June Steenkamp Warned Oscar Pistorius She Would Wipe Him Out if Daughter Harmed

Oscar Pistorius can proclaim his love for Reeva Steenkamp all he wants, but her mother, June Steenkamp, has a slightly different version of their relationship before he murdered her on Valentine’s Day in his home. June Steenkamp said she threatened Pistorius when her daughter phoned her from his car to complain he had been “driving like a lunatic.”

Mrs Steenkamp appeared on a documentary screened on Channel 5 last night in which she recalled the conversation from the car phone. “She was afraid, she was so afraid,” she said. “I said, ‘Will you just give him the phone’. She gave the phone to Oscar straight away. I said, ‘Listen, if you hurt my baby in any way I will have you wiped out’.”

Mrs Steenkamp said that after the incident, her daughter had phoned her again and had spoken about rows with Pistorius, whom she had been dating since November last year.

“She said, ‘We’ve been fighting; we’ve been fighting a lot’. She didn’t elaborate about what they’d been fighting about,” Mrs Steenkamp disclosed in the documentary, Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? produced by Shekhar Bhatia.


Mrs Steenkamp also revealed that in her younger years, her daughter had painted a picture of a man with a gun threatening a “terrified” woman with angel wings and a ladder beside her “going up to heaven”.

“Reeva painted these pictures when she was 14… but we never really realised what they were about,” she said. “If you look at it now it’s clear as anything that this is a premonition.” Source: Telegraph

Oscar Pistorius’ trial has been postponed until August after the magistrate granted the prosecution’s request for the delay.

Oscar Pistorius’ Family ‘Shaken’ Over ‘Graphic Images’ of Reeva Steenkamp Murder Scene

The family of Oscar Pistorius are reportedly “shaken” over the leaked photographs of the crime scene at his home, after he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day. The “graphic images” purportedly show the blood-spattered bathroom where the murder took place.

“It has always been our plea that the legal process be allowed its run its course with integrity,” the Pistorius family said in a statement. “The leaking of evidential material into the public domain, before the court case, does not advance this process.”

The statement comes a day before Pistorius is due to appear in court where prosecutors are expected to ask magistrates to postpone the case pending further investigations. Pistorius, 26, is charged with murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of February 14. Source:  WBAL

You can see the purported leak images at Sky News. This should have never happened out of respect for Reeva Steenkamp’s family.

REPORT: Oscar Pistorius Selling Shares in Race Horse, Property Due to Spiraling Legal Bills

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World cha...

REPORT:  Oscar Pistorius Selling Shares in Race Horse, Property Due to Spiraling Legal Bills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oscar Pistorius is starting the feel the pinch of spiraling legal costs in his murder case for the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The Daily Mail reports he is selling property and shares in one of his race horses, Tiger Canyon, as he tries to raise money to fight the premeditated murder charges.

His friend Mike Azzi, who Pistorius calls Uncle Mike, was quoted in the Sunday People as saying: ‘We spoke about one or two of the horses. He’s asked me to try to get people to buy them for him because he has no form of income any longer.

‘He’s selling off all his property and everything because of the legal costs.’ His legal costs are mounting and once the trial begins they will soar further.

Pistorius’ lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Nike and Oakley have been suspended, ending one of his income streams. There are also concerns the Olympic and Paralympic star may be suicidal. Mr Azzi, a race horse trainer, said Pistorius is a ‘broken man’ who is on the verge of killing himself. Source

Police are confirming that Oscar Pistorius‘ two dogs were on the property at the time of the murder. So, if there was an intruder, wouldn’t the dogs have barked? The Daily Mail reports the police said a witness has come forward confirming to have heard shouts and screams coming from the residence before Reeva Steenkamp was murdered.

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Oscar Pistorius’ Dad, Henke Pistorius, Blames ANC for ‘White Levels of Crime’ in South Africa

Polski: Oscar Pistorius pozdrawia kibiców po b...

Oscar Pistorius’ Dad, Henke Pistorius, Blames ANC for ‘White Levels of Crime’ in South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The family of Oscar Pistorius is distancing itself from a racist comment made by the paralympian’s father,  Henke Pistorius, who was quoted by the Telegraph, saying the f family owns hand-guns for self-defense and suggesting that the ruling ANC party shares the blame for “white levels of crime.” The ANC has called the comments racist. In other words, Henke Pistorius believes the ruling ANC government is not protecting white South Africans adequately.

Arnold Pistorius, the athlete’s uncle, has issued a statement saying that the family is “deeply concerned about the comments made by Oscar’s father, Henke Pistorius, to the Telegraph about the family using its weapons to defend themselves against crime in South Africa, and especially about his comments that the ANC government is not willing to protect white South Africans.” The statement was released through the family’s public relations machine. 

The Pistorius family owned 55 guns, the local Beeld newspaper reports. “Some of the guns are for hunting and some are for protection, the hand guns. It speaks to the ANC government, look at white crime levels [sic], why protection is so poor in this country, it’s an aspect of our society,” The Telegraph quotes Henke Pistorius as saying.

ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu said the party “rejects with contempt” Henke Pistorius’s claim that the government was not willing to protect white people.

“Not only is this statement devoid of truth, it is also racist. It is sad that he has chosen to politicize a tragic incident that is still fresh in the minds of those affected and the public,” he said. Source

Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, February 14, claiming he thought she was an intruder.  Was it “white levels of crime” that prompted Oscar Pistorius to discharge his gun in a restaurant?

Old habits die hard. The truth always rears its ugly head. Henke Pistorius seems to harbor racist views that white are the only victims of crimes, presumably at the hands of blacks in South Africa and should get special treatment. Wasn’t Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia murdered recently in Daveyton. Was the due to “white levels of crime?” It would seem statistics don’t bolster Henke Pistorius’ claims, since blacks bear the brunt of the crime committed in South Africa. Well, so much for his “white levels of crime” theory. Shameful and yes, racist.

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Reeva Steenkamp’s ‘Joburg Dad’ Cecil Myers: Oscar Pistorius Was “Hasty, Impatient and Very Moody”

Reeva Steenkamp domestic violence Joburg dad Cecil Myers Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp’s ‘Joburg Dad’ Cecil Myers: Oscar Pistorius Was “Hasty, Impatient and Very Moody” (Photo credit: Twitter)

REEVA STEENKAMP’S ‘JOBURG DAD’ SPEAKS:  The murder of Reeva Steenkamp continues to weigh heavily on my mind. Why did this young woman have to die? Why do many women fall victim to domestic violence and domestic violence murders? We may never know if Reeva Steenkamp was the victim of domestic violence, but some people who were close to her are painting an unflattering picture of Oscar Pistorius. The Daily Mail is the only outlet reporting that the family of Reeva Steenkamp was told by police that her skull was crushed, possibly with a cricket bat that was found bloodied in the bathroom. The family reportedly viewed her body and saw extensive injuries, in addition to the gun shot wounds.

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius crushed his girlfriend’s skull with a cricket bat before shooting her dead, police have told her family.

Details of the post-mortem examination of South African model Reeva Steenkamp were withheld from last week’s bail application hearing.

But grieving relatives who saw her body before Tuesday’s cremation in Port Elizabeth described horrific injuries from the cricket bat, and entry wounds from 9mm bullets fired by Pistorius.

They were also briefed about the model’s death by police and lawyers from the state prosecutor’s office. Source

That bloodied bat will play a crucial role in the trial and it will be interesting to hear what the forensics have uncovered. Oscar Pistorius’ defense was forced to detail its case in order for him to get bail. He said he used the cricket bat to break down the bathroom door. The prosecution didn’t have to reveal everything they discovered. It should be noted that the forensics haven’t come in and Oscar Pistorius could be in a jam if his account of what transpired doesn’t match the forensics. The fact that Reeva Steenkamp locked the bathroom door raising some red flags and when he screamed at the door, why didn’t she answer to say it’s me.

Cecil Myers, affectionately called her “Joburg dad” had the grim task of identifying her body. He was interviewed by the City Press and said, “The way she looked . . . that will remain with me forever.” Myers echoes the same sentiment as Reeva Steenkamp’s father, Barry Steenkamp, who said Oscar Pistorius will have to live with his conscience, whether he is telling the truth or not. Cecil Myers said, “she was my little girl, and he shot her four times from behind a closed door. One shot may have been a mistake – but four times?” That’s the position many are taking. One shot may be a mistake, but four, sound like some level of premeditation. He said his last contact with Reeva Steenkamp, hours before her murder, was in the form of a text message, saying  “hi guys, I’m too tired. It’s too far to drive. I’m sleeping at Oscar’s tonight. See you tomorrow.”

Reeva Steenkamp’s best friend’s dad is painting a troubling picture of Oscar Pistorius — a dark side. Cecil Myers characterized Oscar Pistorius as “moody” and that he was very nice and charming when he and Reeva started dating but once they actually started going steady, that charm started to dissipate. Classic signs of an abuser. How many victims of domestic violence can look back and say, yes, that’s how my abuser reeled me in and got me comfy. Myers said, Pistorius stopped coming inside their home to say hello. “He just dropped her and picked her up. That’s not right. I call it respect. If you’re in a relationship and you pick up the ‘daughter’ in the house, at least come in and say hello.”

“She went with Oscar to a sports-awards evening. And after that he wouldn’t leave her alone. He kept pestering her, phoning and phoning and phoning her.“Oscar was hasty and impatient and very moody – that’s my impression of him.“She told me he pushed her a bit into a corner. She felt caged in. I told her I would talk to him. I told him not to force himself on her. Back off. He agreed, but his face showed me what he was thinking: ‘Oh, this guy is talking nonsense.’ He did cool down a bit. Then they started going out steadily, and she was more at his home.“I once talked to her about Oscar’s moodiness. She didn’t answer me.”

He takes Oscar’s testimony that he and Reeva were madly in love with a pinch of salt. “I think she loved him, but it was no massive love affair.”Was he ever worried about Reeva and Oscar? “My answer to that is ‘no comment’, and that’s probably enough of an answer. There’s a dark side to him. And all we’re left with now is a huge emptiness.” Source

Some may think Oscar Pistorius is walking free at this juncture. But he isn’t. He will never be free nor will ever be looked at the same way again. Whether he is acquitted of premeditated murder and given a lesser charge, he will have to live with the blood of Reeva Steenkamp on his head and his hands. Too many women are losing their lives at the hands of their significant-others.  Oscar Pistorius, the South African hero, inspirational role model who overcame adversity and the international celebrity, is now a murderer. Whether it was accidental or the result of domestic violence, he will never go back to life as usual and he shouldn’t. It’s funny that Oscar Pistorius is reportedly about to accept delivery of a pricey supercar — a 204 mph 3.8 liter McLaren MP4-12C Spider that he ordered last year. He has reportedly vowed not to drive it because of the image it would portray. He has the car but the Steenkamps and Myers don’t have Reeva.

Here’s a graphic of what the police found in Oscar Pistorius’ home (City Press):

Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail by Magistrate Desmond Nair

Oscar Pistorius bail decision:  Magistrate Desmond Nair is in the process of making a decision about granting Oscar Pistorius bail in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. He said “bail can only be granted if he is convinced the defendant meets three criteria – he will not flee the jurisdiction; he will not try to intimidate witnesses; he is not himself a dangerous person,” BBC reports.


I don’t think anyone expected Oscar Pistorius not to be granted bail, considering that the state did not prove its case why he should be kept behind bars. This is a throwback to the O.J. Simpson case in which Mark Fuhrman and others bungled the investigation.

After four days of combative hearings, a South African magistrate on Friday granted bail for Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee track star accused of murdering his girlfriend, in a case that has horrified and fascinated the nation and much of the world.

The magistrate said Mr. Pistorius did not represent a flight risk and was not likely to interfere with state witnesses. “The accused has made a case to be released on bail,” he concluded, while the prosecution had not established a case for detaining him. Pistorius family members in the packed courtroom shouted, “Yes!”

Magistrate Nair set bail at 1 million rand, about $112,000, and ordered a series of conditions before the case was adjourned to June 4. Mr. Pistorius was told to relinquish firearms and passports and to avoid his upscale home in a gated community where he shot to death his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in what he has called an accident and prosecutors have called premeditated murder. The home is now a crime scene.

The unusually tight restrictions on Mr. Pistorius also included a prohibition on making contact with witnesses. The athlete was further told that he could not leave the Pretoria area without official permission and could not use drugs or alcohol while the trial is pending. He was instructed to report to a police station twice a week. Source

The only thing I found disturbing was the celebrating in the court by members of Oscar Pistorius’ family. Reeva Steenkamp was murdered and there is nothing to celebrate. That was in poor taste and insensitive on their part. He may be free now, but there is a court case looming and no matter what the outcome, Oscar Pistorius will always be remembered as the man who killed Reeva Steenkamp. That’s a sentence he isn’t likely to escape, no matter how the magistrate rules in the trial.

Lt. Gen. Vinesh Moonoo Named New Investigator in Oscar Pistorius Murder Case

Lt. Gen. Vinesh Moonoo New Investigator in Oscar Pistorius Murder Case

Lt. Gen. Vinesh Moonoo Named New Investigator in Oscar Pistorius Murder Case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial is taking an ugly turn in the tradition of the O. J. Simpson trial, thanks to the the missteps of the prosecution. I have never heard of a law enforcement officer who is charged with attempted murder to be allowed on the job, much less being a lead investigator in a murder case. Shouldn’t Hilton Botha have been suspended pending the outcome of his case when the charges were reinstated? Why wasn’t the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, apprised of the situation with the lead investigator? As it stands right now, they judge might as well grant Oscar Pistorius bail, since it’s obvious the prosecution is falling apart.

The charges against Hilton Botha were reinstated February 4. Reeva Steenkamp was killed February 14. There is no excuse why he was not removed from the case at that juncture.  Riah Phiyega, the National Commissioner, said Lt. Gen. Vinesh Moonoo will take over the investigation.

It seems like there is a trigger-happy mentality in South Africa where guns are concerned. Hilton Botha and two other officers were charged with allegedly shooting at a minibus in 2011.

Shades of the O.J. Simpson:

… lead investigator Botha conceded Wednesday that police had left a 9 mm slug in the toilet where Steenkamp died, had lost track of illegal ammunition found in the home and that Botha himself had walked through the scene without protective shoe covers, possibly contaminating the area. Source

The whole world is watching this train wreck called the Oscar Pistorius investigation and upcoming trial unfold with a great deal of ineptitude. Reeva Steenkamp deserves better than this. Thanks to Botha, the defense was able to poke holes into his weak testimony. I am not sure how Lt. Gen. Vinesh Moonoo can clean this mess up. The bail hearing has been postponed until Friday.

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Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing: “I was Vulnerable, I Had to Protect Myself and Reeva”

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World cha...

Oscar Pistorius:  “I was Vulnerable, I Had to Protect Myself and Reeva” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OSCAR PISTORIUS BAIL HEARING:  Oscar Pistorius’ bail hearing was adjourned until Wednesday and Magistrate Desmond Nair ruled he faces premeditation in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Oscar Pistorius faces the prospect of spending months in jail as bail will be highly unlikely on such a charge. Magistrate Desmond Nair made the ruling after saying he could not exclude the possibility of planning in the death.

Oscar Pistorius denied murdering his girlfriend in an affidavit read out in the Pretoria Magistrate Court Tuesday. In his affidavit he told his lawyer:  “I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated murder because I had no intention to kill. I had no intention to kill my girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.””I have been informed I have been accused of murder – I deny the accusation. Nothing can be further from the truth that I planned the murder of my girlfriend.”

He also said in the affidavit, “We were deeply in love and I could not be happier. I know she felt the same way.”

Pistorius said in his affidavit, he and Steenkamp got into bed and they fell asleep. He kept a 9mm firearm under his bed. “I have received death threats before,” the affidavit continued.

He said intruders were in the toilet. He heard a noise and was “filled with horror and fear”. He heard someone in the bathroom saying, “it was pitch dark in the bathroom”. “As I didn’t have my prosthetic legs on I was vulnerable,” the affidavit continued.

“I fired a shot at the toilet door and shouted to Reeva to call the police,” he said. “I felt extremely vulnerable as I didn’t have my prosthetic legs on and knew I had to protect myself and Reeva,” the affidavit continued.

“When I reached the bed, I realised Reeva wasn’t in the bed.” He said he tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked, and went to the balcony to scream for help.

He put “on” his legs, and broke the door open with a cricket bat, got a key and opened it. “Reeva was slumped over but alive.” He carried her downstairs to take her to hospital and a doctor in the complex arrived. “She died in my arms.” Source

Here’s what prosecutor Gerrie Nel, had to say about Oscar Pistorius’ actions that night:

Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp murder possible series of events

Adam Steenkamp Calling on Oscar Pistorius to “Tell the Truth” in Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder

He told the court that Miss Steenkamp went into the bathroom after the couple had been arguing.

‘The applicant armed himself, attached his prosthesis, walked seven meters to the bathroom and shot the deceased while she was in the toilet. He shot four times…There’s no possible explanation to support his report that he thought it was a burglar,’ he said.

‘If I arm myself, walk a distance and murder a person, that is premeditated,’ he said. ‘The door is closed. There is no doubt. I walk seven meters and I kill.’ ‘The motive is ‘I want to kill’. That’s it,’ he added. ‘This deceased was in a 1.4 by 1.14 meter little room. She could go nowhere.’

Mr Nel said the killing was premeditated because Pistorius had planned to say that he thought he was shooting an intruder. ‘It was all part of the pre-planning. Why would a burglar lock himself inside the bathroom?’ Mr Nel said.

‘She locked that door for a purpose. We’ll get to that purpose,’ Mr Nel said.

‘That is where she was when those shots were fired. She couldn’t go anywhere. It must have been horrific.’ Source:  Daily Mail

I am pretty sure the prosecutor will poke holes into that excuse. If he and Reeva Steenkamp were the only people in the house, why would she lock the bathroom door? Further, if he was screaming at the bathroom door because he thought an intruder had entered the premises, why didn’t she respond saying it was her in the bathroom? Besides, weren’t the police called to the home hours earlier after neighbors reported shouting coming from the home? The problem is Reeva Steenkamp isn’t here to tell her version of the events that transpired.

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Adam Steenkamp Calling on Oscar Pistorius to “Tell the Truth” in Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder

Adam Steenkamp is calling on paralympian Oscar Pistorius to “tell the truth” about the murder of his sister, Reeva Steenkamp. He said his half-sister “was completely unpretentious. Her work had become lively and exciting, and she was travelling all the time.” I fully expect the family of Reeva Steenkamp to start questioning Oscar Pistorius’ version of events. She will be buried Tuesday in a private funeral service.

There is speculation that Reeva Steenkamp’s relationship with South African national team rugby player Francois Hougaard could have played a part in the tragedy. The South African Times cited sources close to the police investigation as saying that social media messages including ones from Francois Hougaard may become part of the prosecution’s evidence at Oscar Pistorius’ bail hearing  Tuesday. Francois Hougaard communicated with Steenkamp on Twitter shortly before her death and retweeted a picture of them together after she died.

The City Press has been providing their take on the murder as told to them by “sources” close to the investigation. They released in colorful chart on the sequence of events leading up to the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp murder City Press

Adam Steenkamp Calling on Oscar Pistorius to “Tell the Truth” in Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder (City Press)

Bloodied Cricket Bat Found at Oscar Pistorius’ Home, Reeva Steenkamp Also Suffered Fractured Skull

Bloodied cricket bat found at Oscar Pretorius' home in murder of Reeva Steenkamp

Bloodied Cricket Bat Found at Oscar Pistorius’ Home, Reeva Steenkamp Also Suffered Fractured Skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The investigation into the murder of model Reeva Steenkamp by boyfriend and paralympian Oscar Pistorius is becoming more disturbing by the day and possibly shows this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity, as he reportedly claimed. A bloodied cricket bat  found in his Pretoria mansion, as well as a bullet cartridge was found in his bedroom. The police found no evidence of a forced entry into the home. City Press reveals the police are investigating two different scenarios — one in which Oscar Pistorius used the cricket bat to assault her, since she suffered a fractured skull, or the other he may have used it to break down the bathroom door. It was said she was reportedly hiding in the bathroom.

Bloodied cricket bat found:  We can further reveal that police specifically requested that Pistorius’ blood be tested for drugs and steroids. Steenkamp’s skull was “crushed” and police tests on the cricket bat and her body will reveal if the injuries were caused by blows to the back of her head. “There was lots of blood on the bat. Forensic tests will show whose blood it was,” said a source with inside knowledge of the case.


Steenkamp was still breathing and Pistorius tried to resuscitate her in the foyer. Paramedics and police arrived on the scene and, minutes later, she was declared dead.

Steenkamp was wearing her nightie at the time. When the police inspected Oscar’s bedroom, they found her overnight bag and iPad on the floor. A holster for a 9mm pistol was found on Oscar’s side of
the bed. The bedclothes were crumpled. “It was clear that both of them had slept in the bed,” said a police source.

One cartridge was found in the bedroom and the police suspect Oscar may have “chased” her and fired the first shot before Steenkamp could lock herself inside the toilet.

“The suspicion is that the first shot, in the bedroom, hit her in the hip. She then ran and locked herself in the toilet. She was doubled over because of the pain. He fired three more shots. She probably covered her head, which is why the bullet also went through her hand,” said a source. Steenkamp was shot in the head, hip, arm and hand. Source

This latest news comes as the ANC Women’s League demands that Oscar Pistorius be denied bail for the murder:

Spokesperson for the league Troy Martens on Sunday said the magistrate should take into consideration claims in the media that there is a strong case of premeditated murder against him.

“It is with this in mind that the ANCWL urges the magistrate to heed the call of the prosecutors in this case and deny bail,” said Martens.

The ANCWL said that Steenkamp’s death was not an isolated incident and therefore the league was extremely concerned with the high levels of femicide in the country.

Martens said the Medical Research Council of South Africa released a study indicating that a woman is killed by her intimate partner every eight hours in South Africa.

“No women should have to die at the hands of their romantic partner, but research indicates just over 50% of all women murdered are the result of intimate femicide,” she said.

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