Miguel Fuentes, Three Other Guardian Angels, Stabbed Trying to Stop Red Line Robbery on Chicago’s Near North Side

Guardian Angels

Miguel Fuentes, Three Other Guardian Angels, Stabbed Trying to Stop Red Line Robbery on Chicago's Near North Side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SHAME:  Four Guardian Angels were stabbed in Chicago trying to stop a robbery Tuesday night after seeing a man pistol-whip a rider on a Red Line train on the Near North Side, the Chicago Tribune reports. Thankfully, the four members of the volunteer patrol, , including local chapter leader Miguel Fuentes, suffered minor cuts during the confrontation, but it speaks to a bigger problem of crime in the city.

The Guardian Angels were on the platform, waiting to get on a train, when they spotted a man hitting a passenger and taking his iPhone 4S, police said. They intervened and a second man pulled a knife and cut three of the Guardian Angels on their arms and the fourth on the head, authorities said. The robbers ran off and grabbed a cab, police said.

Miguel Fuentes, the head of the local Guardian Angels chapter, said he had spotted one of the robbers standing suspiciously close behind the passenger on the northbound train.

“As the train’s pulling up, I noticed (the robber) hovering around (the victim) from behind. So the passenger had no clue,” Fuentes said hours after the attack left him with 17 stitches in his right arm.

As the train pulled to the stop, Fuentes said he saw the robber pull a handgun and hit the passenger from behind. “People get up, they start running. . .They’re screaming. The train still hadn’t made a complete stop,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes said he grabbed the robber’s arm as he was fleeing the train and tucking the pistol into his waistband. The robber managed pulled away and ran toward the turnstile, where the three other Guardian Angels were waiting. Source

Jesus take the wheel. These stories are neither popular or being covered by the mainstream media with any sense of urgency, but we will continue to shed light on the crime wave that is consuming this country in certain pockets.  The Guardian Angels volunteer security organization was founded by Curtis Sliwa.

Four Members of Guardian Angels, Founded by Curtis Sliwa, Stabbed in on Chicago's Near North Side (Wikipedia)

Background on the Guardian Angels:

In May 1977, Sliwa created the “Magnificent 13,” a group dedicated to combating violence and crime on the New York City subways. At the time, the city was experiencing a crime wave. The Magnificent 13 grew and was renamed the Guardian Angels. The group’s actions drew strong reactions, both positive and negative,[1]from the police, public officials, residents and the media. Throughout the early 1980s the group’s distinctive uniform, a military type red beret and white insignia t-shirt, became recognizable as the group grew and courted media attention.

In the early 1980s, he became active in Buffalo, New York and was often critical of local police policies and practices.[2] Sliwa continues to act as the President of the organization and oversees its worldwide operations. His wife, Mary, is Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. He frequently visits chapters throughout the world and graduates new chapters. As of 2011, Sliwa states that the Guardian Angels operate in nine countries and 82 cities around the world, with approximately 5,000 members. Sliwa went on to become a populist conservative radio talk show host. Source