Walesha Williams and 8-Year-Old Daughter Killed in New Orleans Triple Shooting

Walesha Williams and 8-Year-Old Daughter Killed in New Orleans Triple Shooting

Walesha Williams and 8-Year-Old Daughter Killed in New Orleans Triple Shooting (WWL-TV Video Screengrab)

Walesha Williams and her 8-year-old daughter, Paris Williams, were found dead in a New Orleans home in the 14000 block of Duane Road early Tuesday morning. A 29-year-old friend was wounded in the shooting.

WWL-TV reports Paris Williams was supposed to start school on Tuesday after moving back from Texas a week ago to live with her mother.

The injured friend told investigators the gunman took off with a purse, cellphone and money. She was able to identify the suspect before she collapsed.

Neighbors and relatives say the man who pulled the trigger is Walesha Williams’ boyfriend. The NOPD has not confirmed that to be true.

14-Year-Old Kierra’onna Rice Killed After Facebook Spat Turned Deadly

14-Year-Old Kierra'onna Rice Killed After Facebook Spat Turned Deadly

14-Year-Old Kierra’onna Rice Killed After Facebook Spat Turned Deadly (Photo Credit: WVTM Video Screengrab)

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL: Kierra’onna Rice, 14, was killed after a Facebook feud led to a planned brawl at a Birmingham, Ala., park.

WBRC reports police say a group of girls who had a spat on Facebook decided to go to a Birmingham park to fight. They intended to videotape the fight and post it online, WBRC reports.

Kierra'onna Rice killed after Facebook spat turns deadly

Kierra’onna Rice killed after Facebook spat turns deadly (Photo Credit: Facebook)

WIAT reports that after the fight broke out, two male teens pulled out guns and started shooting at the girls. Kierra’onna Rice was fatally shot and two others wounded.

The two suspects, ages 17 and 19, have been arrested, but their names have not been released. Police believe one of the suspects was dating one of the girls who was fighting Kierra’onna Rice.

Randolph Sanders Charged in Philly Bus Stop Murder of Coworker Kim Jones

Randolph Sanders Charged in Philly Bus Stop Murder of Coworker Kim Jones

Randolph Sanders Charged in Philly Bus Stop Murder of Coworker Kim Jones (Photo Credit: Video Screengrab)

Randolph Sanders was charged with murdering his co-worker Kim Jones as she waited at a north Philadelphia bus stop on January 13, 2015.

Sanders reportedly confessed to police that he murdered 56-year-old Kim Jones while she waited for a bus at 12th and Jefferson Streets.

Police investigators say Randolph Sanders, 36, was disguised when he walked up from behind and shot Kim Jones in the back of the head.

According to, Kim Jones and Randolph Sanders “ran a program for Turning Points for children” and she allegedly “accused Sanders of mismanaging funds and possibly stealing thousands of dollars from the nonprofit.” She was on her way to turn Sanders in to DHS when she was murdered, reports.

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Michael Johnson for Phylicia Barnes’ Murder

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Michael Johnson for Phylicia Barnes' Murder

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Michael Johnson for Phylicia Barnes’ Murder (Photo Credit: Baltimore Police Dept.)

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge dismissed second-degree murder and other charges against Michael Johnson, 30, for the death of North Carolina teenager Phylicia Barnes, whose body was found in the Susquehanna River in 2010.

Judge John Addison Howard dismissed all the charges saying the prosecution’s “arguably circumstantial” case against Michael Johnson was insufficient evidence. He ordered Johnson be freed on Tuesday.

The State’s Attorney vows to appeal the ruling.

Johnson was arrested and charged with Phylicia Barnes’ murder in 2012, after she disappeared while visiting relatives in Baltimore. Her body was found several months later in the Susquehanna River.

Michael Johnson was convicted of second-degree murder in 2013. A new trial was ordered after a judge ruled that prosecutors had withheld evidence about a key witness.

Child Advocate Kim Jones Shot Execution-Style At Philadelphia Bus Stop

Child Advocate Kim Jones Shot Execution-Style At Philadelphia Bus Stop

Child Advocate Kim Jones Shot Execution-Style At Philadelphia Bus Stop (Photo Credit: MyFoxPhilly Video Screengrab)

Child advocate Kim Jones was shot execution-style while she waited for a bus near Temple University on Tuesday morning.

MyFoxPhilly reports Jones “was shot in the back of the head while waiting for a bus in the 1200 block of Jefferson Street around 9:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Police believe Kim Jones was targeted. Her purse found at the scene.

“The suspect is described as a black male, standing six feet tall, and weighing 220 pounds,” MyFoxPhilly reports. If you have any information call the police at 215-686-3334.

Here’s more on Kim Jones’ murder:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Jake Jackson Wanted by DeKalb Police for Killing Ex-Wife Tiffanie Phillips

Jake Jackson Wanted by DeKalb Police for Killing Ex-Wife Tiffanie Phillips

Jake Jackson Wanted by DeKalb Police for Killing Ex-Wife Tiffanie Phillips (Photo Credit: DeKalb County Police)

Jake Jackson is wanted by DeKalb county, Ga., police for the shooting death of his ex-wife, Tiffanie Phillips, on Christmas Eve.

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Jackson, charging him with murder, after his ex-wife was found dead at her home on Terrace Trail near Decatur.

Police say Jake Jackson should be considered armed and dangerous. He is described as 6-foot-4 and between 165 to 175 pounds.

Prosecutor Opens Trayvon Martin Murder Trial with George Zimmerman’s Profanity Laced Words

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Prosecutor Opens Trayvon Martin Murder Case with George Zimmerman’s Profanity Laced Words (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The George Zimmerman murder trial started Monday with fireworks coming from the prosecution. The jury heard prosecutor John Guy repeat the words and thoughts of George Zimmerman before he shot Trayvon Martin, who said, f*cking punks, these a**holes always get away.” He said “the truth of what happened to Trayvon Martin will come from Zimmerman’s own mouth.” He also said Martin had no blood on his hands or under his fingernails, which clearly contradicts George Zimmerman’s claims that the teen put his hand over his mouth and nose.

There’s more from John Guy’s opening statements. He told jurors George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin “as someone about to commit a crime in his neighborhood.” “And he acted on it. That’s why we’re here.” Guy said Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin through his neighborhood, confronted him and then fatally shot him during a fight. “George Zimmerman didn’t shoot Trayvon Martin because he had to. He shot him for the worst of all reasons — because he wanted to,” Guy said. He added that “Trayvon’s screaming stops as soon as the gunshot rings out.” Guy said George Zimmerman’s own “hate-filled words” proved that he had “profiled, followed and murdered” the teenager. He also described George Zimmerman as someone who wanted to be a police officer. He essentially dismantled Zimmerman’s story about his version of events on what happened that night between he and Trayvon Martin.

The defense, on the other hand, started with a knock-knock joke. Um, in all my years of watching trials, I have never seen such theatrics. It’s bound to back fire if this is the best they can do. At first I thought the fact that it was an all-women jury would not bode well for the prosecution, but most of those jurors are mothers. Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by an over-zealous neighborhood watch captain.

On a personal note, my son and two of his friends were harassed by an overzealous HOA board member in my subdivision. He saw them sitting at the playground and talking. He accosted them and threatened to call the police. Naturally, my son and his friends asked him what did they do? He couldn’t answer but continued to threaten to call the police. Well, he never did and I confronted him about the situation. He told me that kids were doing drugs at the playground. I asked him if he ever saw my son and his friends engaging in such a behavior? He couldn’t answer. He then said kids were scaling the fence to use the swimming pool. Again, I asked him if he had ever seen my son and his friends engaging in such behavior? He couldn’t respond. I filed a complaint with the police department and I also made them aware that this was the same kind of mentality that led to Trayvon Martin’s death — an overzealous, wannabe cop, taking matters into his own hands and racially profiling black kids. My son is a star athlete and a good student, but the assumption that was made by board member H. J. Ewing was that he and his friends were up to no good because they are black. I should also add, this isn’t the first run-in this man has had with people living in my subdivision.  The community outreach police officer has taken this matter seriously. I will update you on how this turns out.

Live streaming George Zimmerman murder trial:

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Matthew Brown-Turner Charged in Murder of Cicero Pizzeria Owner Giovanni Donancricchia

Matthew A. Brown-Turner was arrested in connection with the murder of Cicero pizzeria owner Giovanni Donancricchia Thursday morning. Brown-Turner is expected to make his first court appearance Saturday morning.

The Chicago Sun Times reports Giovanni Donancricchia physically confronted Matthew Brown-Turner after he entered the establishment through the open back door and accosted his wife, who was working at the cash register of Albano’s Pizza, located at 5913 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Cicero, after closing time, a release from the town of Cicero said. Donancricchia was shot once in the chest after he was able to distract the gunman so his wife could get away.

On Thursday night a witness who knows the offender came forward and told police that the man was watching the TV News and had said that he was involved the shooting death at the pizza place. The witness called Cicero police and gave detectives Brown-Turner’s name and address. Detectives, tactical officers and patrol officers went to that address where a surveillance was set up.

At approximately 2 a.m. Friday Brown-Turner showed up and was taken into custody. During subsequent interviews he made statements implicating himself in the attempted robbery and the murder of Mr. Donancricchia, police said.

Matthew Brown-Turner  was charged with three counts of murder and one count of attempted armed robbery on Friday evening.

BREAKING: All-Women Jury Chosen for George Zimmerman Trial in Murder of Trayvon Martin

BREAKING NEWS:  An all-women jury has been chosen for George Zimmerman’s trial in fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. Opening statements will begin on Monday. So, is an all-women jury truly a jury of George Zimmerman’s peers?’

I wondered why George Zimmerman was smiling in court today. Um, could it be because five of the six jurors are white? The alternates consist of two women and two men.

Here are some details about the jurors selected today, which were revealed during the jury selection process:

B-29: A Hispanic nurse on an Alzheimer’s ward who has several children and lived in Chicago at the time of shooting. She’s married. She said she doesn’t watch the news, preferring reality television: “Right when we got here, I got cable… I love my reality shows.” During jury selection, she said she was arrested once in Chicago.

B-76: A white, middle-aged woman who said Zimmerman had an “altercation with the young man. There was a struggle and the gun went off.” Has been married 30 years, and is unemployed. She formerly worked with her husband in his construction company. Her 28-year-old son is an attorney in Seminole County. She also has a daughter, 26, has been a victim of non-violent crime and rescues “a lot of pets.” The state tried to strike her, but was denied.

B-37: A middle-aged white woman who has worked for a chiropractor for 16 years and has many pets. She described protests in Sanford as “rioting.” Her husband is an attorney. She has two daughters: A 24-year-old dog groomer and a 27-year-old who attends the University of Central Florida. B-37 used to have concealed weapons permit, but let it lapse. Her husband also has one.

B-51: A retired white woman from Oviedo who has a dog and 20-year-old cat. She knew a good deal about the case, but said “I’m not rigid in my thinking.” She has been in Seminole County for nine years, is unmarried and has no kids. B-51 previously lived in Atlanta, and used to work in real estate. She also ran a call center in Brevard County which she said had 1,200 employees.

E-6: A young white woman and mother who used to work in financial services. She used this case as an example to her two adolescent children, warning them to not go out at night. She has lived in Seminole County for eight years, and is married to an engineer. E-6 was arrested in Brevard County, but said she “was treated completely fairly.” Her husband has guns. The state tried to strike her from the jury, but was denied.

E-40: A white woman in her 60s who lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting. She heard national news reports and recalls the shooting was in a gated community and a teenager was killed. She described herself as a safety officer, is married to a chemical engineer and loves football. She has a 28-year-old son who’s out of work. She said she’s very well versed in cell phone technology, and has been a victim of crime.

These are the alternates:

E-54: A middle-aged white man with a teenage stepson who wears hoodies. He recalled seeing photos of Zimmerman’s head and face that show injuries. E-54 loves golf and genealogy, and said he’s been married for five years to a technical engineer. He grew up in Seminole County and has a teenage stepson.

B-72: A young, possibly Hispanic man who does maintenance at a school and competes in arm wrestling tournaments. He said he avoids the news because he does not want to be “brainwashed.” B-72 grew up in Chicago, is single and an alumni of Phi Beta Kappa. He is very physically active, having participated in high school football, track and weightlifting. Of arm-wrestling he said, “I could talk about it all day.”

E-13: A young white woman who goes to college and works two jobs, one of them as a surgical assistant. She heard the shooting was a “racial thing.” She said she could be a fair juror “just because I don’t really know that much.” She is single, has lived in Seminole County for 17 years and attends church. She also owns and rides horses.

E-28: A middle-aged white woman who has worked as a nurse for 26 years. She knew little about the case and has no opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. She has lived in Seminole County since 1985, and has been married for 28 years; her husband is a teacher. Has two adult children: 27 and 23.



Ana Lilia Trujillo Arrested After Man Fatally Stabbed with Stiletto Heel at Houston Condo

English: A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm ...

Ana Lilia Trujillo Arrested After Man Fatally Stabbed with Stiletto Heel at Houston Condo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ana Lilia Trujillo, of Houston, TX, is facing a murder charge for allegedly stabbing a 59-year-old man with a stiletto heel in a high-rise condominium.

Police responded to the apartment on an assault in progress call. When they arrived, Ana Lilia Trujillo showed them the body of the deceased male.

The name of the victim hasn’t been released, pending notification to the next of kin.


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