a knee.

Trump tweeted:  “Ralph Northam,who is running for Governor of Virginia,is fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs & sanctuary cities. Vote Ed Gillespie!”

Northam wasted no time fundraising off Trump’s tweet: “TBH I’ve been expecting this. Donate here:”

Trump’s desperate endorsement is bad for GOP candidate Ed Gillespie because he literally used his racist talking points from his ads . Gillespie stopped short of calling a sympathizer for Latino gang members raping white women. This is how dirty Republicans play to win, but it’s going to backfire. Gillespie can’t say he offers something different from Trump. He doesn’t. It’s the same racially-tinged rhetoric that attacks black and brown people.

Donald Trump’s approval rating in Virginia is abysmal. That’s another reason why Gillespie needed as much distance between he and Trump as possible, but thanks to the tweet, that’s not going to happen. They’re joined in tweetimony.  A recent University of Mary Washington poll shows Trump with an approval rate of 37 percent, with a disapproval rate of 55 percent.

We have to roll up our sleeves and help Ralph Northam get to the finish line next month. Right now he’s leading comfortably in the polls, but they can be wrong. We shouldn’t be lulled in a false sense of safety. Phone bank for Northam. Knock on doors. Donate to his campaign. We need to get out as many people as possible to the polls.