Zerlina Maxwell Gets Racist Rape, Death Threats After Arguing Guns Aren’t Solution to Rape

It is a sad commentary that a progressive woman can’t speak on a woman-related issue and not be subjected to racism rhetoric from right wing nuts. Zerlina Maxwell, who is a frequent guest on Fox News, has come under fire from some right wing lunatics. Ms. Maxwell appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night, where she argued that arming women was not the way to solve the problem of rape. She pointed out that “if firearms were the answer, then the military would have been the safest place for women.” It’s pretty clear that it’s not.” Here’s the segment from Fox News:

Zerlina Maxwell’s statements prompted an ugly barrage that resulted in her having to report the racist threats to the FBI. Here’s a sampling of the vicious tweets to Zerlina Maxwell (H/T Think Progress):

Zerlina Maxwell gets racist rape and death threats from right wing lunatics

Zerlina Maxwell Gets Racist Rape, Death Threats After Arguing Guns Aren’t Solution to Rape (Credit: Think Progress)

International Women’s Day 2013: Say No to Violence Against Women

Poster for Women's Day, March 8, 1914

International Women’s Day 2013:  Say No to Violence Against Women (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy International Women’s Day 2013! The United Nations theme for the day, “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women,” and the International Women’s Day theme for 2013 is “The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.” Women have come a long way in the world, but there is still a lot of work to be done. International Women’s Day started 100 years ago and we have made great strides. We now have the right to vote, hold office and basically do anything a man can do, but we face limitations across the world. Let us remember all the victims of violence, like Anene Booysen, who was viciously raped and disemboweled in South Africa. Let us resolve to unite for the good of women across the globe. Happy International Women’s Day 2013.


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Amazon Shut Down ‘Carry On’ Owner Michael Fowler’s Accounts After Uproar Over T-Shirts

domestic violence t-shirts Solid Gold Bomb

Solid Gold Bomb Founder Michael Fowler Apologizes for T-Shirts Promoting Rape, Domestic Violence

Michael Fowler, the founder of Solid Gold Bomb Inc., who came under fire for t-shirts encouraging rape and violence against women, now said that has doomed his company, including its five workers in Worcester, Mass. Amazon shut down his accounts following the uproar over the messages of misogyny, murder and rape, which include “Keep Calm and Rape a Lot.”

According to media reports, Michael Fowler went from the typical 800 orders to just three. He is now worried that Amazon won’t pay him $40,000 for t-shirts already sold. He said his company cannot last much longer. “We’re dead in the water,” Fowler said. “We have enough money to make payroll this Friday, and that’s it,” WTAE reports.

Michael Fowler has no-one to blame but himself. There is no way anyone in their right mind would do business with a company that puts out products encouraging rape and violence against anyone.

Solid Gold Bomb Founder Michael Fowler Apologizes for T-Shirts Promoting Rape, Domestic Violence

domestic violence t-shirts Solid Gold Bomb

Solid Gold Bomb Founder Michael Fowler Apologizes for T-Shirts Promoting Rape, Domestic Violence

Solid Gold Bomb founder Michael Fowler posted a statement on the company’s website saying he was “extremely sorry” for the T-shirts promoting rape and domestic violence being sold on Amazon’s U.K. website:

“We simply do not produce poor humor or offensive products,” Fowler wrote. “As a father, husband, brother and son, I would never promote such product in our company and it was clear to see this when looking across the millions of T-shirts that we offer or can produce on demand. Had these items ever sold, we would have immediately pulled the series and are doing so on our own and Amazon channels worldwide.”

This comes as domestic violence continues to increase in the U.S. and around the world. This is reprehensible on so many levels. The statement from the company may have come a little too late because the outrage continues on Twitter. Solid Gold Bomb said the slogans were computer-generated and they did not deliberately create them.

Anene Booysen, South African Teen Gang-Raped and Disemboweled, Laid to Rest in Bredasdorp

Anene Booysen gang-raped and murdered

Anene Booysen, South African Teen, Gang-Raped and Disemboweled, Laid to Rest in Bredasdorp (Photo credit: Twitter)

#RIP Anene Booysen:  Hundreds gathered in South Africa to pay final respects to Anene Booysen, 17, was found brutally raped and left for dead in Bredasdorp Western Cape. She was laid to rest on Saturday.

The mother, grandmother and brother of 17-year-old victim Anene Booysen broke down in tears during the service in a packed church in the southwestern town of Bredasdorp, according to SABC Radio today. The girl was found disembowelled at a construction site last weekend and later died in hospital.

Pictures posted on social media showed the girl’s white coffin being carried out onto a dusty street before being buried. A single bouquet of pink flowers adorned the casket. The brutal murder has triggered much soul-searching in a country that often appears numb to sexual violence and is known as the world’s rape capital.

The girl’s attackers reportedly slit open her stomach, took out her intestines and broke her legs. Police have so far arrested three people in the case, including one of her friends. The victim’s brother said he felt betrayed as he had been close to one of the suspects. “He was a friend of mine, we went to school together, stayed in one house, we were like brothers,” Ryno Booysen told the SABC. Source

This is eerily reminiscent of the brutal gang-rape on a bus in India that left a young woman fighting for her life. She has since died. When will violence against women stop? That includes domestic violence, mental abuse, financial abuse, etc. Women around the world have to unite and take a stand, no matter when your socioeconomic status, ethnic background, creed, or sexual orientation is. Violence against women is real and must stop.

Cartoon from Zapiro about Anene Booysen’s vicious murder:

Anene Booysen gang-raped and disemboweled

South African Teen Anene Booysen Buried After Being Gang-Rape and Disemboweled (Cartoon: Zapiro)

Here are some tweets about Anene Booysen’s death:

Six Arrested, 7th Sought After Another Woman Gang-Raped in India

ANOTHER WOMAN GANG-RAPED IN INDIA:  Six men are in police custody in yet another gang-rape of a woman in India. This latest incident comes four weeks after a brutal attack on a student on another bus. She died from her injuries after being transported to a Singapore hospital.

Police officer Raj Jeet Singh said the 29 year old woman was the only passenger on the bus as she traveled to her village in northern Punjab state Friday night. The driver reportedly refused to stop at her village and drove her to a desolate location. She was then taken to a building where the bus driver and conductor were joined by five friends who took turns raping her throughout the night. The bus driver dropped the woman off at her village early Saturday  Singh said. Six people were arrested and a seventh is being sought. The victim is recovering at her home.

Separately, a 32 year old man was arrested for allegedly raping and killing a nine year old girl two weeks ago in Ahmednagar district in western India, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. The child’s decomposed body was found Friday. The suspet committed the crime seven months after he was released from prison where he served nine years for raping and murdering a girl in 2003, PTI reports.

Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer: Sandy Relief Bill Would be a “Rape of the Treasury”

Fox News Channel

Fox News Pundit Charles Krauthammer:  Sandy Relief Bill Would be a “Rape of the Treasury” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republicans continue to show how little regard they have for women’s issues and it is high time that women in the U.S. hold the party to task. The latest conservative to make light of sexual assault against women is so-called pundit Charles Krauthammer, who slammed those who criticized John Boehner for blocking the Sandy relief bill, during an appearance on Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer said, “I think what Boehner did in postponing the vote until today was absolutely right,” adding that the legislation included a “ton of pork” and would have been a “rape of the treasury.” Wow, really Mr. Krauthammer? How incredibly insensitive of you to make light of the word rape. Um, I wonder if he heard about Jyoti Singh Pandey, who died after being gang-raped on a bus in India?

Watch video of Charles Krauthammer making light of “rape:”

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Radical Islamists Take Aim at Unmarried Mothers and Unwed Pregnant Women in Northern Mali With Harsh Punishment

SHOCK: Radical Islamists have taken control of northern Mali to the point that unmarried mothers and unwed pregnant women are in fear of their lives that they could be the next victims of harsh punishment such as public stonings, amputations and executions, KHQ reports.

KHQ:  In July, a man and woman caught in the act of adultery were forced into two holes and stoned to death publicly to set an example to terrified residents watching in silence and fear.

While it comes as no surprise, basic human rights are continually being stripped away from most of the residents in the area and women and children endure the worst of it. In an area where more than half of the population lives off of $1.25 a day, many will do anything for extra cash. Women are often forced into marriages and in an area where wives can be bought for $1,000, their husbands will often resell them. Militants are also buying children for as much as $600 and then enlisting them as child soldiers. Recently prohibited acts include smoking, drinking, watching sports on TV and listening to music.