“Django Unchained” Actress Daniele Watts Handcuffed by Cops After Kissing White Boyfriend

daniele watts 350x194 Django Unchained Actress Daniele Watts Handcuffed by Cops After Kissing White Boyfriend

Django Unchained Actress Daniele Watts Handcuffed for Kissing White Boyfriend (Photo credit: Facebook)

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL:  Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was left in tears after she was handcuffed by cops because they mistook her for a prostitute because she kissed her white boyfriend, Brian James Lucas.

Watts, who played slave CoCo in the Oscar Award-winning film, posted the news of the incident on her Facebook page on Sept. 2. She said her arm was cut when she was handcuffed.

Watts claims she was ‘handcuffed and detained’ by police after being mistaken for a prostitute as she kissed her Lucas. The couple say they were kissing on a Hollywood street when police were called and they were asked to show their identification card but she refused.

Daniele Watts wrote on her Facebook page:  “Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.”

UPDATE: It seems that Daniele Watts and her boyfriend were making out. Witnesses said the two were having sex with the car door wide open. They beg to differ. It seems that we are getting closer to the truth. Here’s the transcript of Watts’ encounter with police:

Watts: (sobbing) I don’t understand how we live in a free country where I’m at a parking lot making out with my boyfriend and I get arrested just because somebody called the cops. I don’t understand how we live in a free country where cops can put you in handcuffs… for nothing.
Sgt. Parker: (speaking to someone in background) Stay here, I’d be careful… A little emotional.
Sgt. Parker (to Watts): What’s your first name? Why do you think you’re in handcuffs? Do you think we put you in handcuffs or you did?
Watts: I put myself in handcuffs?
Sgt. Parker: Who do you think put yourself in handcuffs? Who do you think put you in handcuffs?
Watts: I think that this officer right here put me handcuffs because…
Sgt. Parker No, I think you did the minute you left the scene.
Watts: Yes, because I was being treated as a criminal before I even did anything.
Sgt. Parker: I’m sorry, do you… do you see the gentleman here in handcuffs? Is the gentleman here in handcuffs before you? No, he’s not.
Watts: Do you think that I’m stupid?
Sgt. Parker: I don’t think you’re stupid at all
Watts: What’s your first name Officer Parker?
Sgt. Parker: My name is Sergeant Parker and that’s all you need to know.
Watts: Why do you need to know my first name but I don’t need to know your first name?
Sgt. Parker Because I need to identify you as a source of a radio call
Watts: So I think I’d like to identify you to my publicist, what’s your first name?
Sgt. Parker: Now you see why you’re in handcuffs?
Watts: Why because you’re afraid of the news getting out about you arresting someone who’s innocent, who was making out with her boyfriend?
Sgt. Parker: I’ve been on the news many times.
Watts: Awesome.
Second officer: Ma’am, I explained to you over there why you’re in handcuffs
Watrts: Because you asked me to turn around and face the wall and I did.
Second officer: When you left my supervisor when he told you stay…
Watts: Did he tell me to stay or did I say I am walking away and I was talking to my dad? Did you hear him tell me to stay here?
Sgt. Parker: You can’t walk away ma’am
Second officer: He didn’t say anything to you as you walked away…
Watts: You didn’t say anything to me as I was walking away.

Daniele Watts’ Facebook post:

Jay-Z’s Foundation Teams Up with State Department for College Study Abroad Program

jay z 350x242 Jay Zs Foundation Teams Up with State Department for College Study Abroad Program

Jay-Z’s Foundation Teams Up with State Department for College Study Abroad Program (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Rapper Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter and his mother, Gloria Carter, are doing some great things for young people through their foundation — The Shawn Carter Foundation. According to a recent press release from the U.S. Department of State, the foundation has increased its support for study abroad scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students with financial need through the State Department’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program.

Here’s more from the State Department:

The collaboration between the Shawn Carter Foundation and the Gilman Program supports the State Department’s goal of expanding opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds to study abroad and the foundation’s efforts to broaden the horizons of its scholars. Here are the recipients:

  • Merissa Anderson, a first-generation college student from Glenwood, Illinois, who is majoring in biology at Eastern Illinois University, studied in Beijing, China, this summer.
  • Jazmin Gonzalez, a first-generation college student from the Bronx, New York, studying history and Arabic languages and literature at Bard College, studied in Rabat, Morocco, this summer.
  • Clinton Langston Jr., a first-generation college student from the Bronx, New York, who is an arts student at City University of New York, Hostos Community College, studied in Paris, France, this summer.
  • Adrian Morris, a first-generation college student from Los Angeles, California, studying political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, studied in Madrid, Spain, this summer.
  • Elvia Ramirez-Vidal, a student from Washington, D.C., studying political science and Latin American/Caribbean studies at Temple University, studied in San Jose, Costa Rica, this summer.
  • Sydnee Leuellyn, a student from San Marcos, California, who studies sociology at California State University, San Marcos, will study in Johannesburg, South Africa, this fall.

I wish more celebrities were getting involved in causes such as helping students broaden their horizons. It will only help for a more competitive U.S. workforce. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Congrats to Jay-Z and Gloria Carter on this alliance!

Patti LaBelle’s Crab Cakes Coming to Your Grocery Store’s Frozen Section

patti labelle 1 350x258 Patti LaBelles Crab Cakes Coming to Your Grocery Stores Frozen Section

Patti LaBelle’s Crab Cakes Coming to Your Grocery Store’s Frozen Section

Entertainment legend Patti LaBelle is one busy woman. Not only is she signed to appear in five episodes of “American Horror Story,” she’s about to hit the frozen food section in a store near you. Patti is readying to launch her crab cakes, named, Patti Cakes, in grocery stores nationwide.

Patti’s line of sauces and marinades are currently being sold at Walmart, Kroger and several other supermarkets. Next on the agenda after the PattiCakes launch will be her foray into the restaurant business. Um, if Paula Deen can clog up the arteries of her fans, I am sure Patti LaBelle can find a market for her healthier-fare. She recently shared, “I’m opening some restaurants.”

Ms. LaBelle is also working on her first jazz album, slated to be released this fall.



Ex-Miss America Vanessa Williams Slapped with $369K IRS Tax Lien

vanessa williams tax lien 350x238 Ex Miss America Vanessa Williams Slapped with $369K IRS Tax Lien

Ex-Miss America Vanessa Williams Slapped with $369K IRS Tax Lien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vanessa Williams is the latest black celebrity to face IRS woes. The former Miss America was slapped with a tax lien from the Internal Revenue Service for nearly $370,000 in back taxes. Um, Vanessa, pay your taxes girl — look at Lauryn Hill and Wesley Snipes?

Here’s more from The Smoking Gun:

The 51-year-old performer is being dunned in connection with her 2011 personal tax return. The IRS is demanding $369,249.89 from Williams,according to a federal tax lien filed earlier this month.

The lien includes the address of a Manhattan-based accounting firm known for its representation of entertainers, including Williams, the former star of “Ugly Betty” and “Desperate Housewives.”

Williams, who lives in Chappaqua, a tony New York City suburb, was hit with the lien after failing to pay an IRS assessment that was issued in November 2012.

Mike Epps to Play Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels’ Upcoming Biopic

mike epps as richard pryor 350x196 Mike Epps to Play Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels Upcoming Biopic

Mike Epps to Play Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels’ Upcoming Biopic (Photo credit: Twitter)

Media queen Oprah Winfrey may have outed who will play Richard Pryor in Lee Daniels’ new biopic — Mike Epps. Daniels tweeted a picture of himself with Oprah Winfrey and Mike Epps, saying “Get ready y’all — #MikeEpps as #RichardPryor.

Winfrey posted a picture of the trio on Instagram giving a thumbs up! I believe Mike Epps has the personality to capture Richard Pryor in the biopic, more than Nick Cannon, whose name had been attached to the role.

Oprah Winfrey sent this tweet:

“Boondocks” Creator Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” Tops TV Ratings

black jesus 350x200 Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruders Black Jesus Tops TV Ratings

“Boondocks” Creator Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” Tops TV Ratings

Right wing evangelical heads must be exploding after learning that “Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” beat most television shows on Thursday. It raked in a solid 0.9 rating among adults 18 to 49 at 11 p.m., according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The weed-smoking “Black Jesus” topped ABC’s “Rookie Blue,” Fox “Gang Related,” NBC’s “Welcome to Sweden” and “Working the Engels.” The show also topped all orginal competition on cable TV for the day.

The premiere of “Black Jesus” was also very strong, with nearly two million viewers.

Compton-living “Black Jesus,” played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson, enraged many Christian groups because of the crass portrayal of Jesus Christ. While I found it offensive, there are more important things worth focusing on, rather than a television show.


Kevin Costner Says Hollywood Wouldn’t Finance “Black and White” Movie

kevin costner octavia spencer 350x242 Kevin Costner Says Hollywood Wouldnt Finance Black and White Movie

Kevin Costner Says Hollywood Wouldn’t Finance “Black and White” Movie (Treehouse Films/Sunlight Productions)

Actor Kevin Costner says Hollywood wouldn’t finance racially-charged “Black and White” movie, starring Oscar-Award winning Octavia Spencer. He made the revelation during a Q&A at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Boston.

More from The Wrap:

“I just thought it was an interesting movie … I can’t speak for why [no one would finance it]. I know a lot of people want to make to these big, giant movies and I understand … But I thought this movie is just as valid as those movies. So that’s why I made it,” Costner said.

The multi-hyphenate produced the racially-charged independent drama under his Treehouse banner, and screened it for about 200 journalists. Afterwards he was joined by his co-star, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (“The Help”), for a Q&A.

“It was really important for me to work with Kevin, who is a filmmaker. You learn by doing and you learn — I like to watch the best doing. So, I definitely wanted to be a part of it because of that,” Spencer said.

“Black and White” centers on attorney Elliot Anderson (Costner), who’s raising his biracial granddaughter Eloise with his wife. When his wife is killed in a car accident, the widower is drawn into a custody battle over the little girl, with her African-American grandmother Rowena (Spencer), who believes the child should be raised by her drug addicted, biological father.

Singer Chrisette Michele Quits “R&B Divas L.A.”

chrisette michele 350x266 Singer Chrisette Michele Quits R&B Divas L.A.

Singer Chrisette Michele Quits “R&B Divas L.A.” (Photo credit: Instagram)

Well, that was fast….”R&B Divas L.A.” newest castmember singer Chrisette Michele dropped out. Yes, she quit the show. Michele wasn’t feeling how she was being portrayed on reality television. She would have joined Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le, Lil Mo and newbie Leela James for the new season.

Chrisette Michele wrote on her Instagram page, “I don’t see myself doing reality TV again. I’ll hang out with my unicorn in Artist-ville.”

After the trainwreck called Kelly Price unleashed her diva-ish behavior last season, the thrill is gone for me.

“The Wire” Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed, Beaten at Washington DC Nightclub

anwan glover 350x218 The Wire Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed, Beaten at Washington DC Nightclub

“The Wire” Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed at Washington DC Nightclub (Credit: The Wire Wikia)

Anwan Glover, who is best known for his role in TV series “The Wire,” was stabbed and beaten at Cafe Asia, a Washington D.C. nightclub, early Sunday morning.

According to a police report, Anwan Glover reported that he was on the second floor of Cafe Asia, a restaurant at 1720 I Street NW, when an unknown person punched him. He turned to face his assailant, and another person hit him on the back of the head, causing him to slip on the wet floor.

Glover said that he was then kicked multiple times. He heard someone shout, “He has a knife,” and felt a sharp pain in his right side.

He was treated for a laceration on the right side of his torso at George Washington University Hospital. Source: Washington Post

Is a Reality Show Next for Legendary Entertainer Patti Labelle?

patti labelle 1 350x258 Is a Reality Show Next for Legendary Entertainer Patti Labelle?

Is a Reality Show Next for Entertainment Legend Patti LaBelle?

R&B legend Patti LaBelle has been busy with her rebranded line of sauces and marinades, now available in Wal-Mart stores. She even has crab cakes, PattiCakes, coming to freezer sections. Miss Patti is doing her thing. Yes, there’s life after music.

The “New Attitude” singer has been busy indeed and now there’s talk of a reality show.  LaBelle said, “there are people begging me for one now, and nothing’s impossible. I’ll be classy with whatever I do.” She joked, “I’m not going to be a hood rat.” That’s best left up to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast. We know, Miss Patti won’t go out like a Kardashian.

Patti LaBelle is a veteran in the entertainment industry, having a great recording career, her own sitcom, “Out All Night,” television special, making guest appearances on “A Diff’rent World,” and other sitcoms, as well as appearing in “A Soldier’s Story,” and “Five Heartbeats.” Her voice has graced many movie soundtracks such as “Beverly Hills Cops,” and James Bond’s “License to Kill.” She just wrapped up a stint on Broadway in “After Midnight.”

Patti LaBelle, the author of best-selling cookbooks and an autobiography, is getting ready to release her first jazz album. I really think she can compete with Rachel Ray and Paula Deen.