Many Female New Yorkers Baffled at Huma Abedin’s Loyalty to Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger

Many Female New Yorkers Baffled at Huma Abedin's Loyalty to Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger

Many Female New Yorkers Baffled at Huma Abedin’s Loyalty to Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger

(HinterlandGazette Editorial) — Is Huma Abedin in it for the publicity or does she have political ambitions, albeit through her husband? Is the allure of being New York City’s First Lady worth more to her than forcing her husband to get medical help? She has left many women confused about her loyalty to her husband, Anthony Weiner, (AKA Carlos Danger) who has literally disrespected her once again with his sexting and phone sex with another woman, Sydney Elaine Leathers. Is she the mini-Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t strike me as being that shrewd and calculating, but then again, she could be. One has to also wonder if her loyalty to her husband is based on cultural beliefs — her father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was born in India and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, was born in Pakistan.

It’s clear that Anthony Weiner has a problem. A huge problem. He begged the public to forgive him for his sexting during a tearful press conference when he resigned from Congress. Those disclosures rocked the New York political world then and left many wondering how could such a rising star in the Democratic Party take such a tumble. It is shameful that even after he resigned from Congress, checked himself into therapy and pledged to devote his life to his family, he continued with the explicit text messaging and phone sex? Surely the people of New York City deserve better than this circus.

It’s painful to watch Huma Abedin encourage people to vote for her husband, knowing what he has done. It can’t possibly be okay with her. The fact is,  Gracie Mansion doesn’t need Anthony Weiner. He is sick. He needs to drop out of the race and seek medical intervention.  As a woman, on one hand,  I can’t understand why Huma would put herself out their like that. But on the other, I concur that marriage is complicated. My marriage has had many ups and down. There were times when I thought of leaving but didn’t but I don’t know if I could stand with my husband knowing if he had been sexting and engaging in phone sex over and over.

Huma Abedin isn’t your typical devoted spouse. There’s something in her eyes that reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton — political power. Many women would deem her as a fool.  I don’t think she is. She knows the cost of what she’s doing. She said so herself in an article in Harper’s Bazaar — “Launching this campaign was not an easy decision for our family to make.” “Putting yourself out there comes with a cost.” Is Anthony Weiner’s political ambition, which has become a ridiculous sideshow, really worth her putting herself and her husband’s demons on display for the world?


Fear of a Black Europe Giving Rise to Racial Discrimination Against Dark-Skinned Immigrants

Fear of a Black Europe Giving Rise to Racial Discrimination Against Dark-Skinned Immigrants

Fear of a Black Europe Giving Rise to Racial Discrimination Against Dark-Skinned Immigrants [Christiane Taubira  portrayed as a gorilla]

(HinterlandEditorial) — Fear of a black Europe is giving rise to intolerance among many, as the continent grapples with economic woes. One would think that the appointment of Congo-born Cecile Kyenge as Italy’s first black cabinet minister would be a unifying moment, but instead, it has sparked racism from many, including Mario Borghezio, a member of the Northern League Party. He dismissed Cecile Kyenge’s appointment, saying, “It seems to me she’d be a great housekeeper, but not a government minister.” His comments were despicable and patently racist.

The anti-gay movement across the continent has also had it in for blacks. For example, French anti-gay protesters displayed a poster portraying Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, who is black, as an evil gorilla. Unfortunately Nazi-inspired gr0ups are getting a foothold in many areas in Europe and it is alarming and warrants the concern of many.

This racial intolerance is also evident at soccer games, where Greek soccer player Giorgos Katidis celebrated a goal with a Nazi salute during a game in Athens. He feigned ignorance at the implication of the salute and was kicked out of the league.

Greece is proving to be a hotbed for racial intolerance. It was hardest hit by the euro zone crisis and serious problems have arisen involving racism linked to the rise of the Golden Dawn party, which is inspired by the Nazi movement. According to the Global Post, it saw its support rise from 0.3 percent in the 2009 elections to seven percent in 2012, winning 21 seats in the parliament. The Golden Dawn party ran on the slogan, “So we can rid this land of filth.” Greece’s Racist Violence Recording Network have blamed the group’s black-shirted followers for many of the 154 incidents of racist violence that rocked the country last year.

Italy’s Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said it best when she pointed to the fact that “fear and prejudice are being spread across Europe mainly by nationalistic and demagogic groups, who are exploiting the current malaise and social despair.” It’s a sad commentary that the dark-skinned immigrant is taking the brunt of the outrage for the current economic woes. Xenophobia, populism and discrimination is slowly making many countries in Europe an unattractive place for anyone of color to visit, much less live. It’s a sad commentary because we all want the same things out of life.

Stunning Defeat of Gun Control Overhaul Should Culminate in Lawmakers Being Kicked Out of Office in 2014 Elections

Gun Control overhaul fails thanks to National Rifle Association

Stunning Defeat of Gun Control Overhaul Should Culminate in Lawmakers Being Kicked Out of Office in 2014 Elections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HinterlandGazette Editorial — Wednesday was a horrible day for the majority of Americans who wanted to see some type of gun control overhaul passed. What’s troubling is that it wasn’t just the background check amendment that went up in flames. Every other proposal concerning gun control did too. To echo President Obama, this shouldn’t be ignored, but remembered in the polling booth in the 2014 and 2016 elections. It’s quite clear, the National Rifle Association controls the majority of the Senate like puppets on a string.

Washington Post:  “It was a stunning collapse for gun-control advocates just four months after the deaths of 20 children and six adults in Newtown led the president and many others to believe that the political climate on guns had been altered in their favor.”


“But the biggest setback for the White House was the defeat of a measure to expand background checks to most gun sales. The Senate defied polls showing that nine in 10 Americans support the idea, which was designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.”

First Read: “Yesterday, even the most uncontroversial piece of gun legislation — a trafficking bill with NRA support — went down. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn’t get cloture on the final bill, and he may pull the whole package from the floor as soon as today.”

Michael Tomasky : “You cannot oppose the will of 90 percent of the public and expect no consequences. You can’t have people saying what Rand Paul said, that monstrous comment of his about Newtown parents being “props,” and think that you haven’t offended and infuriated millions of people. You can’t introduce amendments that encourage moreinterstate transfer of weapons and give it the way-beyond-Orwellian name “safe communities” act and think that karma will never come back around on you. And you can’t sneer at the parents of dead 6-year-olds and expect that God isn’t watching and taking notes.”

If this isn’t proof that lawmakers thumb their noses at their constituents and ignore their wishes. Well, we’ll be urging you to remember those lawmakers up for reelection in 2014 who didn’t do your bidding in the gun control fight. Until the gun violence hits close to home, they will continue their love affair with the NRA. That includes Democrats and Republicans alike. The Democrats deserve to lose their majority edge in the Senate. You can’t just ignore the wishes of the vast majority of Americans who elected you to do as you please once you get to Washington D.C. Gun control overhaul was supported by 90% of Americans.

When one of these lawmakers lose a child, spouse or another relative to gun violence, they’ll sing another tune. Until then, they are willing to trample all over the victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting, the victims of the Newtown school massacre, the victims of Sikh temple shooting, and all the others victims of gun violence. That’s just shameful.

The group of cowards don’t realize that the impact of their votes will be largely positive on President Obama because it shows he fought for the victims of gun violence and their families.  David Axelrod said it best, “I don’t think there is any doubt that the President devoted himself fully to the cause of strengthening gun laws. The American people know that.” He added this on the subject of political fallout, “If there is some, it will be for those members of the Senate who defied 90% of the American people out of fear of reprisals from the NRA.” Enough said. Fe fi fo fum, 2014 elections here we come……


1. Sen. Rand Paul

2. Sen. Saxby Chambliss

3. Sen. Johnny Isakson

4. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

5. Sen. Mitch McConnell

6. Sen. Richard Shelby

7. Sen. Jeff Sessions

8. Sen. Marco Rubio

9. Sen. Jeff Flake

10. Sen. John Boozman

11. Sen. Tim Scott

12. Sen. Lisa Murkowski

13. Sen. Mike Crapo

14. Sen. Jim Risch

15. Sen. Dan Coats

16. Sen. Chuck Grassley

17. Sen. Pat Roberts

18. Sen. Jerry Moran

19. Sen. David Vitter

20. Sen. Thad Cochran

21. Sen. Roger Wicker (the one who got ricin letter)

22. Sen. Roy Blunt

23. Sen. Mike Johanns

24. Sen. Max Baucus

25. Sen. Mark Begich

26. Sen. Mark Pryor

27. Sen. Deb Fischer

28. Sen. Dean Heller

29. Sen. Kelly Ayotte

30. Sen. Richard Burr

31. Sen. John Hoeven

32. Sen. Rob Portman

33. Sen. Jim Inhofe

34. Sen. Tom Coburn

35. Sen. Lindsey Graham

36. Sen. John Thune

37. Sen. Lamar Alexander

38. Sen. Bob Corker

39. Sen. John Cornyn

40. Sen. Ted Cruz

41. Sen. Orrin Hatch

42. Sen. Mike Lee

43. Sen. Ron Johnson

44. Sen. Mike Enzi

45. Sen. John Barrasso

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Jamaican MP Daryl Vaz Offers to Take Pay Cut, Urges PM Portia Simpson Miller & Colleagues to Follow Suit

Jamaican minister of information, Daryl Vaz

Jamaican MP Daryl Vaz Offers to Take Pay Cut, Urges PM Portia Simpson Miller & Colleagues to Follow Suit. (Photo credit: bbcworldservice)

(HinterlandGazetteEditorial) — Jamaican Member of Parliament for West Portland Daryl Vaz has offered to take a five percent pay cut and is urging his colleagues, including Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, to follow suit. He is proposing what many politicians, including members of the U.S. Congress are unwilling to do in the face of a continuing economic crisis that has spread across the world. The only issue I have with this offer from Daryl Vaz is that while he was Information Minister he didn’t make a similar proposal, since Bruce Golding’s cabinet salary totals were very high.

MP Daryl Vaz said, “Some may view my call as optics/symbolism or perhaps both, but if we legislators are to be true to our calling as public servants, then we must ask ourselves to share in all of the sacrifices which are being asked of our fellow Jamaicans,” the Jamaica Gleaner reports. You see, the University of the West Indies (Mona) is having problems paying its bills because the government has cut its funding and students are late in paying their student loans. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed on the island, while members of parliament seem to be living the high life. I believe the PM’s salary is JA$7 million+, along with a ton of perks. In 2012, Jamaicans paid $111,349,381 to Portia Simpson Miller and her Cabinet, which numbered 20. That’s compared to $50,887,128 in 2006, when there were 14 cabinet members.

Daryl Vaz is right, his colleagues need to “demonstrate their understanding of the crisis facing the country and lead by example.” Jamaica is a beautiful island but it has been transformed into something most people don’t recognize. I have been very critical of former PM Bruce Golding and I have been equally critical of the current PM for not putting the country first. The size of the cabinet is bloated with too many unnecessary positions that could be eliminated and the money put to good use such as paying of its debts and helping improve the aging infrastructure. There are far too many “consultants and advisers” getting rich off the Jamaican people. I personally know of one consultant who doesn’t have a background in what she was hired to do, but yet is raking in millions. Would Norman Manley or Alexander Bustamante allow such waste under their watch? I think not.

Job creation and growth, along with reducing the high crime rate, should be the focal point of the Jamaican government. Investors should be flocking to the island but instead, that’s not the case. They are running away due to an impenetrable bureaucracy and ridiculous red tape impeding their attempts. I salute Daryl Vaz for publicly taking a stand and throwing down the gauntlet. I wish more politicians, like some in the U.S. Congress would step up to the plate and put the needs of the country ahead of partisan bullsh*t.

***CORRECTION:  An earlier post erroneously stated Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller’s salary was more than President Obama’s. That has since deleted.***

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Daily Caller Reporter Neil Munro Heckles President Obama During Immigration Speech in Rose Garden

Neil Munro, a White House reporter at Tucker Carlson’s conservative news site The Daily Caller, heckled President Obama during his press conference about granting amnesty to 800,000 young people who are illegal immigrants. President Obama got very testy at Munro’s heckling. It seems Neil Munro interrupted Obama before he was finished speaking. There’s a time and place for asking questions and Neil Munro was wrong. This isn’t how a true journalist should behave. Neil Munro tried to twist what happened in the Rose Garden today, but no matter how he spun this, he was still wrong. Even a fifth grader could probably tell that the president was in the middle of his speech.

Tucker Carlson said:

Neil Munro said he went to the White House with questions and had “no intention of interrupting the president.” Munro says Obama “turned his back” on reporters after finishing the speech.

Tucker Carlson said “a reporter’s job is to ask questions and get answers.” Source

Tucker Carlson was quick to compare what Neil Munro did with Sam Donaldson’s interview style with former president Ronald Reagan. Here’s an excerpt of Sam Donaldson’s response in an email to the Huffington Post:

Never once did I interrupt a president in any way while he was making a formal statement, a speech, honoring awardees or in any other way holding the floor. Yes, almost always when he was finished in the Rose Garden or in the Briefing Room or at a photo opportunity with other world leaders I tried to question him (only rarely was it a shout on the rope line, more often a more normal tone of voice) and other reporters of course did the same thing along with me.

What this man did yesterday is something new, to me wrong and unusual. I think it is probably the result of the growing incivility of the times, the competition among reporters and news organizations to be noticed not only for the work product but for the theatrics of the gathering…and there is one more factor, let’s face it: Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices and political view but for who he is, an African American! These people and perhaps even certain news organizations (certainly the right wing talkers like Limbaugh) encourage disrespect for this president. That is both regrettable and adds, in this case, to the general dislike of the press on the part of the general public.

For Tucker Carlson to say that he would if he can give this man a raise for this rude attempt to interrupt the president is reflective of what I’ve said above and, to me, lowers my opinion of Tucker.

Neil Munro should be banned from covering the White House. I agree with Sam Donaldson, for Tucker Carlson to praise his reporter for his despicable behavior lowers the opinion many held of Tucker Carlson. Let’s not forget Tucker Carlson was the same person who called for Michael Vick’s execution for financing a dogfighting operation for which he served time in prison and paid his debt to society. Tucker Carlson has zero credibility in my opinion. Maybe the publisher of the Daily Caller, Neil Patel, recognizes that Neil Munro disrespected President Obama. He wrote,

The President today announced a very controversial policy and does not want to answer tough questions about it. Neil Munro is a veteran Washington reporter who today tried his best to time his question to be first as the President was wrapping up his remarks. He in no way meant to heckle the President of the United States.

President Obama has been disrespected so many times during his four years in office, from Rep. Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst, or Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer sticking her finger in President Obama’s face during a heated argument, to being asked to produce his grades because he couldn’t have been accepted to Columbia University and Harvard Law School on his own accord. Some people will say this is about race, but for me, maybe there’s a tinge of racism inherent in the disrespect, but he has been disrespected by Democrats as well. So, go figure….
Watch the video: