Pastor Marvin Winans Driving on Suspended License When Carjacked in Detroit, Needs to Practice What he Preaches

Pastor Marvin Winans driving on suspended license when carjacked:  Rev. Marvin Winans, senior pastor at Perfecting Church in Detriot,  needs to practice what he preaches — exercising personal responsibility. He was driving on a suspended license when he was carjacked by Montoya Givens, Christopher Moorehead and Brian K. Young  nearly two weeks ago at a Detroit gas station. A warrant for his arrest was issued March 15 for failing to appear in court after he was ticketed for driving with a suspended license and for impeding traffic,  the Detroit News reports. Yeah, yeah, yeah, his spokesperson shrugged it off saying his staff handles such matters. Um, he was ticketed, so he knew darn well he had to appear in court.

The gospel singer didn’t show at a March hearing in 43rd District Court in Hazel Park on the two tickets and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to a court official.

Winans released a statement Thursday afternoon that stated:

“The traffic issues listed in driver’s record that was recently released was in the process of being handled prior to the Wednesday, May 16 incident. The proof of payment and formal letter addressing the issue was submitted. I was not aware of any suspension of license due to change of address. All day-to-day correspondences are facilitated by my administrative staff. If something was a matter of great urgency they would have brought it to my attention” Source: Detroit News

The problem is, Pastor Winans has been “ticketed 11 times since 2009, including for speeding and disobeying a traffic signal. He has had four other license suspensions for not paying fees dating to 2006, according to state records.” It is quite clear that he believes he is above the law and the rules of the road don’t apply to him. He tells his congregation that personal responsibility must not be ignored, but yet, that’s exactly what he has done with his driving record. He could have killed someone on the road. Gee, I wonder what his insurance company had to say about his suspended license?

SHAME: Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked, Robbed While Pumping Gas, Pants Ripped to Shreds

SHAME:  Detroit pastor Marvin Winans was robbed and carjacked while pumping gas this afternoon. Winans, who leads the Perfecting Church, told Local 4, “he went inside the gas station to pay when he noticed a group of young men hanging inside the store not buying anything. He said he thought it was strange, but he went about his business.” He was then jumped by four men when he came out of the convenience store.

Winans suffered several cuts and bruises to his face, hands and arms. His pants were also torn to shreds.

“I was on the ground and then they went to kicking me and trying to get the money out of my pocket,” said Winans. “When I stood up I called on Jesus, I said ‘Jesus’, and they started running. I got up and my car was gone.” The attackers were able to steal his 2012 QX56 purple Infinity sedan and his wallet. Source

UPDATE#1 (05/20/12): The office of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy identified the suspects as Detroit residents Montoya Givens and Christopher Moorehead, both 20, and Brian K. Young, 18, of Macomb County’s Clinton Township. They are charged with carjacking, unarmed robbery and conspiracy, said Maria Miller, Worthy’s spokeswoman, the Associated Post reports.

It’s a damn shame that these thugs would rob even a pastor. Reaction on Twitter:

Bryan Fischer: Romney’s Marriage Position Emancipation Proclamation for Black Pastors to Leave Democratic Plantation

TWEET OF THE DAY: Right wing evangelical Bryan Fischer says Mitt Romney’s position on marriage being between one man and one woman, is the “Emancipation Proclamation for black pastors to leave Democratic plantation.” Um, really? But didn’t Mitt Romney take the position that he sees nothing wrong with gay adoptions? I would venture to say most black pastors don’t see Mitt Romney as a viable alternative to Barack Obama. Nice try.

More tweets from Bryan Fischer:

Megachurch Pastor T.D. Jakes Scolds Voters Who Question Romney’s Faith, But Not Gingrich’s

Quote of the Day: “The people who question whether he is legitimately a Christian because he is a Mormon don’t seem concerned about somebody running who is not a Christian at all,” Jakes said, alluding to Gingrich. “So, that rationale says ‘We are more comfortable with having a sinner in a position of leadership than we are Mormon’…that’s really concerning me.”

— T.D. Jakes appearance  TV One’s “Washington Watch with Roland Martin,” where he talked about hypocrisy of voters in being leery of Mitt Romney Mormon faith and accepting of Roman Catholic convert Newt Gingrich’s infidelity.

Embattled Bishop Eddie Long Takes Leave from New Birth Missionary As Wife Files Divorce

Snake in the pulpit Bishop Eddie Long takes leave from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to “take care of some family business” and to “heal his family” in the wake of Vanessa Long’s divorce petition.

Embattled Bishop Eddie Long Takes Leave from New Birth Missionary as Vanessa Long Files for Divorce

BREAKING NEWS: Snake in the pulpit Bishop Eddie L. Long takes leave from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. This was a long time going and we hope it will be a permanent leave of absence. He told the congregation Sunday that he needed time to heal his family. You will recall the drama that unfolded on Friday when the news of Vanessa Long’s divorce filing hit the airwaves.

Isaac Richmond, a picketer outside New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, tells WSB-TV, “We don’t want him to take a few weeks off … we want a permanent absence. “Bishop Long has a serious moral character flaw.” Yeah, you can take that to the bank. It’s funny how he can stand in the pulpit with this two children, but didn’t bother thinking about what harm and anguish his alleged sexual coercion of four young men would cause his wife and family.

Mega-Church Pastor Noel Jones Reportedly Dating to Player’s Club “Stripper” Actress Lisa Raye McCoy

Mega-Church Pastor Noel Jones Reportedly Dating “Player’s Club” Stripper Actress Lisa Raye McCoy, Ex-Wife of Turks & Caicos Disgraced Premier Michael Misick.

Bishop Noel Jones, pastor of mega-church City of Refuge, founder of Noel Jones Ministries and the brother of Grace Jones, is engaged to Lisa Raye McCoy, according to media reports. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t care, but Lisa Raye, who is best known as stripper Diamond, in the movie, Player’s Club, and was also tangled up in some drama in the Turks & Caicos, during her stint as Mrs. Michael Misick, wife of former premier, Michael Misick. It’s interesting that a prominent pastor such as Noel Jones would lay his hat in Lisa Raye’s bedroom. You know this isn’t a celibate relationship, if true. So, Bishop Jones is fornicating.

If I remember correctly, Lisa Raye was deemed persona non grata in Turks & Caicos because she was nothing more than a diva, who didn’t take her role as first lady of the island seriously. She rubbed a lot of people there the wrong way. Besides, her marriage to Michael Misick, who literally plundered his country, was chock full of infidelity and allegations of abuse.

Lisa Raye is currently starring in VH1’s  Single Ladies, which is created and produced by Queen Latifah. We also heard this isn’t the first time Bishop Jones has had a relationship with someone we consider a tad bit trifling — Nene Leakes is a name that has been tossed around. We should also remind you that Lisa Raye McCoy has also “dated” Rev. Al Sharpton. Well, reportedly and he denied it.

Sorry, but the idea of a pastor, any pastor, dating Lisa Raye McCoy is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. Lisa Raye was a joke as the First Lady of the Turks & Caicos and she will be equally hilarious as the First Lady of the City of Refuge.


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Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead at W Hotel in NYC

Pastor Zachery Tims, 42, found dead in room at W Hotel in New York City. Cause of death unknown pending results of an autopsy.

Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead in NYC W Hotel (NDCC)

SHOCK: Pastor Zachery Tims, pastor of the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., was found unresponsive Friday in his room at the W Hotel in New York City’s Times Square at about 6 p.m. Emergency responders pronounced him dead a short time later. The results of an autopsy are pending. You will recall there was drama in his private life when he and his wife Riva Tims divorced in 2009. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

COMMENTARY: Did Pastor Zachery Tims commit suicide or could this have been an accidental overdose or is he being set up in death? No matter how you view this situation, this is a tragedy of untold proportions. I know God grants forgiveness to those who ask and everyone deserves a second chance when they have fallen, but no healthy young man just drops dead. Something is definitely amiss here. The church is in damage control mode and, quite frankly, I don’t blame them. Pastor Tims brought disgrace to his name and his family by engaging in an extra-marital affair for a year with a nasty, filthy stripper, Judy Nguyen. He could have given his wife a sexually transmitted disease. He stepped down from his church for three stinking months after he was caught in the act. Three months of counselling, possibly from reprobate pastors like himself, probably can’t cure anyone from sexual addiction.

Riva Tims’ decision to divorce her husband went far deeper than the affair with the stripper. He must have had a habit of cheating on her. From what I heard, from a well-placed source, he fathered a child with a young white woman, as well. I am sure there are tales from this man’s lifestyle that will make your toes and fingers curl. But God is a good God and a forgiving God, but He never said there are no consequences for sin. I don’t know what the outcome of Zachery Tims toxicology testing will be, but the NYPD is awful tight-lipped about the “white powder” they reportedly found in his pocket. Cops can identify cocaine and other types of drugs on sight and on smell. They know exactly what they are dealing with. This doesn’t look good for Zachery Tims and the church can spin it all they want, you just don’t end drug addiction by so-called “divine intervention,” you have to want to break the chains of bondage. This is a wake-up call to other pastors out there, whether they are good pastors or rogue pastors.

There are far too many false preachers misleading their congregations in the name of the “prosperity gospel” and religious double-speak. God is going to pull the cloak of deception off those pulpits across this world and there will be more pastors who will be found out. These modern-day cult leaders are no different from Jim Jones and David Koresh. They are playing dangerous games with God’s people through adulterous relationships with men, women, girls and boys; in it for the material gain — the Bentleys, Rolls Royces, ultra-expensive mansions and so on; drug use and other illicit activities, all at the expense of their congregations. Let’s not forget my God is Omnipresent — sees all and hears all. The veil will come off eventually and the truth will be revealed. So, which side do you want to be one when the wrath of God is unleashed on this Earth?

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so walk right or your sins will overtake you and bring disgrace to your name and your family. Eddie L. Long repent and walk right or your day is coming. Just like your mentor Bishop Earl Paulk. To all those men out there abusing their wives and significant others, let this be a lesson to you that your life can be ended in the blinking of an eye. Death isn’t pleasant by any means, particularly when one is taken away so quickly. I am saddened that Zachery Tims will never see his children grow up, go to college, get married and have their own children. We must stop for a moment and recognize that there is a power greater than each of us and we MUST strive to walk right and live right. The Bible never said we can’t make mistakes, but a 12 month or 13 year extramarital affair isn’t a mistake. It was intentionally done over a period of time to satisfy the flesh. The sex, lies and pain don’t just go away and aren’t without consequence. Each of us needs to examine our lives for areas where we have fallen short. Resolve to be better people today. Don’t let your story in death be overshadowed by your missteps in life. You can’t sugar-coat facts and dance around the truth. I will continue to pray for the family and church of Zachery Tims. They deserve God’s mercies and grace in this time of bereavement. Someone said he has gone home to meet his Jesus, well, that he has but I wonder in what capacity?

URGENT: Autopsy for Pastor Zachery Tims inconclusive. More tests will have to be done to determine cause of death, according to NYC medical examiner.