‘Dog’ says he doesn’t want to forget racial slur

Of course Dog the Bounty Hunter wants us all to forget his use of the “N” word in a call recorded by his own son, Tucker.

My position on this is that people are always sorry when they get caught. The bottom line is that Dog wouldn’t have apologized if his entire career wasn’t on the line.

A the end of the day I’m not gonna loose sleep over this another piece of trash that probably still uses the “N” word in private:

“HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNN) — It’s been more than a year since a racial slur threatened to end the television career of Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman. But the incident still weighs heavily on his mind.

A&E briefly suspended his top-rated reality show in late 2007, and his reputation was on the line.

Now, with his show back on the air and at the top of the network’s ratings list, Chapman insists that he does not want the controversy to be forgotten.

“They said, ‘It’ll pass,’ and I said to the guy, ‘You know what? I won’t let it.’ “

Chapman, 56, spoke candidly about accusations of racism on a recent windy Saturday afternoon on the sidelines of 8-year-old son Garry’s baseball game.

It was his other son, Tucker, who recorded a profanity-laced conversation with his father and reportedly sold the recording — which included Chapman repeatedly using the “n-word” — to the National Enquirer in 2007.

Some African-American leaders called for the cancellation of his show.

Chapman said he was advised to lay low for several weeks, but he refused.” Source: CNN

Memorial service set for slain 8-year-old girl

Memorial Services for Sandra Cantu have been set for today. My heart still goes out to her family. I cannot imagine what they must be going through right now.

I can only hope that seeing justice done will help to ease their pain, although it won’t bring little Sandra back.

The woman accused of this heinous act deserves to die for it. It’s just that simple:

“CNN) — Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu will be remembered at a memorial service Thursday in the central California community where she lived and was later found dead.

The girl, who police say died at the hands of a Sunday school teacher, was last seen alive March 27 in the mobile home park where she lived with her family in Tracy, California. Police found her body April 6, stuffed into a suitcase and submerged in a pond at a dairy farm in the area.

Police arrested Melissa Huckaby, 28, and charged her with killing and raping Sandra, who was a friend of her 5-year-old daughter. She faces charges of murder, kidnapping, the performance of a lewd and lascivious act on a child under 14, and rape by instrument.

Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher at Clover Road Baptist Church, lived in the nearby mobile home park that Sandra’s family lived in.

If convicted, Huckaby would face the death penalty or life in prison without parole, San Joaquin County District Attorney James Willett said this week.

The service for Sandra is scheduled for 4 p.m. ET at a high school in Tracy. ” Source: CNN

Mom stages kidnapping to get money from ex, feds say

It seems that people will stoop to the lowest of lows in order to get money. Apparently Alejandra Arriaza heard that her ex-husband had come into a large sum of money, so she decide to stage the kidnapping of her and her 17 year-old son!

First of all, when so many things could go wrong with these types of setups, why would you risk the life of your child for a few bucks?

“MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — A mother and her teenage son are kidnapped. The kidnappers place a cell phone in the car of the boy’s father so they can communicate their ransom demands. The son is burned with a blowtorch. The mother implores the father to pay the ransom.

A terrifying scenario, but one that the FBI and police say was all orchestrated by the mother to get some fast cash from her ex-husband.

The mother, Alejandra Arriaza, her boyfriend, Angel Ponce, and his nephew, Joel Boza, were charged Tuesday with federal kidnapping counts. If convicted, they could be sentenced to life in prison.

According to an FBI affidavit, all three have admitted their roles in the phony kidnapping.” Source: CNN

Sandra Cantu, child found in submerged luggage may have been raped

In another development in the Sandra Cantu murder, authorities say that the child may have also been raped before being murdered:
“(CNN) — A Sunday school teacher accused of killing a Tracy, California girl may also have raped the 8-year-old, authorities say.

Melissa Huckaby, expected to be arraigned Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET in the death of Sandra Cantu, will face additional charges, including rape, police told CNN.

“When she was booked, she was booked on charges of kidnapping and murder,” Tracy Police Sgt. Tony Sheneman said on “Larry King Live” on Monday night. “And we’re informed by the district attorney that she’ll be charged with abduction, murder, rape with a foreign object and lewd and lascivious acts with a child.”

Sandra’s body was found April 6, stuffed into a suitcase and submerged in a pond at a dairy farm. Huckaby, also of Tracy, California, was arrested on April 10 after questioning by police.

Sandra was last seen alive March 27 in the mobile home park where she lived with her family — the same mobile home park where Huckaby lives with her own 5-year-old daughter. The two children were close friends and played together frequently, police said.” Source: CNN

Ark. Senate OKs ban on sale of toy guns that look real

I remember when I was a kid growing up in the Eighties, there never seemed to be an issue with kids playing with toy guns. Even the local convenience store sold those little cap guns. However, people have become increasingly concerned about kids playing with toy guns.

Most of the outcries are the result of accidental shootings involving kids shooting other kids. However, an increasing number of children have been shot by the police while yielding these toy guns.

Thanks to my friend, Sean, I’ve learned how Arkansas is attempting to do something about this:

“LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas’ Senate has approved a ban on the sale of realistic-looking toy guns after stripping from the title the name of a West Memphis boy fatally shot by police.

By a 20-6 vote, the Senate approved the measure to prohibit the sale of play guns that are designed to look like the real thing. Sen. Tracy Steele, the bill’s Senate sponsor, said the measure merely mirrors what’s already in federal law.

The House had approved the measure, which was originally named the DeAunta Farrow Imitation Firearms Act, after the West Memphis boy who was fatally shot by a police officer who said the boy was holding a gun. But the bill’s sponsor agreed to remove the boy’s name from the bill after complaints from the family, who dispute police accounts that DeAunta was holding a toy weapon.

The boy was shot to death in 2007 and a civil lawsuit is pending.” Source: KSMF

David ‘Pop’ Winans, patriarch of gospel family, dies

The patriarch of the famous Winans gospel family, David ‘Pop’ Winans passed away todayin Nashville, Tennessee.Pop Winans is the father of gospel superstars The Winans, Marvin Winans, BeBe Winans, CeCe Winans. Our prayers go out to the family in the time of theie bereavement:

“David ‘Pop’ Winans Sr., died today in Nashville with his wife at his side. Funeral details have not been released. Read more about what is known at Tennessean.com

Winans suffered from numerous heart ailments as reported on Gospelrama late last year.” Source: Baltimore Sun

Sentencing a 14-year old to life without parole: Do you know who Quantel Lotts is?

Quantel Lotts is a 23 year-old man who was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole in the accidental killing of his stepbrother when he was only 14:
“Lotts, who was sentenced to life without parole when he was 14 years old — one of the very few people in the world to get such a punishment. […]

A group called Equal Justice is fighting to get Lotts’ sentence changed, calling it a case of cruel and unusual punishment. Even Charles Manson gets a shot at parole, CNN notes.” Source: Crime Scene Kansas City

First of all I cannot understand how on earth it could ever be justifiable to send a 14 year-old child to prison for the rest of his life with no parole!

This case is yet another example of how the justice system unfairly treats minorities. If Quantel was named Johnny, and didn’t have dark skin, would he have seen the same fate? I think not!

I am glad that the group, Equal Justice is fighting on behalf of Quantel and other youth like him:

“Lotts is one of at least 73 U.S. inmates — most of them minorities — who were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison for crimes committed when they were 13 or 14, according to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit organization in Alabama that defends indigent defendants and prisoners.

The 73 are just a fraction of the more than 2,000 offenders serving life sentences for crimes they committed as minors under the age of 18.” Source: Broken Spectrum of the World-Delivered

‘House’ actor Kal Penn explains shocking decision to leave the series for Obama Administration

It seems that FOX’s House actor, Kal Penn has caught the Obama bug and has left the series for a job in the White House.

We told you how the Intenet was buzzing after the season finale in which Penn’s character commits suicide. Thank goodness the real life actor appears to have a much brighter future:

“The demise of Penn’s character cleared the way for the actor to move on to another ‘House,’ the White House.

Penn, 31, will be an associate director for the Obama administration’s Office of Public Liaison.

‘It seemed like something I would enjoy doing,’ Penn said. ‘I figured it was something to do.’

He’s not retiring from acting, just pursuing a longtime desire for public service that was rekindled when he campaigned for Barack Obama’s election, Penn said.” Source: CNN

Honors student leaves doctor’s office, disappears

This may seem like a cold case, but if this were your family member, wouldn’t you want people to care what happened?

Something definitely sounds fishy about this case where young Cleashindra Hall left her job at a doctor’s home and was never seen again. Apparently the police did not immediately search the home of this doctor, leaving the possibility that valuable evidence could have been removed:

“NEW YORK (CNN) — Cleashindra Hall was 18 and in the most exciting time of her life when she disappeared in May 1994, a week after her senior prom. Cleashindra Hall was two weeks shy of her high school graduation when she disappeared.

She had spent hours preparing for the prom, choosing the perfect dress and getting her hair and nails done. She was an honor roll student and would give the commencement speech at her high school graduation in two weeks. Hall wanted to be a pediatrician and was looking forward to attending Tennessee State University to study pre-medicine.

But all that came to an abrupt halt after 8:30 p.m. May 9, 1994, when she left her after-school job at the home office of Dr. Larry Amos in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was the last time she was seen.

She usually called home when finished work, and one of her parents would pick her up. She spoke to her mother on the phone just after 8 p.m. Her mother expected her to call again soon for a ride home. She never did.

Police urge anyone with more information regarding the whereabouts of Cleashindra Hall to call the tip line at 870-543-5111. More than $10,000 in reward money is offered.” Source: CNN