White House Criticizes Fox News and Glenn Beck For Deliberate Misrepresentation of President Obama’s Push for 2016 Summer Olympics

Glenn Beck has once again went on a crazy rant with all his facts wrong. Even the official White House blog had to call this idiot out on his tirade about President Obama’s push to bring the Olympics to Chicago. Online Programs Director Jesse Lee called Beck out and Fox News, or as I like to call them Faux News, for deliberately ignoring the facts “in an attempt to smear the Administration’s efforts to win the Olympics for the United States.” The White House blog post went out to highlight what it deemed as misleading rhetoric on the President’s Olympics efforts:

RHETORIC: BECK SAID VANCOUVER LOST $1 BILLION WHEN IT “HAD THE OLYMPICS.” Glenn Beck said, “Vancouver lost, how much was it? they lost a billion dollars when they had the Olympics.” [Transcript, Glenn Beck Show, 9/29/09]

REALITY: VANCOUVER’S OLYMPICS WILL NOT TAKE PLACE UNTIL 2010. Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games from February 12 – 28, 2010 and March 12-21, 2010, respectively. [Vancouver2010.com, accessed 9/29/09]

Am I to assume that Glenn Beck cannot understand what he reads? There’s a big difference between 2009 and 2010. The White House’s sharp criticism of Fox News and Beck ends with the statement, “For even more Fox lies, check out the latest “Truth-O-Meter feature from Politifact,” linking to another deliberate misrepresentation by Fox News’ of President Obama and the endeavors of his administration.

Dissed By President Obama, Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calls White House "Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I’ve Ever Seen" (VIDEO)

Last night, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show to complain about President Obama’s decision to skip Fox News when he embarks on a media blitz on Sunday to push health care reform. POTUS will appear on Al Punto, a public affairs show on Univision instead of Fox News. In case the right wing hasn’t noticed, the Hispanic community, which is growing in leaps and bounds, is commanding a lot of attention, and rightly so.

Wait, wasn’t Chris Wallace the same person who accused the Obama administration of “childishness,” saying: “They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.” So, Chris, what’s the problem now that the President has dissed you the way Fox News continues to diss him?

It’s time for a reality check Fox News. The President doesn’t have to take what you are dishing up — unfair and unbalanced views and news.

President Obama Ignores Fox News in Five Show Sunday Media Blitz, To Appear on Univision’s Public Affairs Show Al Punto Instead

By now you must have heard that President Barack Obama will appear on five Sunday shows this Sunday. That is very notable, but there’s another important first concerning his Sunday blitz. The five shows he will appear on are:

  • CBS’ Face the Nation
  • NBC’s Meet the Press
  • ABC’s This Week
  • CNN’s State of the Union
  • Univision’s Al Punto

This isn’t the first time that Presidents have appeared on Univision: President Clinton appeared on Univision five times, President George W. Bush was on six times, and Obama has done a few interviews with the network as well. What’s remarkable is the fact that Al Punto is in the line-up and Fox News, or Faux News as I like to call them, isn’t. Sorry, but they deserve to be blown-off by the White House. More significantly is the fact that, according to Univision’s corporate communications, Al Punto (531,000) does far better than Fox News (417,000) in the all-important 18-49 demographic and it often beats CBS’ Face the Nation in that demographic as well.

Of course, some Rethuglicans are in a tizzy over the President’s decision to ignore Fox News. They are crying like babies that President Obama is unfair.

Joe “You Lie!” Wilson, who was reprimanded this week by the House for his outburst at Obama last week, said that by excluding Fox, the president was not being fair. “If people are going to be on the Sunday talk shows, they should be on all of them,” Wilson said.

Rep. Pete Sessions (Texas), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told The Hill that Obama has “handpicked” his audience. “I think that Fox News would ask some realistic questions that members of Congress are asked and the American public is asking. And he’s the one who’s choosing not to take part in that,” Sessions said on Wednesday.

Wait. Once again Joe “You Lie” Wilson is being his usual hypocritical self. You see,incidentally, he appeared on “Fox News Sunday” last week, but not on any of the other Sunday shows. The president has made a wise move to appear on the more popular show.