Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Files for Divorce from Wendi Deng Murdoch

If anyone cares, there’s a report floating around that News Corp.’s founder Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from Wendi Deng Murdoch.

Deadline reports “the filing was just made this morning in New York State Supreme Court. The couple met in 1997, at a company party in Hong Kong. They married in 1999, less than a month after his divorce from ex-wife Anna Maria Torv Murdoch Mann was finalized. She is perhaps most fondly remembered for standing up for her husband and clocking Jonathan May-Bowles, after he threw a pie at her husband during a highly publicized testimony before a British parliamentary committee in connection with the News International phone hacking scandal.”

You will recall two years Wendi Deng came to her husband’s rescue, leaping up to punch an activist, who smashed a pie into him during a parliamentary hearing on the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Deng is Murdoch’s third wife.

Seems like Anna Maria Tory Murdoch is getting the last laugh…..


Did Comedian Kevin Hart, Worth $9 Million, Get Off Easy By Giving Wife $175K in Divorce Case?

Either Torrei Hart had a bad lawyer or Kevin Hart had a good lawyer in his divorce case in which his ex-wife walked away with a paltry $175,000 and $20,000 monthly in child support payments. That’s considering he’s worth $9 million and counting. You see, Michael Jordan’s ex-wife walked away with over $168 million and Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife got $100 million, plus humongous alimony checks.

Kevin Hart’s attorney, Debra Opri, who has had some PR issues in the past, worked out the details of his divorce with Torrei. In addition to the lump sum, Hart is going to pay his ex-wife $19,875 monthly in child support payments for their eight year old daughter Heaven Hart and five year old son, Hendrix Hart. Torrei Hart also got a Cadillac Escalade and some jewelry, TMZ reports.

Some people think Kevin Hart got off easy, while others think Torrei Hart got was she was due. This settlement is paltry by Hollywood standards and I could interject race, but who knows what really happened in the divorce settlement talks? It’s interesting that’s all she got considering there was no prenuptial agreement in place.

Here’s an interesting take on the proceedings in an interview with Torrei Hart;

Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson Call it Quits After 12 Years of Marriage

English: The Hardest Working Man in Radio, The...

Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson Call it Quits After 12 Years of Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom Joyner, host of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show” and Donna Richardson, ESPN commentator,  have called it quits after 12 years of marriage. The New York Daily News reports that the couple parted ways weeks ago in a “mutual but not exactly amicable situation involving other parties.” Sounds like someone may have cheated. Media Take Out is reporting that Donna Richardson believes she is entitled to half of the proceeds from Tom Joyner’s sale of his business to Radio One for $50 million, since it occurred during their marriage. Um, I hope this won’t turn out to be another Steve Harvey-Mary Harvey hot mess.

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Allen Iverson’s Estranged Wife Tawanna Iverson Seeking Restraining Order Against Him for “Disturbing Behavior”

Allen Iverson, of the National Basketball Asso...

Allen Iverson's Estranged Wife Tawanna Iverson Seeking Restraining Order Against Him for "Disturbing Behavior" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SMH:  Another sad turn in the contemptuous divorce of Allen Iverson and his estranged wife, Tawanna Iverson. She just filed legal documents in their divorce battle accusing him of “engaging in increasingly contemptuous, threatening and disturbing behavior” over the last few months and she’s afraid things will get worse, TMZ reports. Tawanna Iverson now wants a restraining order against the baller. TMZ reports she’s also claiming he is hiding “big money” from her and she wants a judge to stop him. Another Deion and Pilar Sanders hot mess.

Former Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga, Actress Sanaa Lathan Mentioned in Kobe Bryant Divorce Drama

Former Playboy Playmate Jessica Burciaga and actress Sanaa Lathan mentioned in Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant divorce drama.

The Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant keeps getting more and more interesting with the revelation of yet another possible jump-off:  Jessica Burciaga, a former Playboy Playmate. When asked if she was the straw that broke Vanessa Bryant’s back, she said no. But haven’t we heard this before? With Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel? Didn’t she say no, no, no until she lawyered up with Gloria Allred? So, first we had Kim Kardashian’s friend Carla DiBello and Sanaa Lathan’s name has also been mentioned. This is getting interesting, but one thing is certain, Vanessa Bryant is about to get PAID.

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Reports: Kim Kardashian Friend Carla DiBello Linked to Kobe Byrant, Vanessa Bryant Divorce

Kobe Bryant’s divorce is reportedly tied to Kim Kardashian’s friend Carla DiBello. Several websites are claiming Carla DiBello, 27, has been a little too close for comfort with Kobe Bryant for the last couple years. She has also reportedly been seen courtside at Lakers games. Um, this isn’t sitting too pretty with Vanessa Bryant, who stands to get a half of Kobe Bryant’s assets accumulated during their nearly 11 year marriage. She will essentially get the last laugh.

On a serious note, this is sad. Nobody wants to see a couple divorce, but I guess you can only take but so much bullsh*t. It’s a sad commentary that these jump-offs seem to think they are the wives and should be treated as such. If these allegations are true, Carla DiBello should be ashamed of herself, engaging in an adulterous relationship, but then again, they usually have no shame. Nobody bothers to think about the effect on the children caught in the middle.

UPDATE#1 (12/19/11):  TMZ is reporting that the basketball wives of the NBA did Kobe Bryant in by feeding Vanessa Bryant information that eventually led to the divorce filing. Kobe Bryant’s teammates were reportedly blabbing to their wives about his escapades, which seemed to have increased in frequency and boldness. To those women who blabbed, you better watch your men too. Your day is coming.