Black Surgeon Christian Head Wins $4.5 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit from UCLA Medical School

Black Surgeon Christian Head Wins $4.5 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit from UCLA Medical School

Black Surgeon Christian Head Wins $4.5 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit from UCLA Medical School (YouTube)

Former UCLA surgeon Dr. Christian Head won a $4.5 million racial discrimination lawsuit from UCLA medical school which superimposed his face onto a gorilla which was being sodomized by a department chairman in a slide show presentation.

Dr. Head filed the lawsuit against the UC Board of Regents in April after claiming he was publicly humiliated by the portrayal. In the lawsuit, Head accused the university of failing to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation against him. The complaint alleges that during a resident graduation event in 2006, a slide show was created by the residents and reviewed by staff, including the photo of his face superimposed onto a gorilla.

Two UCLA professors were also named in the lawsuit.  Dr. Gerald Berke and Dr. Marilene Wang were accused of making ‘inappropriate racial comments and insinuations about blacks’ and Christian Head for years.

Ervin Mears Jr. Sues Sterling Regional HS for $40 Million After Son, Mawusimensah Mears, Cut from Track Team

SMH:  Ervin Mears Jr. filed a lawsuit against Sterling Regional High School in Camden County for $40 million because his son, Mawusimensah Mears, was kicked off the track team. Mears is also seeking varsity letters and championship jackets for the past two seasons, telling the Philadelphia Inquirer, “children have rights, just like any adult.”

Mears, a disabled veteran from Lawnside, filed the suit on his own, without a lawyer’s help.

He ran track in high school and the military and said his son “comes from a family of track winners.” The boy was the “undefeated champ” in the 200-, 400-, and 800-meter runs as an eighth grader at a Catholic school in 2010, the suit says.

That promise, his father said, should have translated into a key spot on the team when, as a ninth grader, Mawusimensah entered Sterling Regional High School in Somerdale. Sterling draws about 950 students from Magnolia, Hi-Nella, Somerdale, Stratford, Laurel Springs, and other towns.

But things started to sour in his son’s freshman year, Mears said, when he and his son’s track coach disagreed over which races his son should run.

It’s unfair, Mears said, that his son wasn’t allowed to compete, even though he may have been faster than some seniors who raced. “If he doesn’t qualify, then the clock will say he’s not fast enough,” said Mears, who worries his son may be losing out on the possibility of a college athletic scholarship.

“Let him get some exposure,” Mears said.

Unexcused absences from practice were the official reason Mears said he was given for his son’s dismissal. That’s an excuse, Mears said. A family death and injured leg kept his son away.

“Participation in extracurricular activities is a right,” Mears said. Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

As a parent of two athletes, I can’t tell you the countless times I have seen parents intervene and muck up the entire learning experience for their children. Good programs become mediocre and poor once decent parents realize a few parent-bullies are hijacking the sports for their kids. Mr. Mears feels that his sense of entitlement must be catered to at all costs. I didn’t think his son, Mawusimensah Mears, is another Usain Bolt and missing out on endorsement deals because he was kicked off the team.

Dabotubo Horsfall Sues Former Employer Morgan Stanley, Alleges Racial Discrimination

Dabotubo Horsfall, black former Morgan Stanley employee, accuses company of racial discrimination

Dabotubo Horsfall Sues Former Employer Morgan Stanley, Alleges Racial Discrimination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dabotubo Horsfall has sued Morgan Stanley alleging that the investment bank engaged in blatant discrimination against him because he is black, paying him less than his peers and refusing to give him recognition for his work on prominent deals.

Dabotubo Horsfall, a vice-president in Morgan Stanley’s investment management infrastructure fund, sued the bank and seven of its senior managers, accusing them of subjecting him to “blatant discriminatory treatment on account of his race.” The lawsuit was filed in New York Supreme Court on February 11, but went unnoticed outside the bank for more than a month.


Dabotubo Horsfall complaint [PDF] alleges that in November 2011, his boss left the division, and he was put under the supervision of two managers, John Watt and Thomas Gray, who proceeded to discriminate against him based on his race. Horsfall claims to have helped close a deal involving the sale of a Chilean electric distribution company that made Morgan Stanley more than $150 million in profit, but was “never properly acknowledged nor was he properly compensated for his work on this complex transaction” by Watt and Gray. Furthermore, Horsfall alleges he was not given a year-end written evaluation that year, and was not given any credit for his involvement in the Chilean deal during a face-to-face review with Watt. Source

Read Dabotubo Horsfall complaint against Morgan Stanley.

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R&B Singer Mary J. Blige Hit with $500K Lawsuit by Bank of America, Second Lawsuit in 3 Months

English: Mary J. Blige live in Charlotte, NC

R&B Singer Mary J. Blige Hit with $500K Lawsuit by Bank of America, Second Lawsuit in 3 Months (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singer Mary J. Blige has been hit with yet another lawsuit for defaulting on a loan. Bank of America filed a lawsuit against the singer alleging she defaulted on a $500,000 loan. This is the second legal action against the singer, who recently played Malcolm X’s wife Betty Shabazz in a Lifetime movie, “Betty and Coretta,” co-starring with Angela Bassett.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in New York State Supreme Court, Mary J. Blige took out the loan in 2005 and stopped making payments in June 2012. She owes a total of $511,324 in principal and interest on the loan.

This latest lawsuit follows one filed in November 2012 by Signature Bank over an alleged default on a $2.2 million bank loan by the singer and her husband, Reuters reports. You will recall the singer’s charity, The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, was accused of mishandling funds and cheating scholarship students in 2012.


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Funkmeister George Clinton Loses Copyrights to Four Jams to Settle $1.5 Million Lawsuit

American funk musician George Clinton and his ...

Funkmeister George Clinton Loses Copyrights to Four Jams to Settle $1.5 Million Lawsuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funkmeister George Clinton just realized what the price of playing around with a judgment really means — a judge granted his ex-law firm Hendricks & Lewis the copyrights for his jams:  “Hardcore Jollies,””The Electric Spanking of War Babies,” “Uncle Jam Wants You” and “One Nation Under a Groove,” to settle a $1.5 million judgment the firm won against him in 2010.

TMZ reports that the ruling gives Hendricks & Lewis the right to sell or use the music any way it sees fit, with all the money going towards paying back the original judgment. Once the judgment is paid off, the copyrights go back to George Clinton. He has filed a motion to reverse the decision.

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Black Elgin Police Officer Phillip Brown Alleges Racial Discrimination Against Two White Officers in Federal Lawsuit

Officer Phillip Brown, a 16-year veteran of the Elgin Police Department, sued the city and police officers Sean Rafferty and James R. Barnes, in federal court, alleging racism in the police department, where “white officers support the Ku Klux Klan, call black children chitterlings and gang members hood n*ggers.”

Phillipp Brown sued the city of Elgin and its police Officers Sean Rafferty and James R. Barnes in Federal Court.  Rafferty is his supervisor and Barnes is an internal affairs investigator, according to the complaint.

On or about 2000, plaintiff and several other officers from EPD attended a football game in Indianapolis. While in that vicinity, defendant Rafferty, who served in the gang unit with plaintiff, had his picture taken with fellow police officer Tom Wolek in front of a Ku Klux Klan monument. Rafferty and Wolek both posed in the picture showing their hands in the sign of a ‘K,’ while stating, ‘If you are looking for the Klan, we’re right here.’ “Upon returning to the EPD after that trip, the photo of defendant Rafferty and Wolek in front of the KKK monument was widely disseminated in and around the EPD.

“On June 29, 2011, Caucasian Officer Mark Hornsby approached plaintiff and asked him how his ‘chitterling,’ referring to plaintiff’s infant son, was,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff reported this comment by Hornsby which plaintiff found to be racially insensitive to Barnes, as he had been instructed to do. Source


3 Teachers, Union Sue Chicago Public Schools, Allege Racial Bias on South, West Side Campuses

Three Chicago Public Schools’ teachers and the union have sued the school district alleging racial discrimination. Donald L. Garrett Jr., Robert Green and Vivonell Brown Jr., and the Chicago Teachers Union said the district’s process for “turnaround” schools is racially discriminatory because it targets West and South side campuses with a higher percentage of African-American teachers and staff.

The lawsuit asks for class-action status, saying the district discriminates against African-American teachers and paraprofessionals when it selects schools for “turnaround” based on performance, “resulting in the termination of all employees of the schools.” Source

Talk Radio Host Dana Loesch Sues, Alleges Being Forced into “Indentured Servitude”

English: Original description on R...

Talk Radio Host Dana Loesch Sues Breitbart, Alleges Being Forced into “Indentured Servitude”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trouble in paradise over at  One time mouthpiece Dana Loesch has sued right wing website, claiming although her relationship with the news and opinion aggregating site had gone “tragically awry,” the company refused to let her out of her contract, claiming they have forcing her into “indentured servitude in limbo.” Um, Dana Loesch has said some pretty meanspirited things in the past and boy, karma will get you every time.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in St. Louis and seeks at least $75,000 in damages, as well as a judge’s declaration that her contract had expired.

The suit says that difficulties managing the Breitbart “media ‘empire’” or ideological conflicts or both had spiked the working relationship, creating a “increasingly hostile” work environment. When Loesch tried to terminate her work agreement in September, Breitbart refused and extended the agreement by a year, the suit says.

Breitbart.cοm LLC refuses to allow her work to be published and “sabotages” her attempts to find work elsewhere, the suit says.

We sort of wondered why her posts weren’t appearing on the site, now we know why. Food fight…..

Here’s a copy of Dana Loesch’s lawsuit:

Loesch Lawsuit

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NYPD Officers Thomas Dekoker and Brian R. O’Keeffe Sued for Punching Teen Luis Solivan Repeatedly

NYPD officers Thomas Dekoker and Brian O’Keeffe have been sued by Bronx teen Luis Solivan after they were captured on a secret camera repeatedly punching him. Luis Solivan was reportedly walking home from the store last fall when a NYPD cruiser pulled a quick U-turn in his direction and he ‘got paranoid,’ the New York Times reports.

Solivan, who was unarmed, ran to his mother’s apartment, where Thomas Dekoker and Brian O’Keeffe proceeded to punch him repeatedly. Luis Solivan was charged with resisting arrest, but a grand jury decided not to indict him partly based on the video of the incident that was captured by a neighbor through the window.

It seems that Thomas Dekoker and Brian O’Keeffe are no strangers to police brutality. They reportedly cost New York City $500,000 in a 2008 case for use of excessive force.

Drama: Olympic Gold Medalist Tianna Madison Sued by Parents for Lies About ‘Hardship & Sexual Abuse’

DISGRACE: The parents of Olympic gold medalist Tianna Madison have filed a $50,000 lawsuit against her alleging she falsely spread stories they bullied ans cheated her financially causing her to file for bankruptcy. Robert and Jo Ann Madison filed the libel, slander and defamation lawsuit against Tianna Madison, who won a gold medal at the London Olympics for the 4x100m relay, in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in Cleveland, OH. The lawsuit, which seeks $25,000 per parent, also names her husband John Bartoletta, saying the couple have made false statements to the media since March. Why do we always have drama when money is involved.