Daniel Klaidman Claims War in White House After Eric Holder and David Axelrod Almost Traded Blows

Daniel Klaidman Claims War in White House After Eric Holder and David Axelrod Almost Traded Blows (Examiner)

War in the White House? U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had to be restrained by Valerie Jarrett after being accused by David Axelrod of complaining publicly about political interference in his office, according to a new book, ‘Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency,’ written by Daniel Klaidman, the Telegraph reports.

“That’s bullshit,” Mr Holder said in a confrontation after a cabinet meeting, according to author Daniel Klaidman. He writes: “The two men stood chest to chest. It was like a school yard fight”.

The relatively mild-mannered Mr Axelrod is said to have told the attorney general: “Don’t ever, ever accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the Justice Department”, a taboo in US politics.


He writes that Mr Holder and Mr Axelrod were separated by Valerie Jarrett, a White House adviser and confidante to Mr Obama. Ms Jarrett “pushed her way between the two men, her sense of decorum disturbed, ordering them to ‘take it out of the hallway’,” says Klaidman.

The argument is said to have erupted over attempts to add a political official to the staff of Mr Holder, who has presided over a handful of political and public relations blunders since taking office in 2009. Denying impropriety, Mr Axelrod, a hangdog 57-year-old veteran of Chicago politics, is said to have told Mr Holder: “I’m not Karl Rove”. Source

It has been one book after another claiming to know what really goes on in President Barack Obama’s head, starting with his childhood and leading up to his presidency.

NYT Jackie Calmes: Jacob Philadelphia Photo Touching Obama’s Head, “Potent Symbol for Blacks”

NYT Jackie Calmes: Jacob Philadelphia Photo Touching Obama's Head, "Potent Symbol for Blacks" (Pete Souza/The White House)

JACOB PHILADELPHIA PHOTO TOUCHING OBAMA’S HEAD:  Jacob Philadelphia was snapped by White House photographer in a pretty awesome shot of him touching President Obama’s head. Okay, so that was really cute, but for New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes to gush over this by saying, the photo shows “Mr. Obama remains a potent symbol for blacks, with a deep reservoir of support” and it’s an “indelible image,” is just plain ignorant. Um, can you say “photo op?” Obama embraces race at the most awkward times — when his friend Dr. Louis Henry Gates had a dust-up with Sgt. Crowley and with the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, FL, saying “my son would look like Trayvon.”

As skittish as White House aides often are in discussing race, they also clearly revel in the power of their boss’s example.


David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s longtime adviser, has a copy framed in his Chicago office. He said of Jacob, “Really, what he was saying is, ‘Gee, you’re just like me.’ And it doesn’t take a big leap to think that child could be thinking, ‘Maybe I could be here someday.’ This can be such a cynical business, and then there are moments like that that just remind you that it’s worth it.”

A copy of the photo hangs in the Philadelphia family’s living room with several others taken that day. Mr. Philadelphia, now in Afghanistan for the State Department, said: “It’s important for black children to see a black man as president. You can believe that any position is possible to achieve if you see a black person in it.” Source:  NY Times

Sorry, I don’t mean to come across as cynical, but this smacks of convenient public relations, since Obama has largely ignored the black community, but still expects blacks to vote for him in droves. How ironic that this photograph is suddenly being made public at this juncture. A rallying cry for the black community, right?

David Axelrod: Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of GOP Race Because He’s Unwilling to Make Faustian Bargains with Right

English: Democratic political consultant and c...

David Axelrod: Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of GOP Race Because He's Unwilling to Make Faustian Bargains with Right (Wikipedia)

David Axelrod says Jon Huntsman dropping out of GOP presidential race because he wouldn’t sell his soul. Axelrod says, “He was simply unwillingly to make the Faustian bargains with the Right that Romney has so willingly made,” Buzzfeed reports.

Jon Huntsman’s withdrawal may be a good thing for the Democrats because he appealed to moderate Republicans who don’t necessarily like Mitt Romney. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true because Mitt Romney isn’t an ultra conservative. He is more moderate, though he is masquerading as a conservative. Neither Jon Huntsman nor Mitt Romney appeal to the Tea Party.

Um, one problem David Axelrod, Jon Huntsman doesn’t want his supporters to rally behind President Barack Obama. He wants them to go with Mitt Romney, who he said, is the “candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama” despite his differences with Romney.

President Barack Obama Throws VP Joe Biden Under the Bus

VP Joe Biden has put his foot in his mouth again. His “there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong” quote is put straight to President Barack Obama during the White House press conference last night and he seemed to want to say: “Vice-President Who?”

As reporters started snickering, Obama came close to conceding that Biden was indeed a joke. “You know, I don’t remember exactly what Joe was referring to, not surprisingly.” I am still wondering, after all this time, what was the logic behind President Obama selecting Joe Biden, ‘gaffe machine extraordinaire, as his vice president.

President Obama went on to say that “I think what Joe may have been suggesting, although I wouldn’t ascribe any numerical percentage to any of this, is that given the magnitude of the challenges that we have, any single thing that we do is going to be part of the solution, not all of the solution.” Hello, Biden was saying nothing of the sort and Obama knew that, just like the rest of us.

Biden’s exact quote, which was read out by Faux News’ Major Garrett at the presser was: “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, if we stand up there and we really make the tough decisions, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong.” Joe Biden has loose lips, the kind that can do some serious damage. Folks, we should all get used to President Obama explaining “what Joe may have been suggesting.” Geez, I wonder if we have another Dan Quayle on our hands? Hmmm.