Emory Backtracks on Claims DeKalb Threatened to Cut Sewer Lines Over Ebola Patients

emory university hospital 450x337 Emory Backtracks on Claims DeKalb Threatened to Cut Sewer Lines Over Ebola Patients

DeKalb County Threatened to Cut Emory Sewer Lines Over Ebola Fears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EBOLA VIRUS: DeKalb County threatened to cut off the sewer lines to Emory University in August, when Ebola patients, Dr. Kent Brantly and mission worker Nancy Writebol, arrived at the hospital for treatment, the New York Times reports:

Federal health officials have offered repeated assurances that most American hospitals can safely treat Ebola, but Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, which had years of preparation for just such a crisis, found out how hard that is while it cared for three Ebola patients.

As doctors and nurses there worked to keep desperately ill patients alive in August, the county threatened to disconnect Emory from sewer lines if Ebola wastes went down the drain. The company that hauled medical trash to the incinerator refused to take anything used on an Ebola patient unless it was sterilized first. Couriers would not drive the patients’ blood samples a few blocks away for testing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And pizza places would not deliver to staff members in any part of the hospital.

This comes as the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll found a majority of Americans are concerned about the deadly virus:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they are concerned about an Ebola outbreak in the United States, and about the same amount say they want flight restrictions from the countries in West Africa where the disease has quickly spread.

A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News shows 67 percent of people say they would support restricting entry to the United States from countries struggling with Ebola. Another 91 percent would like to see stricter screening procedures at U.S. airports in response to the disease’s spread.

Ebola has entered the political fray. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is testing an Internet ad blaming the GOP-led budget cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies for a lack of preparation in a potential pandemic, while protecting tax breaks for special interests like big oil:

ebola in politics 450x182 Emory Backtracks on Claims DeKalb Threatened to Cut Sewer Lines Over Ebola Patients

Ebola enters politics as Democrats blame GOP for budget cuts to CDC

This comes as the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that Ebola epidemic could lead to failed states, BBC News reports. WHO chief Margaret Chan ssaid the outbreak, which has killed about 4,000 people in West Africa, has led to a “crisis for international peace and security.” She warned that the cost of panic is “spreading faster than the virus,” BBC News reports.

UPDATE # 10/14/14 5:09 P.M.:  Emory is backtracking on claims DeKalb County threatened to cut sewer lines over Ebola patients. Vincent Dollard, associate vice president of health science communication released the following statement to the Political Insider:

“Emory University Hospital has been treating patients with Ebola virus disease in its Serious Communicable Diseases Unit since August 2. During the early stages of this pioneering treatment of patients with Ebola virus disease in the United States, Emory established waste management protocols with local utilities and vendors, along with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Emory and DeKalb County did communicate about waste management. However, Emory was mistaken in saying that DeKalb County threatened to disconnect it from the sewer line.

“Emory used a large autoclave to sterilize medical waste so that it could be removed by its waste management vendor.

“Originally, couriers would not drive blood samples from Emory to CDC, but that was quickly resolved in discussions with CDC.

“And pizza delivery to the hospital was refused by at least one vendor early in the process.”

Democrats Bracing for Shellacking in Midterm Elections Due to Low Turnout

vote here 450x275 Democrats Bracing for Shellacking in Midterm Elections Due to Low Turnout

Democrats Bracing for Shellacking in Midterm Elections Due to Low Turnout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Democrats are bracing for a shellacking in the midterm elections due to low voter turnout. That’s exactly what the Republicans want — black and Hispanic voters to stay home. The Hill reports recent polls suggest that the turnout could be even lower than customary for midterm elections.

A Gallup poll last week found that voters are less engaged in this year’s midterms than they were in 2010 and 2006. Only 33 percent of respondents said they were giving at least “some” thought to the upcoming midterms, compared to 46 percent in 2010 and 42 percent in 2006. Even more troubling for Democrats, Republicans held a 12-point advantage  when those paying “some” attention were broken down by party.

Historically, the core Democratic constituencies of young people, minorities and single women are more likely to skip voting in midterm elections. The current projections suggest that months of effort by the Democratic Party to engage those groups on issues such as the minimum wage and women’s pay may have been in vain.


According to the nonpartisan Voter Participation Center, nearly 21 million fewer African Americans, Hispanics, unmarried women and young people voted in 2010 compared to 2008. That’s exactly the situation Democrats want to avoid this time around. Source: The Hill

It can’t help that President Obama’s approval rating is hovering around 39 percent due to all the real and perceived missteps that have dogged him in recent months. I guess you can say, the thrill is gone. This is all the more reason why vice president Joe Biden isn’t a credible 2016 presidential candidate.

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb Mulling 2016 Presidential Bid

jim webb 350x289 Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb Mulling 2016 Presidential Bid

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb Mulling 2016 Presidential Bid (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb (D) said he is “seriously” considering a 2016 presidential run. This could pose a problem for Hillary Clinton and her presidential aspirations. He will be a formidable challenger.

During an appearance at the National Press Club, Jim Webb said, “We’ve had a lot of discussions among people I respect and trust about the future of this country, and we’re going to continue to have these discussions over the next two to five months,” ABC News reports.

Webb, 68, said he is looking for a “support base” for a potential campaign. The decorated Marine Corps veteran, who served in the Senate from 2006-2012 and as Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration, recently conducted a three-day, 800-mile tour of Iowa, and has plans to visit New Hampshire in October.

Webb, who largely focused on foreign policy and the economy in his speech Tuesday, is seen as an intriguing challenger to presumptive Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

He’s an unabashed economic populist who in the 2007 Democratic State of the Union rebuttal said the health of the economy shouldn’t be measured “with the numbers that come out of Wall Street, but with the living conditions that exist on Main Street.”

“True fairness is not an impossible dream,” Webb said. “Those at the top have continued to separate themselves from the rest of our society.” Source: ABC News



Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Mulling 2016 Presidential Run

deval patrick 350x231 Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Mulling 2016 Presidential Run

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Mulling 2016 Presidential Run (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says “maybe” to a 2016 presidential run. During an interview on WCVB-TV’s political show “On The Record,” Patrick said, “There are a lot of people who have asked me to think about it.””I’m under no illusions. It’s a huge decision, not just for me but for my family,” he added.

Patrick acknowledged criticism of his eight years in office from the three Democratic candidates hoping to succeed him during a live debate aired on WCVB on Wednesday.

But as if he’s preparing for a possible presidential run, Patrick was quick to list what he considers to be his political legacy.

“Look there are always challenges,” said Patrick. “I will say that after having managed the commonwealth through the worst economic downturn in living history and through a terrorist attack, being first in the nation in education, health care coverage and veterans’ services and clean tech and so forth, that’s a pretty good management record.”

Patrick also explained why he made an exception in his usual policy of not endorsing candidates in a Democratic primary when he endorsed Warren Tolman over Maura Healey for attorney general Thursday. Source: WCVB-TV

The last time someone from Massachusetts ran for the White House (Ahem–Mr. 47%), hey came up short. I am not sure how I feel about Deval Patrick going up against Hillary Clinton. But hey, Barack Obama did it and he won.


GA Democratic Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn Gets Boost from Carole King

michelle nunn1 350x233 GA Democratic Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn Gets Boost from Carole King

GA Democratic Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn Gets Boost from Carole King (Photo credit: MichelleNunn.com)

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn’s campaign is getting a boost from singer Carole King. The singer/songwriter is in Atlanta to host a fundraiser and do some charity work on Nunn’s behalf.

Of course, the Republicans couldn’t wait to pounce, noting her background as an environmental activist. Yep, they are trying to make her out as a climate change nutjob. SMH.

This comes as the Democrats are aiming to ratchet up their pressure on Gov. Nathan Deal over his ethics problems and the issue of his executive orders being taken offline. To be fair, some have reappeared after his office got such negative publicity over the matter. Makes one wonder what else is Gov. Deal hiding.


Democrats Boost Fundraising On House GOP Bid to Impeach President Obama

democrats republicans 350x192 Democrats Boost Fundraising On House GOP Bid to Impeach President Obama

Democrats Boost Fundraising On House GOP Bid to Impeach President Obama (Photo credit: Donkey Hotey)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe collected a record $2.1 million in online donations over the weekend in the best 4-day receipt of the current election cycle, the Washington Post reports. They fundraised off members of the Republican Party who are pushing to impeach President Obama. The impeachment charge is being led by half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

More from the Washington Post:

Democrats have consistently used impeachment — a prospect that has been floated by several prominent conservatives but has not been embraced by most of the Republican establishment — to fill their campaign coffers, and their polling has shown that fear of an impeachment attempt as well as the House GOP’s efforts to sue Obama have the potential to drive midterm voter turnout on the left.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has brought in more than 114,000 donations since Thursday, when the House Rules Committee voted to go forward with a lawsuit contesting Obama’s use of executive action. Some Democrats have suggested that the lawsuit is a temporary stand-in for impeachment proceedings, and the online haul was spurred in part by nine e-mail fundraising pitches that directly mentioned the prospect of a GOP attempt to pursue impeachment.

“Grassroots Democrats across the country see Republican leaders in the House refusing to rule out impeaching the President even as they vote to use taxpayer funds to sue him,” DCCC Chairman Steve Israel told The Washington Post in a written statement Monday. “It’s no surprise that there’s outrage at this dramatic partisan overreach by an historically unpopular Republican Congress.”

So, while people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are sqawking for impeaching and suing President Obama, Americans are saying no to such moves.

Poll: Majority of Democrats Support a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

hillary clinton 12 350x210 Poll: Majority of Democrats Support a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

Poll: Majority of Democrats Support a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

A newly released CNN/ORC International polll finds that most Democrats would support Hillary Clinton if she wins the party’s nomination, but the survey indicates only a small number of respondents are excited about her candidacy.

Here are the key points from the survey CNN: 

 According to the survey, 63% of Democrats and independents who lean toward the party said they’d most likely support Clinton as the nominee.

That’s virtually unchanged from CNN’s May poll, but down from the seven in 10 Democrats who in February said that they’d back the former secretary of state, senator and first lady.

Forty-one percent of Democrats questioned said they’d be enthusiastic if Clinton wins the nomination, with 42% saying they’d be satisfied. One in 10 said they’d be dissatisfied, and 5% said they’d be upset.

“There are big differences between liberal and moderate Democrats that indicate that a primary challenger who runs to the right of Clinton may get more traction than a progressive challenger would,” adds Holland.

“Fifty percent of liberal Democrats say they would be enthusiastic about Clinton winning the nomination, but only 36% of moderate Democrats feel the same way.

“Nearly three-quarters of liberals pick Clinton over her hypothetical opponents. Among moderate Democrats, that figure dropped to 58%,” he added.

Gallup Poll: More Young Voters Lean Towards Democratic Party

democratic party 1 350x340 Gallup Poll: More Young Voters Lean Towards Democratic Party

Gallup Poll: More Young Voters Lean Towards Democratic Party

A new Gallup poll finds that “young adults, those between the ages of 18 and 29, have typically aligned themselves with the Democratic Party, but they have become substantially more likely to do so since 2006.”


“From 1993 to 2003, 47% of 18- to 29-year-olds, on average, identified as Democrats or said they were independents but leaned to the Democratic Party, while 42% were Republicans or Republican leaners. That time span included two years in which young adults tilted Republican, 1994 and 1995, when Republicans won control of Congress. Since 2006, the average gap in favor of the Democratic Party among young adults has been 18 percentage points, 54% to 36%.”


 Gallup Poll: More Young Voters Lean Towards Democratic Party

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley Preparing for Presidential Bid

martin omalley 300x217 Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley Preparing for Presidential Bid

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley Preparing for Presidential Bid (Credit: Getty Images)

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton may have competition. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is reportedly preparing for a 2016 presidential bid.


In some of his most extensive comments to date on his aspirations, O’Malley (D) said he has been meeting with foreign- and domestic-policy experts privately to flesh out his thinking about “a better way forward for our country.” And he said that he would make a good president “for these times especially.”

“I have a great deal of respect for Hillary Clinton,” O’Malley said. “But for my own part, I have a responsibility to prepare and to address the things that I feel a responsibility to address. . . . To squander this important period of preparation because of horse-race concerns and handicapping concerns is just not a very productive use of energy. . . . Right now, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing — the thought work and the preparation work.” Source: Washington Post

Democrats Jumping Ship Over President Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Obamacare Debacle

president obama 11 300x214 Democrats Jumping Ship Over President Obamas Mission Accomplished Obamacare Debacle

Democrats Jumping Ship Over President Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Obamacare Debacle

So much for hope and change. The love-affair we came to have with President Obama is dissipating quickly, thanks to the Obamacare website fiasco. Many are calling this President Obama’s Katrina. From a historical perspective, second terms are never great for presidents. Just look at his predecessor, George W. Bush and the public relations trainwreck called “Mission Accomplished,” only all hell broke loose after that publicity stunt. The Obamacare rollout undermines President Obama’s credibility, on so many levels. I want him to succeed because this country will succeed, but I can’t understand how he could run two stellar presidential campaigns, using technology to his advantage, and only to be dogged by a faulty website and people losing coverage. I guess this is his “Mission Accomplished” nightmare.

It’s a sad commentary that top Democrats like Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton, three years before the presidential election. Sounds a lot like George W. Bush and his toxicity during his second term. I will admit, nowadays when I hear President Obama talking about Obamacare and the website, I tend to tune him out. Damage already done in my mind, but I still support the Democrats because the Republican Party is a hotbed of racial insensitivity, anti-middle class, anti-poor, anti-immigration reform, anti-women, anti-gay. It’s time for President Obama to wake up and get to work. The Democrats are jumping ship and that is playing into the Republican Party narrative, as the reverse was true leading up to the 2008 elections. Over 30 Democrats sided with the Republicans on the “Keep Your Health Plan” Act. That’s bad.

Clearly Obamacare isn’t comparable to the Iraqi war, pushed by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, on a lie. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. President Obama’s intent for universal healthcare for all Americans is a noble intent, but unfortunately, it has become President Obama’s Iraq war. This threatens his presidency and his legacy.

President Obama is  wearing his quote that if people were happy with their current plans they could keep them like a top hat. The same way former president George H. W. Bush wears the same hat for telling the country “read my lips, no new taxes.” I can remember watching Barack Obama making his acceptance speech in 2008 after becoming the first black President of the United States. I beamed with joy as the tears rolled down my face. I thought for sure we had truly overcome some of the stubborn barriers that still dogged us as a country. But with three years left in his second terms, Barack Obama’s presidency seem to be working as well as the Obamacare website.

He has become a punching bag and a punch line over the Obamacare fiasco. While I scoff at the comparisons between the levees breaking and the calamity that ensued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Obamacare, I will concede one point — George W. Bush bungled his handling of the disaster as much as President Obama bungled Obamacare. If you add the National Security Agency’s surveillance scandal to this latest debacle, I can’t understand why President Obama has fired anyone yet? He’s not leading as he did when we got 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. He’s leading from behind. He can’t rebuild his image with the same people at the Health and Human Services Department in tow. Unless the Obamacare website gets fixed by the end of the month, some Democrats may actually start calling for a repeal of the law, National Journal reports.

I won’t count President Obama out yet, but it’s troubling to me that what began as a honorable vision for affordable health care for all Americans has suddenly become an enormous joke, threatening the very things he promised — hope and change you can believe in. No. Mission not accomplished yet.