Erika Ross Smith Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Golden State Warriors Guard Monta Ellis

Ex-Golden State Warriors employee Erika Ross Smith files sexual harassment lawsuit against star guard and team captain Monta Ellis over explicit text messages, team also named in the lawsuit.

Wizards v/s Warriors 03/02/11

Erika Ross Smith files sexual harassment lawsuit against Monta Ellis (Wikipedia)

Golden State Warriors guard and team captain Monta Ellis was sued by Erika Ross Smith, an ex-employee of the team, in a sexual harassment lawsuit, in which she alleges he sent her unwanted texts that included a photo of his genitals. The team is also named in Erika Ross Smith’s lawsuit.

In her lawsuit Erika Ross Smith alleges Ellis began sending her several dozen explicit messages, sometimes several times a day, starting in November 2010 through January while she worked for the team’s community relations department.

The messages included lines such as, ‘I want to be with you,’ and ‘Hey Sexy,’ and periodically asked her what she was wearing or doing, according to the lawsuit.

Ms Smith would often reply with ‘What do you want?’ or ‘I am sleeping,’ the lawsuit claims.

Her lawyer, Burt Boltuch, said at a news conference yesterday: ‘On a micro level, my client has endured unwanted harassment, has suffered and continues to suffer emotional distress and trauma’.

He added: ‘On a macro level, this type of conduct, especially in the sports world, must stop. She was embarrassed. She was intimidated. She felt scared and helpless.’ Source 

Erika Ross Smith Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Golden State Warriors Guard Monta Ellis

The team begs to differ with the lawsuit and her version of events, saying Erika Ross Smith and Monta Ellis had a consensual relationship. What I don’t get is the trauma part of this. Like that lawsuit filed against Patti LaBelle by Roseanna Monk, who claimed her daughter was traumatized over the singer arguing with her, I find that very hard to believe. Why didn’t Erika Ross Smith go to the police about the harassment? I am in no way trivializing what could have possibly happened to her, but it does seem a little far-fetched that she was traumatized over some text messages.

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Gloria Allred to Hold Press Conference with Ex-Boyfriend of Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek

The Note: Gloria Allred to hold press conference in Shreveport, Louisiana this afternoon at 2 p.m., with Dr. Victor Zuckerman, the ex-boyfriend of Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek. Just when you thought Gloria Cain was going to make a difference in vouching for her husband and saying he couldn’t be guilty of sexual harassment, Gloria Allred proves she won’t be outdone again.

Added to Sharon Bialek, Karen Kraushaar and the other two unnamed accusers, voter discontent with Herman Cain is taking root. According to a new Politico-George Washington University Battleground poll released today, shows Cain’s support inching down.

Atlanta PI TJ Ward Says Herman Cain Innocent of Sexual Harassment Claims Made by Sharon Bialek & Karen Kraushaar

Atlanta PI TJ Ward says Herman Cain innocent of sexual harassment claims made by Sharon Bialek & Karen Kraushaar because his software says so.

Atlanta private investigator TJ Ward says  presidential hopeful Herman Cain innocent of sexual harassment claims made by Sharon Bialek & Karen Kraushaar, along with two other unnamed women. Ward, who assisted in the Natalee Holloway investigation and came up empty, said he has software that’s better than a polygraph test — it can detect lies in people’s voices. Um, here’s someone who’s trying to promote his business.

If he is hiding something this thing would have spiked way down here,” said Ward.  “He is being truthful, totally truthful.  He is a man with integrity and he talked directly about not knowing any incident he is accused of.”

The software analyzes the stress level and other factors in your voice.  During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read “low risk.”  According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth.

During the section of Bialek’s news conference where she says, “He suddenly reached over put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head brought it towards his crotch.”

During the analysis of that section the software said “high risk statement.”  Ward said that means she is not  telling the truth about what happened.

“I don’t think she is fabricating her meetings,” said Ward.  But, she is fabricating what transpired.” Source

Ward told WSB-TV that after listening to Cain’s speech and doing the analysis, there is no doubt in his mind that the GOP presidential hopeful is telling the truth. This software has a 95 percent success rate and is reportedly being used by nearly 70 law enforcement agencies nationwide, WSB-TV said.

Herman Cain Defiant in Denial of Sexual Harassment Allegations Brought by Sharon Bailek, Karen Kraushaar

Herman Cain defiant in denial of sexual harassment allegations brought by Sharon Bailek, Karen Kraushaar and two other women.

Herman Cain Defiant in Denial of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Herman Cain’s press conference to address the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by four women — Karen Kraushaar, Sharon Bailek and two unnamed women — was like that Alaskan bridge to nowhere. Herman Cain didn’t present a compelling case to disprove the allegations of these women. If Sharon Bailek’s allegations about Cain upgrading her hotel room and taking her out for dinner/drinks are true, then I would love to know how he can explain being married and running around with another woman, who was many years younger than he. He seems to forget there should be records — employment records, credit card receipts, expense accounts and hotel receipts, despite it being a number of years ago.

Further, he said there may be more accusations coming. His specific words were: “There will probably be others – not because I am aware of any, but because the machine to keep a businessman out of the White House is going to be relentless,” Cain said. “If they continue to come, I will continue to respond.” Really? Are there more women out there who share a similar story? If you ask me, he did himself a great disservice by parading his attorney, Lin Wood, (represented John & Patsy Ramsey in the death of JonBenet Ramsey) on stage first, who attacked Gloria Allred, Sharon Bailek’s attorney. That will backfire. Gloria Allred, though I consider her to be an ambulance chaser, is a shrewd attorney.

He blamed the “Democratic machine,” for the scandal, though he had no proof that Democrats were behind this. He said, “The fact is, these anonymous allegations are false and now the Democrat machine in America has brought forth a troubled woman to make accusations.” He’s a moron for thinking the Democrats would go after him at this juncture. News flash Herman, the Democrats want you to be the Republican presidential candidate to meet Barack Obama in 2012. He would win a second term hands down.

As a woman, disparaging another woman because of her financial difficulties, is a low blow. Because Sharon Bailek has financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy protection twice, doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been sexually harassed. In case Herman Cain hasn’t noticed, there are millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet financially. Many, including some people with financial means, declare bankruptcy for various reasons. Herman Cain complicated things by attacking Sharon Bailek instead of telling us why he should be trusted and given a second chance. Bill Clinton was thrown under a freight train by the Republicans for his indiscretions. Well, we should hold Herman Cain to the same standards.

Herman Cain said he doesn’t know Sharon Bailek, but a picture of both of them, taken last year has purportedly surfaced. If that’s the case and the picture is authentic, then he lied. Um, wait, he doesn’t recollect. Herman Cain didn’t put this story behind him. He put it in front of him. He said the past presidents in the White House have kicked the can down the road.  So did he. He offered to take a lie detector test with caveats. We know that will never happen. He paraded his lawyer out there as though the alleged victims should be scared. I guess in closing, let me ask one question, when do baseless allegations result in a settlement or an agreement?

Karen Kraushaar Identified As First Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accuser

Karen Kraushaar, who is white, identified as Herman Cain’s first sexual harassment accuser, who issued statement through lawyer Joel Bennett saying the GOP presidential hopeful lied about his behavior.

Karen Kraushaar Identified As First Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accuser (Facebook)

Karen Kraushaar, 55, former journalist and government spokeswoman identified as Herman Cain’s first sexual harassment accuser, whose lawyer Joel Bennett said she had no desire to go public with her allegations. It is interesting to note that Ms. Kraushaar is the second white woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Cain vehemently states that these allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him are the result of a smear campaign, but Ms. Kraushaar’s friends beg to differ.

Karen Kraushaar and her husband, a Washington D.C. lobbyist, are Republicans, so Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and all the other conservative wingnuts can’t say the Democrats are behind this so-called “high-tech lynching” Herman Cain brought on himself.

But friends and family of one accuser say she is a principled and dedicated professional who was only trying to right a wrong no woman should suffer in the workplace.
Karen Kraushaar, a 55-year-old former journalist and seasoned government spokeswoman who served on the front lines of the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, is a competitive equestrian and lover of golden retrievers. She has been married for more than two decades.

“She wouldn’t be the type to make false allegations,” brother-in-law Ned Kraushaar, a Georgia software consultant, told The Daily. “This happened [more than] 10 years ago. It’s not like she wanted to try and hurt the Republican Party.”

Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she has held since last year. Source: The Daily

Karen Kraushaar served as a spokeswoman for the National Restaurant Association from 1998 to 1999. I would love to hear Herman Cain’s explanation about his connection with Karen Kraushaar and Sharon Bailek, as well as Donna Donella. All five of these women can’t be lying about his behavior. He claims his wife, Gloria Cain, says the person Ms. Bailek described during her press conference wasn’t her husband. Um, how would she really know, since he left her at home where he said she belonged?

Donna Donella Fifth Woman to Raise Questions Over Herman Cain’s Behavior

Donna Donella, becomes fifth woman to raise questions over Herman Cain’s behavior, saying he asked her to arrange dinner date with woman who attended 2002 speech in Egypt.

Herman Cain

Donna Donella Fifth Woman to Raise Questions Over Herman Cain's Behavior (Wikipedia)

Herman Cain reportedly asked Donna Donella, former USAID worker,  to set up a dinner date with a woman who attended a speech he gave in Egypt in 2002,  the Washington Examiner is reporting, but when she declined to do so, he allegedly said, “then you and I can have dinner.”

Donna Donella said she felt it was important to describe her encounter with Cain after hearing more serious allegations of sexual harassment brought by other women.

“I couldn’t swear that he had some untoward intentions, but we all thought his tone was suspect and we didn’t feel comfortable putting him in touch with that woman,” Donella recalled.

“I think [Cain] should not be a serious candidate for the presidential nomination because of what I’ve seen,” said Donella, an independent who said she voted for President Obama in 2008 and probably will again next year. “He’s not a person I would want running the country.” Source: Washington Examiner

This is a mess and it has taken an ugly turn, particularly since we can put names to some of the players involved. Yesterday Sharon Bialek leveled damaging accusations of sexual harassment against Cain and now we have another woman, Donna Donella, who felt his behavior was very suggestive. I am no fan of Gloria Allred, who I believe is an ambulance chaser of sorts, but I know she’s calculating, shrewd and wouldn’t pick a fight with Cain if she didn’t believe she had the ace in her pocket.

New Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accuser to Come Forward at Press Conference Called by Gloria Allred

New Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accuser to Come Forward at Press Conference Called by Gloria Allred.

New Herman Cain sexual harassment accuser to come forward at a 1:30 p.m. EST press conference called by victims’ rights attorney Gloria Allred. The woman will be the fourth accuser and the first to go public with her story. According to Radaronline, she  sought Cain’s help with an employment issue and was allegedly sexually harassed by him.  If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. This is beginning to look a lot like the Tiger Woods scandal. You know when Gloria Allred is involved, another lawsuit is coming. Sorry, but Gloria Allred represents victims who are seeking money. Plain and simple.

GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain’s Poll Numbers Dip After Sexual Harassment Allegations

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s poll numbers dip after sexual harassment allegations start swaying opinions of Republican voters.

GOP Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain's Poll Numbers Dip After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sexual harassment allegations brought against GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain by two female employees during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s have begun unravel his bid for the White House. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, the percentage of Republicans who view Cain favorably have dropped 9 percentage points to 57 percent from 66 percent a week ago. His campaign seriously bungled this whole issue and he continues to point fingers at everyone else except back at himself.

Among all registered voters, Cain’s favorability declined 5 percentage points, to 32 percent from 37 percent.

The survey represents the first evidence that sexual harassment claims dating from Cain’s time as head of the National Restaurant Association have taken a toll on his presidential campaign.

A majority of respondents, 53 percent, believe sexual harassment allegations against Cain are true despite his denials. Republicans were less likely to believe they are true, with 39 percent thinking they are accurate. Source

Herman Cain continues to be defensive about being asked questions related to the sexual harassment allegations. He can tap dance all he wants around the issue, it is going to be the death-knell to his presidential ambitions. I never considered him a viable contender for the White House. The manner in which he and his campaign handled this scandal is indicative of the deep-rooted level of naivete he possesses and speaks to his inability to tackle the tough problems confronting our country. It is also very telling that the NRA declined to endorse his candidacy. So, while he brags about the “real world” experience he got from his stint there, it seems that they aren’t so fond of him.

He and his right wing supporters — Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter — believe he is getting a “high-tech lynching,” though I fail to see how that is possible, given the true meaning of the word “lynching” and what it really meant for blacks during one of the darkest periods in American history, where black men, women and sometimes children, were hung from trees. It is an insult to every black person in this country for anyone to use the phrase “high-tech lynching” to describe the scandal engulfing Herman Cain’s campaign. Herman Cain should know better and shouldn’t even condone the use of such words, much less utter them himself.

Dr. Zulema Blair, Former Head of Medgar Evers College Public Admin Dept. Says Slanderous E-Mail Got Her Fired

Former head of Public Administration at Medgar Evers College, Dr. Zulema Blair, claims she was fired after anonymous e-mail sent to CUNY President calling her a “staff slut,” who had a student’s baby.

Former head of Public Administration at CUNY school Medgar Evers College, Dr. Zulema Blair, is demanding Yahoo release the identity of the person who sent described her as a “staff slut” accusing her of having a student’s baby, in an anonymous e-mail, which led to her termination. The e-mail was sent to CUNY president William Pollard and other administrators.

Two weeks after university bosses received the message, the 33-year-old’s tenure was revoked and she was later sacked. Dr Blair, a mother of two, told the New York Post she denies having an affair with a student and regards the e-mail as a ‘character assassination’. She said: ‘This e-mail is slander. It’s horrific, and I want whoever sent this out to be punished.’ According to the Post, the e-mail, sent from, read: ‘You can’t turn a whore into a housewife, but you can definitely turn one into a Dean.’ Source

Dr. Blair’s attorney has filed court papers in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding Yahoo give up the personal details behind the e-mail account so they can file a law suit against the sender, the article said.