Kimberly A. Scott Identified as the Woman Shot at Juniata Church by Jeffrey Lee Michael Near Geeseytown PA

BLAIR COUNTY SHOOTING:  Kimberly A. Scott of Duncansville identified as the woman killed by Jeffrey Lee Michael at  Juniata Valley Gospel Church while she was decorating for a children’s Christmas party, Gawker reports. Michael reportedly shot her through the window of the church. He then left the scene, stopped at a driveway and killed two men before engaging in a shoot-out with state troopers, three of whom were injured.

According to WJAC-TV, investigators are processing five different crime scenes in Geeseytown, PA. This shooting spree occurred while the National Rifle Association was on television talking about the need for more guns on the streets and armed officers in every school, as well as blaming everyone under the sun for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre.

UPDATED#1 (12/22/12):  The two other victims have been identified as William Harrison Rhodes Jr., 38, and his father-in-law, Kenneth Lynn before state troopers killed him in a firefight.

BLAIR COUNTY SHOOTING: Four People Killed, Including Gunman, Three State Troopers Injured Outside Geeseytown

BLAIR COUNTY SHOOTING:  Four people killed, including gunman, three state troopers wounded, in shooting near Blair County, Pennsylvania. From WJAC-TV,  Courtney Brennan of WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh reported that three people are dead and five injured. The gunman reportedly believed to be among the dead. The shooting reportedly occurred on Juniata Valley Road, which is located outside Geeseytown.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, two other men and a woman also were killed, according to the Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio.

Altoona Mirror:  Two troopers were wounded during a shootout with the suspect, Consiglio said. One trooper was hit in his bulletproof vest and another was hit by flying glass when the gunman fired at his state police vehicle. A third trooper was injured in a crash involving the suspect, Consiglio said. Hollidaysburg Area School District schools, particularly Frankstown Elementary School, weren’t in a lockdown mode as a result of the shooting.

The woman was killed at the Juniata Valley Gospel Church, a nondenominational church outside of Geeseytown on Juniata Valley Road, sources told the Mirror. The shooter was reportedly mobile when the shooting occurred.

UPDATE#1:  The shooter has been identified as Jeffrey Lee Michael, 26, of Hollidaysburg, Pa. Read more:

UPDATE#2:  Kimberly A. Scott of Duncansville  identified as the woman killed by Jeffrey Lee Michael at  Juniata Valley Gospel Church while she was decorating for a children’s Christmas party.