british lawmakers slam donald trump retweeting britain first anti-muslim videos

British Lawmakers Slam Donald Trump for Retweeting Britain First Anti-Muslim Videos

British lawmakers slam Donald Trump after he retweeted anti-Muslim videos from extremist Britain First group, who was accused of being behind the murder of...
david lammy slams trump retweeting britain first group

British MP David Lammy Slams Donald Trump for Retweeting Far-Right Extremist Britain First Group

British MP David Lammy slams Donald Trump for retweeting far-right, racist and extremist Britain First group, specifically Jayda Fransen, one of the most despicable...
winston churchill's grandson daft twerp

Winston Churchill’s Grandson Calls Donald Trump a “Daft Twerp” Over Fake UK Crime Stats

Winston Churchill's grandson, Nicholas Soames, calls Donald Trump a "daft twerp" after he tweeted fake UK crime stats for a right-wing conspiracy network OANN. Trump...
donald trump humiliated by russian pm

Donald Trump Attacks Congress After Russian PM Medvedev Humiliates Him on Twitter

Donald Trump attacks the U.S. Congress one day after Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev publicly humiliated him on Twitter over his being forced to...
donald trump russian sanctions

Putin’s Puppet Donald Trump Attacks Congress Over Russian Sanctions

Putin's puppet, Donald Trump, attacked Congress over the Russian sanctions bill he was forced to sign, bemoaning the "all-time and very dangerous low" relationship...
trump blasts russian sanctions bill

LOL: Trump Blasts Russian Sanctions Bill He Signed Into Law as “Unconstitutional”

Donald Trump blasted the Russian sanctions bill he signed into law as "significantly flawed" and "unconstitutional." He signed the bill into law in secret...
donald trump signs russian sanctions bill

Twitter Reacts in the Best Way to News Donald Trump Signs Russian Sanctions Bill

Twitter reacts in the best way to news Donald Trump signs Russian sanctions bill that was veto-proof after it overwhelmingly passed in the House...
trump french president loves hold my hand

Donald Trump Goes Off the Deep End: French President “Loves Holding My Hand”

Donald Trump goes off the deep end during an interview with the New York Times (which he calls failing and fake news) saying that...
ivanka trump

DISGRACE: Handbag Designer Ivanka Trump Sits With World Leaders at G20 Summit

It is disgraceful that handbag designer Ivanka Trump, who was not elected and has ZERO experience on policy matters, sat at a table with...
donald trump gets played by vladimir putin

Donald Trump Gets Played By Vladimir Putin As He’s Humiliated on World Stage

Donald Trump was humiliated on the international stage at the G20 Summit as he got played by Russian President Vladimir Putin during their first meeting....

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