Reuben Lack Sues Alpharetta High School and Principal Shannon Kersey Over Gay Prom Pitch, Now Boys Varsity Coach Andy Clarke Gone, What’s Going On?

Reuben Lack Sues Alpharetta High School and Principal Shannon Kersey Over Gay Prom Pitch, Now Boys Varsity Coach Andy Clarke Gone, What's Going On?

Alpharetta High School is in the news today. First the former student body president Reuben Lack sued the Fulton County school district, Alpharetta High School principal Shannon Kersey and two others, alleging he was forced from his position because he sought to modify “Prom King” and “Prom Queen” to make it “Prom Court,” more open to gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual students.

The latest is that there is some rumbling in the Varsity soccer program and the head coach, Andy Clarke, is out. Alpharetta High School is a great school, but it has gotten some bad PR, with a fight between two students that is being litigated. There was also another fight recently and I was told a student was arrested. Principal Shannon Kersey is fairly new, but it seems that she can’t seem to run her school efficiently. I know she has no control over the soccer coach, but what kind of atmosphere is she creating that led to the federal lawsuit from Reuben Lack?

Here’s the letter I received from Coach Andy Clarke earlier today:

Dear Parents & Players,

This is a brief note to inform you that I have decided to resign my position as boys Varsity coach at AHS.

There was an incident that occurred at half time on Tuesday evening.  I felt I did not receive the necessary and appropriate follow up support from the school administration regarding this incident that I would’ve expected.

I want to thank you for your support, and I am disappointed that we can not complete the task that we had set out for the team.

All the best for the remainder of the season.


Andy Clarke

Full Disclosure: My son attends Alpharetta High School and is a player on the soccer team. I am a concerned parent, who wants answers, since there seems to be a pattern of missteps at the highest level of AHS administration.

Former Student Body President Reuben Lack Sues Alpharetta High After Being Yanked for Seeking to Change Prom Titles to Accommodate Same-Sex Couple

NEWSFLASH:  Former student body president Reuben Lack sues Alpharetta High School alleging he was yanked for asking to change titles of “Prom King & Queen” to “Prom Court,” “so same-sex couple could be elected.”

Former Student Body President Reuben Lack Sues Alpharetta HS After Being Yanked for Seeking to Change Prom Titles if Same-Sex Couple Elected

It’s a little ironic that the local media in metro Atlanta hasn’t really covered this in depth. Reuben Lack claims in a lawsuit that the high school stripped him of his office because he asked the Student Council to change the title of “Prom King and Queen” to “Prom Court,” “so that a same-sex couple could be elected,” if students voted for them. Um, donkeys will fly before any school in the Deep South welcomes a same-sex couple as Prom King-King or Prom Queen-Queen with open arms. I know he wants to exercise his rights, but what about the rights of those students who don’t share his beliefs? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for free speech and freedom of expression, within the confines of the law, but I have to wonder what the general consensus of the student body is in this matter and this isn’t about a student upset he didn’t get his way.

Reuben Lack sued the Fulton County School District, Alpharetta High School principal Shannon Kersey, and AHS Student Council advisers Emily Reiser and Michelle Were, in Federal Court.

Lack is a senior. He was elected in April 2011 as student body president for the 2011-12 academic year. “At the January 12, 2012, meeting of the student council, Lack introduced a resolution to modify AHS’s ‘Prom King and Queen’ tradition to make it inclusive to gay and lesbian students. Lack suggested a number of options, including changing the tradition simply to ‘Prom Court’ so that a same-sex couple could be elected,” the complaint states.

“Lack followed parliamentary procedure regarding the resolution, opening the floor to student debate about the issue. An extended debate about the issue occurred among the students. Werre, who was present as faculty advisor, interrupted the debate, and demanded that the topic be dropped. She instructed the students to cease discussing the topic, and dictated that the resolution would not be adopted, without any formal vote.


He claims his removal from office had “no legitimate education[al] purpose” and had “a chilling effect upon student expression in general.”  He seeks reinstatement to office, costs, damages for constitutional violations and emotional distress, and punitive damages “due to the intentional and outrageous nature of their actions”.He is represented by James Radford, of Decatur. The complaint does not elucidate how the school allegedly got access to Lack’s private email.  Source

What is the general consensus on this matter from the entire student body at Alpharetta High School? Rueben Lack, like many of our politicians, seem to think once they are elected, they can do as they please and push their agenda independent of what their constituents, or the student body in this case, wants? I know a bunch of kids who attend Alpharetta High School and I really have to take the time to get their take on this lawsuit and how they would feel about a same sex Prom Court. My guess is that some wouldn’t care, while some would.

I have a call in to the school to get the principal’s take on this lawsuit and what it means going forward. I suspect I will be referred to the Board of Education downtown, but what the heck, it’s worth a try.

Four Students Facing Charges in Westlake High School Beating of Another Student

Four students facing charges in Westlake High School beating of another student.

Four students are facing charges in the Westlake High School beating of another student, a junior, a spokesman for Fulton County schools said. This comes on the heels of another fight at Alpharetta High School, in Alpharetta, where a student hit another in the head with a racket, causing severe bleeding from his head. That case is still pending before a judge to determine if the students should be allowed to return to school.

The 16 year old Westlake student, who underwent surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, reportedly suffered a broken nose and jaw. The students involved in the fight — three freshmen and one sophomore — have been suspended and will be prosecuted for their roles in the fight. Shouldn’t the student at Alpharetta High School have been prosecuted as well?

A lawyer hired by the victim’s mother said the school didn’t do enough to protect the teen who was beaten.

“Why didn’t they call 911? ” the lawyer, Esther Panitch, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday after the boy emerged from surgery to insert a  metal plate into his jaw, which was wired shut. His mother did not want to be identified out of concern for her son’s safety.

Panitch said an administrator at the South Fulton school contacted the victim’s mother sometime after 1:08 p.m. Monday — nearly 40 minutes after the school said the brawl occurred. Source

Fights are nothing new in schools, but they seem increasing in severity — students being shot, stabbed and hit with things that can cause life-threatening injuries. It seems that some of our young people are heading down a dangerous path of certain destruction if they aren’t reined in. They are destructive and angry. The Westlake High School beating and the Alpharetta High School fight are sadly part of a growing trend in teen violence in many pockets across the U.S.