Report: Gloria Cain Wants Husband Herman Cain to Quit Presidential Race

Report: Gloria Cain wants husband Herman Cain to quit presidential race, angry her life has been turned upside down with allegations of sexual harassment & 13 year extramarital affair.

The  Daily Beast is reporting that sources close to the Herman Cain campaign are saying that Gloria Cain “wants her husband to leave the race and has no desire to do additional interviews about their marriage or the constant accusations. They describe a woman angry that her life has been turned upside down by her husband’s need for attention and power by any means.”

Dang, is Gloria Cain about to pull a Vanessa Long on her husband? You will recall Herman Cain hasn’t seen his wife face-t0-face since Ginger White dropped a bombshell that she had been his jump-off in a 13-year adulterous relationship.

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Herman Cain Hasn’t Seen Wife Since Ginger White Adultery Scandal Broke

Herman Cain hasn’t seen wife, Gloria Cain, since Ginger White adultery scandal broke, says he expects to see her in person on Friday.

Herman Cain hasn’t seen his wife, Gloria Cain, and his family to discuss the allegations of Ginger White that the two carried on a 13 year consensual affair. Um, if you love your wife so much, wouldn’t you drop everything and go home to address the problem, considering it could have far-reaching ramifications for your marriage? Cain said he had only spoken to his wife by telephone and expects to see her in person on Friday. Yeah, I hope he has a good explanation for why he was sending text messages to Ginger White in the wee hours of the morning and as recent as last month.

Cain’s attorney Lin Wood sent a letter to Ms. White’s attorney seeking her cell phone records. Um, why couldn’t they go directly to the phone carrier and subpoena the records? Do they honestly believe this woman doctored all those records? Why not get the records for their trips and lavish gifts from Herman Cain? Mr. Wood, start with the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead. I guess we should expect to hear from T.J. Ward as well.

He professes his undying commitment and love for Gloria Cain and his deep commitment to family. Well, this is a family crisis and it needed to be addressed in person the day they got wind of Ginger White and the possibility she would start talking. This proves once again Herman Cain doesn’t know what his priorities are and how to get things done. Sorry, this isn’t the change we can believe in from a GOP presidential hopeful. Family first, politics and job second. Herman Cain doesn’t get that. Wait, how could I forget, he has a lot of things “twirling around in his head.” Well, next…..

UPDATE #1 (12/01/11 8:40 P.M.):  Well, what do you know, Gloria Cain didn’t know anything about Ginger White until she broke her story earlier this week. Mrs. Cain had no idea her husband was helping another woman financially. Wow, I’d love to have a front row seat to his meeting with his wife Friday. That should be very interesting. Herman Cain also told the New Hampshire Union Leader that he was considering dropping out of the race, but was continuing with campaign obligations for now. So, here’s my question, if Mrs. Cain had no knowledge of Ginger White, couldn’t the same hold true for Karen Kraushaar and Sharon Bialek? Also, couldn’t the argument be made that she didn’t have a clue what her husband was doing when he was traveling? Seems she was a stay-at-home Mom in more ways than one. No matter how you view this, Herman Cain will become our next president when donkeys fly. In other words, NEVER.

UPDATE#2 (12/01/11 9:12 p.m.): Piers Morgan just called Herman Cain’s attorney Lin Wood naive for saying his client doesn’t have to discuss his personal life in the media and it should have no bearing on his decision to run for the presidency. Um, really? Lin Wood is just as crazy as Herman Cain. He’s blaming the media for the mess Herman Cain is in. How many men give money to another woman behind their wives back freely with no strings attached? Seems to me like Lin Wood also has some crazy stuff twirling around in his head.

Gloria Cain Speaks, Says Herman Cain Would Have to Have Split Personality in Sexual Harassment Allegations

Herman Cain’s wife, Gloria Cain speaks. Of the sexual harassment scandal engulfing her husband’s campaign Cain said, “I’m thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said.”  She sat down with Fox News Greta Van Susteren to bare her soul about this magnificent man she is married to and was with him psychically so she can vouch for his activities every second of the day. The interview will air Monday night on Van Susteren’s show. How come these people only go to Greta Van Susteren, who certainly isn’t the best on Fox News?

The fact that Gloria Cain speaks, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m not convinced, especially since we have seen this MO before — Hillary Clinton went to bat for Bill Clinton; Maria Shriver went to bat for Arnold Schwarzenegger; Jackie Kennedy went to bat for John F. Kennedy and the list goes on and on. It’s he-said, she-said. There is no blue dress to prove the allegations really occurred, but that doesn’t mean Herman Cain wasn’t a player. What else do they expect this woman to say? Much like T.J. Ward and his voice analysis software coming to Cain’s rescue.

Herman Cain’s Wife, Gloria Cain, Missing from Book Tour, Says He "Wants to Keep Her Alive to Hold Bible" at Swearing In

Herman Cain’s wife, Gloria Cain, conspicuously missing from campaign trail, AKA book tour, says he “wants to keep her alive so she can hold the Bible when they swear me in,” when donkeys fly.

Herman & Gloria Cain

Unlike Mitt Romney and Rick Perry’s wives, Ann Romney & Anita Perry, we haven’t seen or heard peep out of “black AmericanHerman Cain’s wife, Gloria. His excuse on “Meet the Press” when asked about her noticeable absence is that “My wife and I, we have a family life, and she is maintaining the calmness and the tranquility of that family life.” Um really Herman? Since he’s the GOP presidential “front-runner,” though we are not clear on his message or why he should be taken serious by American voters as a viable candidate, we would expect to see his wife a few times on the campaign trail. Wait, did I say campaign trail? I meant to say his book tour.

What family life? Aren’t Herman Cain’s kids grown? He said he expects she’ll make an appearance with him around Thanksgiving. Er, that’s a long time in politics and he may fall out of favor with the American people, especially if he keeps cracking so-called jokes like the electrified border fence he promised to stem illegal immigration on the U.S-Mexico border. Cain also said “campaigns can be grueling, and I like my wife. I want to keep her alive so she can hold that Bible when they swear me in a president.” That would be when donkeys fly, but keep dreaming. That was another poor joke, but let’s keep counting. They are bound to continue adding up.

So who is Gloria Cain? The two were wed June 1968 and have two kids — Vincent and Melanie. They met while he attended Morehouse College and she, nee Gloria Etchison, was a freshman at Morris Brown. Mrs. Cain has spent most of her life as a homemaker, a role which her husband has defended. Nothing wrong with that, but we have gotten used to some tough first ladies in recent years, such as Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. Mrs. Cain wouldn’t be the traditional politician’s wife. He bragged about her Southern cooking in his book — fork-tender roast, collard greens, green beans, candied yams, hand-shucked corn and homemade cornbread. Wow, this sounds a little like Aunt Jemima to me. Surely there must be more to Mrs. Cain than cooking! Could it be she’s being the submissive wife like Michele Bachmann talks about in her relationship with Marcus Bachmann?

You see, I can understand Newt Gingrich keeping his third wife, Callista Gingrich, who looks like she has more plastic in her than a Tonka truck, off the campaign trail, since she is a reminder of their six year adulterous relationship while he was married to his second wide. That also occurred during a time when he also pressed for the impeachment of then-president Bill Clinton over his adulterous relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky. Talk about hypocrisy. Plus, there was that dust-up with their humongous line of credit at Tiffany’s. Who would really want to see Newt’s wife? I wish he would keep her at home instead of parading her around like they are in such a committed relationship. Puhleeze!