SC Trooper Sean Groubert Arrested for Shooting Levar Edward Jones Over Seatbelt Violation

sean groubert 350x265 SC Trooper Sean Groubert Arrested for Shooting Levar Edward Jones Over Seatbelt Violation

SC Trooper Sean Groubert Arrested for Shooting Levar Edward Jones Over Seatbelt Violation [Photo credit:  Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center]

South Carolina Lance Cpl. Sean Groubert was arrested after a dash-cam video shows him shooting unarmed Levar Edward Jones over a seatbelt violation. Groubert is facing assault and battery charges, which could carry a 20-year prison sentence.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a Circle K on Broad River Road Sept. 4 after Lance Cpl. Sean Groubert pulled Levar Edward Jones over for a seatbelt violation.

In the video released Wednesday night, Groubert asks for Jones’ license. Jones then checks his back pocket before going back to his vehicle.

Groubert then fires several shots at Jones before Jones falls to the ground.

While Jones is on the ground with a gunshot wound to the hip, he asks Groubert “What did I do, sir?”

Groubert then asks Jones if he was hit.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jones says in the video. “I just grabbed my license.”

Groubert explains to Jones the reason he shot at him was because Jones dove head first in the vehicle. Source: WIS-TV

If there was no dash-cam video, Trooper Groubert would have gotten away with committing a crime. Another innocent and unarmed black man would have been a statistic.
This comes as a special grand jury declines to indict officers in the shooting death of a black man, John Crawford III, at a Dayton-area Wal-Mart store in Ohio after he brandished an air rifle.

Dash-cam video of Trooper Sean Groubert shooting Levar Edward Jones (GRAPHIC):

Baltimore City Cop Vincent Cosom on Leave Following Abuse Claim by Kollin Truss

kollin truss and vincent cosom 350x194 Baltimore City Cop Vincent Cosom on Leave Following Abuse Claim by Kollin Truss

Baltimore City Cop Vincent Cosom on Leave Following Abuse Claim by Kollin Truss (Photo credit: Video Screengrab)

Baltimore City police officer Vincent Cosom has been placed on administrative leave one day after Kollin Truss accused him of police brutality that was captured on a police surveillance camera.

Kollin Truss was arrested following a June 15 assault of his then-girlfriend, Stephanie Coleman, which led to an altercation with Officer Vincent Cosom. Truss, 32, was charged with assaulting both Cosom and Coleman.

ABC News:  Cosom, a six-year veteran of the department, noted in his police report that Truss was loitering outside of a liquor store in the 500 block of E. North Ave. at about 1:40 a.m. Cosom wrote that he asked Truss to leave. Truss then walked into the store and shouted an obscenity and a threat at the police officer, according to Cosom’s account of the incident.

Truss and Coleman left the liquor store and started walking across the street to a bus stop. Cosom said he observed Truss push her three times, according to the report.

“When they got to the corner of Greenmount and North Ave they began to argue again drawing a large crowd around them,” Cosom wrote. “While I was crossing the street at 500 E North Ave. to stop [the] argument I observed the unknown black male pushed [sic] the female with open hands three times.

“At this time I went to place the male under arrest he got into a fighting stance and clenched his first. Me and the male got into a physical altercation due to me [sic] in fear for my safety and I received a punch to the body,” Cosom continued in the report, transcribed verbatim.

Truss was arrested, although his assault and resisting arrest charges were later dropped.

Kollin Truss is seeking $35 million in damages, $5 million for each of the seven charges his attorneys have filed against Cosom on his behalf, as well as punitive damages.

5 Florida Prison Employees Arrested for ‘Takedown’ of Inmate Jeremiah Tatum

handcuffs 350x262 5 Florida Prison Employees Arrested for Takedown of Inmate Jeremiah Tatum

5 Florida Prison Staff Arrested for ‘Takedown’ of Inmate Jeremiah Tatum

The Florida Department of Corrections has fired five of its staff members and arrested them on charges of felony battery on an inmate, who was identified as 31-year-od Jeremiah Tatum.

The arrested officers have been identified as William Finch, Sgt. James Perkins, Sgt. Robert Miller, Sgt. Christopher Christmas and Sgt. Dalton Riley. Captain James Kirkland was also arrested and terminated with official misconduct charges.

The incident occurred at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in Chipley. The arrest report states that one of the officers directed a “takedown” of Tatum during an escort. The incident, which was caught on video, shows Jeremiah Tatum being slammed face first into the concrete by some of the officers, while he was in leg and hand restraints. Another officer reportedly jumped on his legs while he was on the ground.


Unarmed Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot and Killed by LAPD Officers

ezell ford 350x319 Unarmed Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot and Killed by LAPD Officers

Unarmed Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot and Killed by LAPD Officers

The Los Angeles Police Department is under fire for the murder of an unarmed black man in South LA on Monday. Ezell Ford was shot three times while lying on the ground and complying with officers, his mother, Tritobia Ford, said.

The news release from the LAPD said the police had conducted an “investigative stop” in the Newton area. “During the stop, a struggle ensued, which resulted in an officer-involved-shooting. It is unknown if the suspect has any gang affiliations,” the news release said.  Ezell Ford died are being transported to a local hospital.

“They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications. Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems,” he said. “The excessive force … there was no purpose for it. The multiple shootings in the back while he’s laying down? No. Then when the mom comes, they don’t try to console her … they pull the billy clubs out.” Source: KTLA

This comes days after unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, was gunned down by a white Ferguson, Mo., officer as he and his friend, Dorian Johnson walked back to an apartment complex.

DeKalb County Deputies Under Fire for Barging into Home of Natania Griffin Over $1,000 Fine

natania griffin DeKalb County Deputies Under Fire for Barging into Home of Natania Griffin Over $1,000 Fine

DeKalb County Deputies Under Fire for Barging into Home of Natania Griffin Over $1,000 Fine (Screenshot from WSB-TV video)

DeKalb County, GA, sheriff’s deputies are under fire after they barged into the Ellenwood home of Natania Griffin, July 26, threatening to taser and ‘cane’ the mother and her two sons over a $1,000 fine. Griffin was arrested on a civil warrant. WSBTV obtained the recording of the frantic 911 call.

Deputies arrived at Griffin’s house with an arrest warrant at 1:13 a.m. She didn’t open the door for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime, deputies radioed headquarters.

Griffin’s son’s used their phones to record what happened.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has launched an internal investigation into seven deputies and one sergeant who were at the scene.

About five minutes into edited footage a woman yells, “I haven’t done anything wrong. Source: WSB-TV

The 19-minute clip was recorded on a cell phone by her son Donovan Hall, 23, and uploaded to YouTube July 30. One of the officers involved was identified as Sgt. Magee, who reportedly told a family family friend they were overly aggressive during the arrests because “they made a scene filming us.”

DeKalb County deputies barge into home of Natania Griffin:

Samuel L. Jackson Tweets ‘Open Season’ on Young Black Men in Ramarley Graham Case

samuel l. jackson Samuel L. Jackson Tweets Open Season on Young Black Men in Ramarley Graham Case

Samuel L. Jackson Tweets ‘Open Season’ on Young Black Men in Ramarley Graham Case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actor Samuel L. Jackson warns that it’s ‘open season’ on young black men and the right wing freak-out of sorts has started. This is in regards to yet another case in which a black teen was gunned down. Ramarley Graham was killed by a white cop, Richard Haste, in the bathroom of his grandmother’s home more than a year ago because the officer thought he had a gun.

A grand jury investigating the case decided not to bring charges against Haste. The New York Times reports that the officer still faces a federal inquiry and an internal disciplinary review. Ramarley Graham’s parents have also filed a lawsuit against the police department. You see, the New York Police Department has a horrible history of police brutality against black males and I suspect Graham’s parents will prevail.

I covered the case when it first broke and I said that if Ramarley Graham was warned several times to stop running, then he should have done that. Officer Richard Haste said during more than five hours of testimony, that the teen was being pursued following a suspected drug deal and ignored repeated warnings to show his hands. A bag of marijuana was found in the toilet of his grandmother’s home.

I am very cynical when it comes to police officers implicated in officer-involved shootings. I am constantly reminded of Amadou Diallo, whose body was riddled with bullets and he had done nothing wrong. Abner Louima was the victim of police brutality by NYPD Officer Justin Volpe, who sodomized him with a toilet plunger. Volpe is still behind bars. Oscar Grant III was gunned down by former BART Officer Johannes Mehserle, who claimed he was reaching for his taser, when he shot the unarmed man. Elderly Atlanta resident Kathryn Johnston was gunned down in her home during a no-knock warrant and the cops lied about the whole affair, saying drugs were being sold out of her home. They are behind bars today. Graffiti artist Israel Hernandez-Llach died after being tasered in Miami Beach for spray painting a shuttered McDonald’s restaurant. The family is calling for an independent investigation into what happened. It seems that the police use excessive force first and then worry about the consequences later. The list goes on and on.

Unarmed Black Man Roy Middleton Shot in Driveway by Escambia County Sheriff’s Deputies

escambia county sheriffs department 294x300 Unarmed Black Man Roy Middleton Shot in Driveway by Escambia County Sheriffs Deputies

Unarmed Black Man Roy Middleton Shot in Driveway by Escambia County Sheriff’s Deputies

Just another day living in the Sunshine state.

Roy Middleton, an unarmed black man, was shot multiple times by two Escambia County sheriff deputies early Sunday morning in his own driveway in Warrington.

Middleton, 60, had gone to his mother’s white Lincoln Town car to find cigarettes when a neighbor who didn’t recognize him called 911 to report a possible robbery. Deputies Jeremiah Meeks and Matthew White arrived on the scene about 2:40 a.m. and told Roy Middleton, with guns drawn, to put his hands where they could see them, the Pensacola News Journal reports.

What followed was shocking, to say the least.

When Roy Middleton got out of the car, bullets started flying, shattering his leg. It’s amazing he wasn’t killed. Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said the deputies claim Middleton “made a lunging motion” as he came out of the car and had ‘a metallic object in his hand.’ Um, that object turned out to be a flashlight attached to his key chain.

Roy Middleton is expected to make a full recovery, but who will pay his medical bills and replace his mother’s car, that was riddled with bullets? Can you say a major lawsuit is coming?

Two White Cops Fired for Beating Black Woman Keyarika ‘Shea’ Diggles at Jasper TX Police HQ

jasper police brutality 217x300 Two White Cops Fired for Beating Black Woman Keyarika Shea Diggles at Jasper TX Police HQ

Two White Cops Fired for Beating Black Woman Keyarika ‘Shea’ Diggles at Jasper TX Police HQ

Two white police officers, Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham, have been fired for beating a black woman, Keyarika Diggles, May 5th, after she was arrested for not paying a fine. This all occurred in the town of Jasper, TX, which is no stranger to racial tensions.

The incident in which Keyarika ‘Shea’ Diggles was brutally beaten, occurred at the police headquarters and surveillance footage from the day shows her head rammed into a counter by officers Grissom and Cunningham before she was dragged to a cell handcuffed by her feet.

Diggles was reportedly brought to the jail for an unpaid fine and was on the telephone to her mother to arrange a delivery of $100 when Officer Grissom slammed disconnected the call by slamming his hand on the phone.

Her attorney Cade Bernsen said “She got her hair pulled out, broke a tooth, braces got knocked off … it was brutal,”  Yahoo News reports.

Watch white Jasper officers beat Keyarika ‘Shea’ Diggles:

Protesters Throw Bricks, Rocks at Atlanta Police Cars Over Police Beating Caught on Cellphone Camera

(HinterlandGazette) — Protesters attack Atlanta police cars with bricks, rocks and hammers Tuesday evening  over a police beating captured on a cellphone video camera. The incident occurred in the 1500 block of Hardee Street.

The protesters were upset about an alleged use of excessive force by police during the arrests of Cory Hill and Nakia Jenkins on Monday.  The arrests came during a domestic violence situation,  the police said.  The video captured the male being beaten with batons and pepper spray was deployed.

Neighbors in an apartment complex on Hardee Street became upset over an arrest that got physical on Monday.

“About 13, 14 police cars, just started beating him, beating him in the face, trying to break his leg, spraying him with mace, hitting him with a stick, and they just did him all wrong and he ain’t did nothing,” said Anthony Jenkins.

Cell phone video shot by “CopWatch,” a police watchdog group, shows officers trying to restrain a man and take him into custody. In the video, the man is seen resisting the arrest and swinging at officers. Police then responded with pepper spray and their batons. Source

No police officers were injured in Tuesday fracas, but vehicles were damaged and one person was arrested, Deputy Police Chief Renee Propes said.

The Atlanta Police using alleged excessive force:

Kimani Gray Murder: Teens Riot Third Night in Brooklyn, Whatever Happened to Peaceful Protests?

kimani gray 300x224 Kimani Gray Murder: Teens Riot Third Night in Brooklyn, Whatever Happened to Peaceful Protests?

Kimani Gray Murder: Teens Riot Third Night in Brooklyn, Whatever Happened to Peaceful Protests?

COMMENTARY:  I have been very quiet about the Kimani Gray murder, who was shot to death by plainclothes police officers last Saturday night in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, because I wanted to get a real sense of what transpired before taking a position. Police claim they shot him after he pointed a loaded .38 caliber gun at them. The gun reportedly had four bullets in the chamber, the NY Times reports. We all know the NYPD has had a contentious relationship with the black community, specifically black men, in New York City for decades. It has now been revealed that the teen was shot in the back, as the fights between angry teens and police officers continued for a third night. There are reports that 46 were arrested Wednesday night, mostly for disorderly conduct. Police claim they approached Gray because he was adjusting his waist suspiciously. Um, would they have stopped a white teen if they noticed him doing the same thing?

Herein lies the problem with the riots — if you are protesting the murder of a teen by the police, why do you have to engage in rioting as well? I wish some of our young people would take a lesson from the civil rights movement in which non-violence was chosen over violence. A time when the black protesters weren’t the aggressors but the racist establishment — white cops and white onlookers. They fail to realize that they jeopardizing their own economic well-being by rioting and looting in their communities. There are reports that local businesses have been damaged, a Rite-Aid store was ransacked and a bystander’s cell phone was stolen. Was this really necessary to protest the controversial death of Kimani Gray?

The NY Daily News reports, many in the community are disputing allegations by the cops that Kimani Gray, 16, pointed a gun at the officers. The autopsy report revealed that the teen was hit by seven bullets, three to the back, but it’s not clear in what order those shots hit him or whether he had his back to police when they opened fire. The :  The New York Post reports, that though the NYPD hasn’t identified the police officers involved, “It emerged that the two cops who fired at Gray, who was black, are both minorities. One, a sergeant is a dark-skinned Egyptian who identifies himself as black. He fired four times. The other, a Hispanic officer, fired seven times.”

A witness said she didn’t see him point a gun at the officer, another said she couldn’t see quite clearly from her vantage point and a relative reportedly told police Kimani Gray tried to tell officers he had a gun on him because he was holding it for someone. The latter statement bolsters the officers’ claim that the teenager had a gun, but the question is did he really point it at them? I might also add that the alleged explanation by Kimani Gray’s cousin is pretty lame. We all know the real deal, he wasn’t holding the gun for a friend. It was his. In fact, Gray was also in the company of other teens. Did they see him point the gun at the officers or are they in ‘no-snitch’ mode? Is hurling bricks at officers, calling the police KKK and rioting really the solution to the issue of police brutality?

The rioting and violence obscures the fact that black masculinity is problematic in predominantly black areas of New York City. We have instance after instance of police brutality and heavy-handedness towards black males — Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham and many others, some nameless and faceless. The unruly mob that wreaked havoc in East Flatbush, a crime-ridden area, is just feeding that troubling view of black males — aggressive and prone to violence. Some are using the protests as a reason to riot and act wild. When will the community of East Flatbush rise up against black-on-black crime with the same intensity as this? Why only go after the police officers? Go after the criminals walking around in their midst making their lives a living hell.

In closing, there are reports that a source told the Post that a “Bloods offshoot, the Outlaws, ordered a hit on any city cop in retaliation for Gray’s death.” The source also reportedly said, “They [police] have intelligence that they [the gang members] put a hit out on a cop. They want a life for a life.” It is believed that Kimani Gray, who had a rap sheet, was a member of the Bloods gang.