#RealityTV: “Preachers’ Daughters” Raises So Many Questions & Concerns – Part II

#RealityTV: "Preachers' Daughters" Raises So Many Questions & Concerns - Part II

#RealityTV: “Preachers’ Daughters” Raises So Many Questions & Concerns – Part II

Our family in no way, shape or form, agreed to do a show about “Church Girls Gone Wild”!  Although according to some of the messages we’ve received from fans of the show, it may seem that way, following the first episode of Season 2, which aired last WednesdayAlthough we don’t know what the upcoming episodes will contain, we’re staying positive and believe that in the end, all the families will find their way and the initial premise of the show will be fulfilled.  Keep in mind, it’s a great witness to see, not only where we start, but how we finish!” are the words of VICTORIA KOLOFF (@VictoriaKoloff), mother of Preacher’s Daughter KOLBY KOLOFF  (@KolbyKoloff) – as written on her blog site. 


Unlike secular Reality TV Shows where faith isn’t a central theme, PREACHER’S DAUGHTER, by name alone, has an expected morality component that should drive its content.  Everyone can’t be the next Reality TV Star or Starlet, but in the case of this show – there are 100’s of thousands of Preacher’s Children roaming the earth and they are excellent critiques of shows that sensationalize the life they also live.

In the Season Two premiere of PREACHER’S DAUGHTER “Raising Hell” the world was introduced to 4 families seeking to raise their child according to principles that mirror more tradition than biblical teachings.


The first 10 minutes of the debut show sets the stage for the 4 main families involved –  the Elliott’s, Coleman’s, Cassidy’s, and Koloff’s.

For the most part, I sympathize with each young woman being featured on the show because they never asked to be preacher’s children, but they are!  Now that they are – the National debate should be “Why must they live under a microscope while all their peers live free?”  The problem is – these families weren’t tricked into participating on this show.  Each had to willfully sign contracts and commit to allowing cameras in their homes, businesses, personal lives, etc.  #ApprovedInvasion

Sadly, once the camera captures footage, the families aren’t empowered to determine what is aired and what will lay butchered on the cutting room floor.  Have no sympathy for these families concerning these points – as they knew full well what belayed them. Given the families are now in their 2nd Season, Reality TV isn’t new to any of them.

How can one be on a Reality TV Show and have thin skin?  Following the first critique of this broadcast, cast mate TORI ELLIOTT (@Its_ToriElliott) replied to written commentary by stating, “Great thing NONE OF YALL DETERMINE ANYONES SALVATION! And NEWSFLASH: IM SAVED.” Here’s the link to Tori Elliott’s tweet.

Tori Elliott Gets a Little Ruffled in Response to "Preachers' Daughters" article

Tori Elliott Gets a Little Ruffled in Response to “Preachers’ Daughters” article

What is amusing about young Tori’s comment is nowhere in the article was her salvation ever questioned.  If memory serves correctly, Tori knew the camera was rolling on her while she entered church intoxicated.  Tori knew the cameras were rolling while she slept during prayer time.  She knew the cameras were rolling when, while her father was preaching, she hurried out of the sanctuary to vomit because of her consumption of alcohol the previous night.

Tori seems to be a very bright young lady and was once a Police Officer.  She certainly cannot be without knowledge of how a person’s behavior can impact their image. However, even with this knowledege what did we learn about her on Preacher’s Daughter that was positive?  NOTHING!

Now I know there will be those who say, like Victoria Koloff suggested in her Public Statement “…it’s a great witness to see, not only where we start, but how we finish!” However, the danger in what is being relayed is one of the greatest tricks of the ENEMY –that there is an infinite amount of TIME for one to “get right”!

Tori is young, but if she thinks for one minute that everyone who viewed episode 1 will continue to watch every episode following, she is greatly mistaken AND should know better.


In a scene where MEGAN CASSIDY (@MegannCassidyy) introduces her friends – Carly and Samantha – the three are found drinking from Red Party Cups while sunbathing near the swimming pool.  A convo  is initiated regarding whether Megan attended “Youth Wednesday.”  She responded to the inquiry with a- “Hell No.”

Now before anyone gets up in arms, hear her out, remember that she is 17 years old – “…I hate going to youth group.  Mom and Dad want me to go but I don’t like hanging out with those girls…They’re like judging me, you know...” – while one of her girlfriend’s adds “snitching on you all the time.”  Then, Megan asks for a cigarette which her girlfriend gladly provides.  Megan actually smokes on TV while her friend boasts “Megan the BadAss.”  Her response was, “Just a Southern Belle raising hell.”  #TheGirlsLaugh

What did we learn from Megan’s actions? It is easy to elaborate on, so I will leave that to the reader.  However, did you catch the “church tension?”  Megan’s father is not the Senior Pastor, but rather the Worship Leader.  In many circles Megan wouldn’t even be considered a “Preacher’s Daughter.”  Notice as she highlights her problem as “…those girls...”  Who is the Youth Leader?  What role do the youth leaders play in Megan’s development?  Does the local church leadership know about the problems Megan is having with “those girls” OR did they find out on TV like the rest of the Country?  Who are these girls Megan is talking about and do they have blogs of their own expressing an opposite perspective?


OMJesus!  Standing in the middle aisle of the sanctuary is the oldest “Preacher’s Daughter” – Tori Elliot – in her high heels, thigh high – tight fitting purple dress with her hair down ready to #BringIt.

The scene shifts to Tori walking outside of the church, into the parking lot, and taking a seat on the curb. While her father is heard preaching in the background, we see Tori falling asleep sitting on the Church property curb.  She has just finished vomiting at church from a heavy night of drinking and is truly tired and in no shape to be outdoors, but why is she outdoors?  #More2Come

Coming to her side on the Church parking lot curb is her 16 year old sister – Courtney.  Courtney, in a reflective scene, states “She looks pitiful.  I hate to see my sister like this.  It makes me sad.”

Now before we go too far into Tori, I must remind us – she is a former Police Officer.  It could be that she is experiencing PTSD from the things she experienced on the job.  Obviously the job wasn’t beyond the scope of her intelligence or mental strength – she did have a badge and was issued a gun, but – there is something else looming within the troubled young lady that I am sure will come to light during forthcoming episodes.  #WaitAndSeeApproach

As the young Courtney requests to know what happened to Tori the previous night – the show reverts to footage from the night before.  Since Tori attends a Seventh Day Adventist Church it is safe to say her drinking and partying took place on Bourbon Street in New Orleans  Friday night during the “Sabbath”! #ThatIsAReligiousNoNo

At Church I am definitely extremely religious – then when I’m out in the streets I like to party and live it up!” states Tori.  #StudyChurchOfLaodicia

Again, concentrating on her actions is just too easy to comment on, so I will ask the questions to enhance the conversation.  What action in the opening scenes could have been described as “extremely religious”? Since she is 21 years old, should her parents STILL be DEMANDING her attendance at Church?  Are her parents handicapping her spiritual development by teaching her to ‘fake it at church’ and then silently co-sign her “living it up” in the streets?  Tori wasn’t in the streets alone, she appeared to be with other congregants – all drinking.  Where is the youth leadership and are they responsible for mentoring these young adults?  Lastly, does Tori understand that her beauty will diminish with every destructive act she promotes?  Although she is 21 years old, she still has the look of a teenager.  Maybe that’s what’s troubling her “character” – she appears much younger than her age.  #IJS

Due to article constraints, I will consider this the conclusion of Part II and will highlight daughters Kolby and Taylor in Part III.


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Um, exactly what constitutes “honest rape?” I thought rape was rape. Am I missing something? Is there dishonest rape? I remember a time when people thought former president Ronald Reagan was going to hit the switch to start World War III, but I think Ron Paul is a bigger threat than Ronald Reagan ever was.

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It’s very ironic that Ron Paul should state Dr. King was one of his heroes because one of those newsletters, published in December 1990, singled out Martin Luther King Jr. as “a world-class adulterer” and even accused the civil rights leader as having “seduced underage girls and boys” and “replaced the evil of forced segregation with the evil of forced integration.”

Here’s an excerpt from Ron Paul’s December 1990 newsletter:

He was also a comsymp, if not an actual party member, and the man who replaced the evil of forced segregation with the evil of forced integration.

King, the FBI files show, was not only a world-class adulterer, he also seduced underage girls and boys. The Re. Ralph David Abernathy revealed before his death that King had made a pass at him many years before.

And we are supposed to honor this “Christian minister” and lying socialist satyr with a holiday that puts him on a par with George Washington?

Congratulations to Arizona! Who could doubt that the result would be exactly the same if the other 49 states could also vote on a holiday for this affirmative-action saint?

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Food fight! Yeah Ron Paul might be dangerous for America but so is Newt Gingrich, who represents what we don’t want in a politician. If anything Ron Paul has been consistent on his positions, most of which are crazy, but he has been consistent. I hope Mitt Romney isn’t too pleased with his Iowa caucus win. It’s nothing to be proud about. In fact, he really lost big because he only eked out a win by eight votes. It clearly shows Republicans aren’t thrilled about him being their nominee to go up against Obama.

Newly Uncovered Videos, Letter Show GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Promoting Racist Newsletters

Newly Uncovered Videos, Letter Show GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul Promoting Racist Newsletters Earlier Than He Claimed to Have Known About Them.

I really didn’t plan to write about GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul, but his racist newsletters, but this is a hot mess that I just can’t ignore. I have always felt that Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul, are two wingnuts. As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Back to the issue of the newsletters — I am still amazed that this issue flew under the radar during the 2008 presidential campaign. He was a candidate, though, no-one really took him serious then, but the slate of Republican candidates is so bad that someone with connections to racist rhetoric is a front-runner in Iowa. That’s just bad and the Republicans ought to be worried.

Ron Paul seems to have forgotten that once a conversation is recorded, it’s out there for life. He has long denied having any knowledge of what was published in the racist newsletters sent in his name until 10 years ago, but newly resurfaced videos show him promoting those newsletters much earlier. This is all coming from the same person who wrote a letter in 1993 warning of a “coming race war.” If this is the best the Republican Party has to offer, a throwback to the dark days in America’s history, then they are in worst shape than we all thought.

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