Mitt Romney’s Top Donors Back Ex-FL Gov. Jeb Bush for 2016 Presidential Election

jeb bush 350x231 Mitt Romneys Top Donors Back Ex FL Gov. Jeb Bush for 2016 Presidential Election

Mitt Romney’s Top Donors Back Ex-FL Gov. Jeb Bush for 2016 Presidential Election (Credit: White House Archives)

Opinion:  It’s beginning to look like we could have another Bush running for the White House in the 2016 presidential elections. The ghost of George W. Bush will rear its ugly head and to the Democrats’ benefit. Let’s not forget that Jeb Bush was the one who signed Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground legislation into law.

The Washington Post reports, “Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor Jeb Bush to run in the 2016 presidential race, courting him and his intimates and starting talks on fundraising strategy.”

“Concerned that the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal has damaged New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) political standing and alarmed by the steady rise of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), prominent donors, conservative leaders and longtime operatives say they consider Bush the GOP’s brightest hope to win back the White House.”

It’s interesting to note:  ”Many if not most of Mitt Romney’s major donors are reaching out to Bush and his confidants with phone calls, e-mails and invitations to meet, according to interviews with 30 senior Republicans. One bundler estimated that the ‘vast majority’ of Romney’s top 100 donors would back Bush in a competitive nomination fight.”

All I can say to a Jeb Bush presidential candidacy is no….just no!

 Mitt Romneys Top Donors Back Ex FL Gov. Jeb Bush for 2016 Presidential Election

Alex Robinson, Kansas School Distrit Safety Officer, Arrested for Molesting 3 Boys

alex robinson 300x168 Alex Robinson, Kansas School Distrit Safety Officer, Arrested for Molesting 3 Boys

Alex Robinson, Kansas School Distrit Safety Officer, Arrested for Molesting 3 Boys

Alex Robinson, a Wichita school district safety supervisor was  arrested on Wednesday and charged with multiple counts of unlawful sexual contact with minors, who were in his care.

The former Kansas police officer, who was honored by George W. Bush with a President’s Volunteer Service Award for his work with the Boys and Girls Club, is accused of molesting three boys between the ages of 11 and 14.

Alex Robinson has been charged with two counts of criminal sodomy, three counts of aggravated indecent liberties, two counts of indecent liberties with a child and one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

Robinson has been placed on paid administrative leave from his $75,790 job, pending the outcome of the case. He was also asked to resign from the board of Real Men, Real Heroes, which is a not-for-profit organization that works with at-risk youths.

Bush Defense Secretary Robert Gates Defends Obama’s Handling of Crimean Invasion

robert gates1 300x219 Bush Defense Secretary Robert Gates Defends Obamas Handling of Crimean Invasion

Bush Defense Secretary Robert Gates Defends Obama Handling of Crimean Invasion

Former president George W. Bush Defense Secretary Robert Gates defended President Obama’s handling of the Crimean invasion and his weekend golf outing on “Fox News Sunday.” Gates pushed back at conservatives who blamed President Obama’s “weak” foreign policy for Russian President Vladimir Putin being emboldened to invade Ukraine’s Crimean region.

Robert Gates also dismissed arguments that President Obama’s handling of the Syrian conflict or his efforts to reduce the defense budget gave Putin impetus to invade Crimea. He argued that Putin also invaded Georgia during the George W. Bush administration.

Gates said, My own view is, after all, Putin invaded Georgia when George W. Bush was president. Nobody ever accused George W. Bush of being weak or unwilling to use military force.” He added, “So, I think Putin is very opportunistic in these areas. I think that even if, even if we had launched attacks in Syria, even if we weren’t cutting our defense budget, I think Putin saw an opportunity here in Crimea and he has seized it.” #BOOM

You will recall Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said President Obama is “weak” and “invites aggression.” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said, “Putin is playing chess and I think we’re playing marbles” and that Russia is “running circle around us.” Sen. John McCain also called President Obama weak.

Robert Gates also dismissed criticism of President Obama being on vacation as the Crimean crisis intensifies. He told Chris Wallace, “I’ve seen this happen year after year, president after president. President takes a day or two off and plays golf. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a President Obama or the first President Bush going fishing. I think you’ve got to give these guys a little time off, you know, mostly they are working 20 hours a day.”

Robert Gates also predicted that Russia will continue to control Crimea for the foreseeable future.

Robert Gates Blames Controversy Over Book on Washington’s Partisan Culture

robert gates1 204x300 Robert Gates Blames Controversy Over Book on Washingtons Partisan Culture

Robert Gates Blames Controversy Over Book on Washington’s Partisan Culture

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates defended his book on Sunday during an appearance on  CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” blaming the controversy over criticizing a sitting president on the ‘partisan culture in Washington’ that was quick to focus on the negative statements. He said they are less interested in the positive marks he gave President Barack Obama. I would venture to say the first person who made it partisan was ROBERT GATES. #robertgates, #ijs

Robert Gates said he stands by everything he wrote in his book, entitled “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.” He said, ”The way people are looking at the book reflects the polarization of our political process at this point. A lot of people – not everybody — (are) going to look at this book in terms of how does it advance (their) particular political agenda, or how does it damage (their) political agenda.”

Robert Gates, who is a Republican, was appointed secretary of state by former President George W. Bush in 2006 and was asked to stay on by President Obama. He left the position in 2011. Looking back, I would say that was a big mistake. You see, Gates was on the front lines of pushing this country into an unnecessary war in Iraq, on a lie, no less.

Gates wrote that President Obama lost faith in his own Afghanistan policy and detailed a conversation in which then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Obama that she opposed the 2007 Iraq surge as a senator because she was facing Obama in the Democratic presidential primary.

Edward Snowden Declares Mission Accomplished Over NSA Surveillance Leaks, Really?

nsa prism whistleblower edward snowden3 300x186 Edward Snowden Declares Mission Accomplished Over NSA Surveillance Leaks, Really?

Will Edward Snowden’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Over NSA Leaks Turn Into a PR Fiasco?

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is beating his chest, saying “mission accomplished” after he stole millions of classified surveillance documents and fled to Hong Kong. Um, the last time we heard ‘mission accomplished’ all hell broke loose in the aftermath. Remember former president George W. Bush landing on the aircraft carrier saying “Mission Accomplished” for the Iraqi war? Thousands of soldiers and Iraqi civilians died after that public relations fiasco.

He may have ‘won’ but he’s living off ramen noodles and chips in an arctic hellhole. Good luck to him as he relishes in his so-called victory. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty things to be upset with the NSA about its reckless invasion of privacy, but had he been a “Deep Throat” kind of guy, I would have more respect for him. He’s nothing but a traitor, only too happy to go to the country that will give him political asylum to thrash his country some more.

Here are five takeaways from Edward Snowden’s interview with the Washington Post:

1. His mission is ‘already accomplished’

Snowden told the Washington Post’s Barton Gellman in Moscow, “For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished. I already won. As soon as the journalists were able to work, everything that I had been trying to do was validated. Because, remember, I didn’t want to change society. I wanted to give society a chance to determine if it should change itself.”

“All I wanted was for the public to be able to have a say in how they are governed,” Snowden said. “That is a milestone we left a long time ago. Right now, all we are looking at are stretch goals.”

2. He deems himself ‘an indoor cat’

Gellman said during his 14 hours of conversation with Snowden, he didn’t “part the curtains or step outside” at any time. Snowden describes his life as that of an “indoor cat.” He said he doesn’t drink alcohol and lives off ramen noodles and chips, as he continues to elude the U.S. government’s attempts to bring him back to face espionage and theft of government property charges.

Snowden said, “It has always been really difficult to get me to leave the house. I just don’t have a lot of needs. . . . Occasionally there’s things to go do, things to go see, people to meet, tasks to accomplish. But it’s really got to be goal-oriented, you know. Otherwise, as long as I can sit down and think and write and talk to somebody, that’s more meaningful to me than going out and looking at landmarks.”

3. He claimes to have raised flags before going public

Edward Snowden said there were other people working at the NSA who had misgivings about the agency’s surveillance activities. He also claims he raised his concerns to colleagues and superiors in the NSA Technology Directorate and the NSA Threat Operations Center’s regional base in Hawaii.

Snowden told the Post that his coworkers were often “astonished to learn we are collecting more in the United States on Americans than we are on Russians in Russia.” So, where are the superiors to who he voiced his concern? How about getting their side of the story?

Snowden says that because he did report his misgivings to NSA superiors, he didn’t circumvent the agency’s internal channels of disagreement. The NSA told the Washington Post that it had “not found any evidence to support Mr. Snowden’s contention that he brought these matters to anyone’s attention.”

4. He was ‘elected’ by the intelligence community’s overseers 

Snowden told Gellman he had no choice but to go public because the U.S. government left him no choice, with the barrage of criticism from the Obama administration and members of Congress. He was asked why he felt entitled to bring the NSA’s intrusive activities to the public’s attention. He responded that ”That whole question — who elected you? — inverts the model. They elected me. The overseers.”

Singling out the chairmen of the Senate and House intelligence committees, Dianne Feinstein and Mike Rogers, both of whom have been very critical of his actions, saying ”It wasn’t that they put it on me as an individual — that I’m uniquely qualified, an angel descending from the heavens — as that they put it on someone, somewhere. You have the capability, and you realize every other (person) sitting around the table has the same capability but they don’t do it. So somebody has to be the first.”

He claims that his aim was not to bring down the NSA but to improve it. Snowden said, “I am still working for the NSA right now. They are the only ones who don’t realize it.”

So, I am guessing that implicating other countries doesn’t count for anything in Edward Snowden’s eyes.

5. Personal attacks don’t faze him

Edward Snowden maintains that he has shrugged off personal attacks, saying, “Let them say what they want about me. It’s not about me.” He said “There’s no evidence at all for the claim that I have loyalties to Russia or China or any country other than the United States. I have no relationship with the Russian government. I have not entered into any agreements with them.”He added, “If I defected at all, I defected from the government to the public.”

To sum it up, a patriot doesn’t run away to Communist countries. He stands his ground and takes his licks, like Daniel Ellsberg. What if George Washington had run away to France and allowed those he led into battle to fight alone? What if the civil rights leaders had run to Europe after starting their fight for racial equality and justice? His actions doesn’t change the fact that he sought refuge in a country where people are being locked up for speaking out against Vladimir Putin and the totalitarian government. Here’s to fine dining on ramen noodles and chips…..

National Security Council statement on Edward Snowden: ‘Mr. Snowden faces felony charges here in the United States and should be returned to the US as soon as possible, where he will be afforded due process and all the protections of our criminal justice system’ – @NBCNews

DNI Document Dump as White House Tries to Block Federal Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Programs

nsa agency bugged eu offices 300x150 DNI Document Dump as White House Tries to Block Federal Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Programs

DNI Document Dump as White House Tries to Block Federal Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Programs

The Director of National Intelligence released a statement (news dump) announcing the declassification of the existence of collection activities authorized by former president George W. Bush shortly after the 9/11/01 terror attacks. Um, I guess this will put a stop the those on the right blaming President Obama for the surveillance nightmare caused by the NSA. We have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to thank for this invasion of privacy.

Still, I believe President Obama only gave lip service to reforming NSA. Why am I deeming President Obama’s statements lip service? According to the New York Times, the Obama administration moved Friday to prevent a federal judge in California from ruling on the constitutionality of the warrantless surveillance programs authorized during the Bush administration. The court was told that recent disclosures about the National Security Agency spying were not enough to undermine its claim that litigating the case would jeopardize state secrets, the NY Times reports.

Starting on October 4, 2001, President Bush authorized the Secretary of Defense to employ the capabilities of the Department of Defense, including the National Security Agency (“NSA”), to collect foreign intelligence by electronic surveillance in order to detect and prevent acts of terrorism within the United States.  President Bush authorized NSA to collect: (1) the contents of certain international communications, a program that was later referred to as the Terrorist Surveillance Program (“TSP”), and (2) telephony and Internet non-content information (referred to as “metadata”) in bulk, subject to various conditions.

President Bush issued authorizations approximately every 30-60 days.  Although the precise terms changed over time, each presidential authorization required the minimization of information collected concerning American citizens to the extent consistent with the effective accomplishment of the mission of detection and prevention of acts of terrorism within the United States.  NSA also applied additional internal constraints on the presidentially-authorized activities.

Over time, the presidentially-authorized activities transitioned to the authority of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”).  The collection of communications content pursuant to presidential authorization ended in January 2007 when the U.S. Government transitioned the TSP to the authority of the FISA and under the orders of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (“FISC”).  In August 2007, Congress enacted the Protect America Act (“PAA”) as a temporary measure.  The PAA, which expired in February 2008, was replaced by the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which was enacted in July 2008 and remains in effect.  Today, content collection is conducted pursuant to section 702 of FISA.  The metadata activities also were transitioned to orders of the FISC.  The bulk collection of telephony metadata transitioned to the authority of the FISA in May 2006 and is collected pursuant to section 501 of FISA.  The bulk collection of Internet metadata was transitioned to the authority of the FISA in July 2004 and was collected pursuant to section 402 of FISA.  In December 2011, the U.S. Government decided to not seek reauthorization of the bulk collection of Internet metadata.

After President Bush acknowledged the TSP in December 2005, two still-pending suits were filed in the Northern District of California against the United States and U.S. Government officials challenging alleged NSA activities authorized by President Bush after 9/11.  In response the U.S. Government, through classified and unclassified declarations by the DNI and NSA, asserted the state secrets privilege and the DNI’s authority under the National Security Act to protect intelligence sources and methods.   Following the unauthorized and unlawful release of classified information about the Section 215 and Section 702 programs in June 2013, the Court directed the U.S. Government to explain the impact of declassification decisions since June 2013 on the national security issues in the case, as reflected in the U.S. Government’s state secrets privilege assertion.  The Court also ordered the U.S. Government to review for declassification all prior classified state secrets privilege and sources and methods declarations in the litigation, and to file redacted, unclassified versions of those documents with the Court.

The eight previously classified DNI declarations and classified NSA declarations that were filed in support of the U.S. Government’s prior assertions of the state secrets privilege and sources and methods privilege in this litigation are posted on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence website and, the public website dedicated to fostering greater public visibility into the intelligence activities of the U.S. Government.  Some information has been redacted from the declarations to protect information that remains properly classified for national security reasons and because of the great harm to national security if disclosed.  The unclassified DNI and NSA declarations filed with the Court yesterday are also posted.

 DNI Document Dump as White House Tries to Block Federal Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Programs

Bill Maher on US Syria Policy: We Don’t Look Like “World’s Policeman But More Like George Zimmerman”

bill maher 223x300 Bill Maher on US Syria Policy: We Dont Look Like Worlds Policeman But More Like George Zimmerman

Bill Maher on US Syria Policy: We Don’t Look Like “World’s Policeman But More Like George Zimmerman” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Maher slammed the U.S. for its Syria policy saying “we’re starting to look not so much like the world’s policeman, but more like George Zimmerman, itching to use force and then pretending it’s because we had no choice.” Dang, that’s pretty deep, but so true and President Obama looks a whole lot like his predecessor.

During his final New Rule Friday night, with reference to the U.S. being on the verge of bombing another Middle Eastern country, he said, “America must stop asking, why do they hate us?” He added that “we have to stop bombing Muslim countries if we ever want to feel safe from terrorism in our own.”

Maher asked, “How did we inherit this moral obligation to bring justice to the world via death from above?” “It doesn’t make any sense. Our schools are crumbling and we want to teach everyone else a lesson.”


George W. Bush On March on Washington Anniversary: “Our Journey to Justice Not Complete”

martin luther king jr 300x300 George W. Bush On March on Washington Anniversary: Our Journey to Justice Not Complete

George W. Bush On March on Washington Anniversary: “Our Journey to Justice Not Complete”

Former president George W. Bush said “Laura and I are proud to join our fellow Americans in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech’; “our journey to justice is not complete,” NBC News reports.

Statement by President George W Bush: ‘Dr. King was on this Earth just 39 years, but the ideals that guided his life of conscience and purpose are eternal. Honoring him requires the commitment of every one of us. There’s still a need for every American to help hasten the day when Dr. King’s vision is made real in every community – when what truly matters is not the color of a person’s skin, but the content of their character.’ – @NBCNews

George W. Bush’s Daughter: Hillary Clinton Should Run for President

barbara bush1 George W. Bushs Daughter:  Hillary Clinton Should Run for President

George W. Bush’s Daughter: Hillary Clinton Should Run for President (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara Bush, 31, wants Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 elections. Interesting.

[She] called Clinton “unbelievably accomplished” in an upcoming interview with People magazine, saying she wants to see the former first lady mount a campaign.

The former Republican president’s daughter said that her respect for Clinton wouldn’t necessarily mean she would vote for the former secretary of state, however.

“I don’t know who she’d be running against,” said Bush, who is politically unaffiliated but supports gay marriage.

Oliver Stone: Edward Snowden a Hero, Blasts Obama Bush-Style Eavesdropping Techniques

oliver stone Oliver Stone: Edward Snowden a Hero, Blasts Obama Bush Style Eavesdropping Techniques

Oliver Stone: Edward Snowden a Hero, Blasts Obama Bush-Style Eavesdropping Techniques (Wikipedia)

Director Oliver Stone blasted President Obama saying, he’s more “concerned with hunting down Snowden than reforming these George Bush-style eavesdropping techniques.” Stone made the comments during a press conference at the Thermal Hotel in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. He lauded NSA leaker Edward Snowden as a “hero” and said the rest of the “world should stand up to the United States and offer asylum” to him, The Wrap reports:

“To me, Snowden is a hero, because he revealed secrets that we should all know, that the United States has repeatedly violated the Fourth Amendment.” Stone said. “He should be welcomed, and offered asylum, but he has no place to hide because every country is intimidated by the United States.

“This should not be. This is what’s wrong with the world today, and it’s very important that the world recognizes and gives asylum to Snowden. Everyone in the world is impacted by the United States’ Big Brother attitude toward the world.”

“The United States is the dominant power in the universe, with its eavesdropping abilities, cyber abilities … It’s what they call in the Pentagon ‘full spectrum dominance.’

“And the world is in danger with our tyranny.”