Michele Bachmann Suspends Presidential Campaign After Last Place Finish in Iowa

“Iron Lady” Michele Bachmann couldn’t really match up to Britain’s true Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher after all. She is suspending her presidential campaign. Let me echo Miss Sophia’s classic line in the movie, “The Color Purple,” “thay is a God, thay is a God.” Good riddance.

The National Journal is also reporting that Michele Bachmann has ended her presidential run. I must admit, I will miss hearing her stretch the truth one speech at a time or during the debates. Next to Sarah Palin, I would have to place my money on Sarah. She has more brains that Michele Bachmann. That says a lot.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Minnesota lawmaker, a favorite of the tea party wing of the party and a harsh critic of President Obama, realized after her sixth-place finish in Iowa’s caucuses that “there was no viable way forward.” By suspending her campaign, Bachmann is effectively dropping out. Source: National Journal

Michele Bachmann says, “I have decided to stand aside,” as she bows out of the presidential race. Her speech was all about Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Well, what else did we expect her to say? If anything, it’s clear that she is no “Iron Lady.”

CNN Projects Ron Paul to Finish Third in Iowa Caucus, Newt Gingrich Fourth

CNN projects Ron Paul will come in 3rd in Iowa, with Newt Gingrich in fourth place and Rick Perry in fifth place. With Michele Bachmann coming in sixth place, I wonder if she will get the message that no-one takes her serious.

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are battling it out for the first and second spots. Personally, Mitt Romney isn’t that GOP presidential candidate the Republicans are really looking for. If a weak and largely ineffective one-time senator Rick Santorum could be giving him a run for his money, with little cash in his coffers, Mitt Romney has a lot to worry about. He’s no shoo-in for the nomination. Still, I think he will manage to eke out a win.

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Rick Santorum References 17th Amendment’s Cloture Provision in “Curious Closing Argument” in Polk City, IA

A divisive Rick Santorum references the 17th Amendment cloture provision in a “curious closing argument” in Polk City, Ia., also says President Obama more divisive than Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan never left the White House on Christmas, which was not true.

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

Rick Santorum References 17th Amendment's Cloture Provision in "Curious Closing Argument" in Polk City, IA (Wikipedia)

Rick Santorum is rising eyebrows again with comments on the campaign trail. During a stop in Polk City, Ia., he said, “I’m not disagreeing with the 17th Amendment,” but added that obscure 1913 provision that established the direct election of senators had the side effect of creating “ something called cloture,” the Dana Milbank wrote in the Washington Post. What’s amazing to me is that the room got quiet, but those Iowans who were present when he “singled out blacks” who rely on entitlement programs, it was business as usual, even though the vast majority of those Iowans who are on welfare are white.

It is painfully obvious that if this is the crap that emanates from the lips of Rick Santorum, he won’t be a top tier candidate for long. His game is shady and shaky at the same time. Why bring up a century-old legislative procedure at this juncture? The “Santorum Surge” will abate when he starts to get serious media scrutiny. He was too close to the Washington process, as was Newt Gingrich, to be considered for the “new” Washington he talks about creating. This “Santorum Surge” has little to do with Rick Santorum and more to do with the voters not sure about which candidate to get behind and all the negative advertising blanketing the airwaves in Iowa.

In Perry, Santorum gave his opinion that President Obama was more of a divisive figure than Richard Nixon, keeper of the enemies list: “I suspect President Nixon, although I don’t know, would talk and work with people and wouldn’t go out and demonize them as this president has done.” Santorum doesn’t know it, but that doesn’t stop him from asserting it.

At the same stop, he played loose with the facts when contrasting Ronald Reagan’s vacation schedule with Obama’s.“I don’t know if it’s true, but somebody told me this,” he began, “that Ronald Reagan never left the White House at Christmas, and the reason was he wanted all the staff to be able to spend that time at home.” A check of the record would have revealed to Santorum that in 1988, Reagan was in Los Angeles during Christmas, and that he spent the week after nearly every Christmas (and more than a year of his presidency) in Santa Barbara, Calif. Source: Washington Post

So what if the president leaves the White House for Christmas? Didn’t former presidents George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? Um, what’s the big deal? It just goes to show how petty these GOP presidential candidates are and that they are certainly not ready for the presidential stage. There’s a reason why he was defeated in his last election — he was a neophyte who had nothing good to offer the people of his district and that same thing applies to his presidential aspirations. The people in his district in Pennsylvania know him better than the people in Iowa. His 2006 loss shouldn’t be dismissed easily by Iowa voters because the margin of loss was as much as 18%. So, this “Santorum Surge” is unsustainable when the voters realize who they are dealing with. Even Sarah Palin would bring more to the table than Rick Santorum. It’s amazing Rupert Murdoch expressed support of him as the GOP presidential nominee. This has to be a gimmick. There is no way on earth Rick Santorum can beat President Obama. Either that or he’s coming out in support of someone who used to work for Fox News, a part of his media empire.

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Iowa Caucus Heading to Photo Finish with Ron Paul, Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum Leading the Pack

Iowa caucus heading to photo finish with Ron Paul leading at 20%, Mitt Romney 19% and Rick Santorum at 18% in a dead heat, as Newt Gingrich fades fast, according to latest poll results.

Iowa Caucus Heading to Photo Finish with Ron Paul, Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum Leading the Pack (Public Policy Polling)

The latest Public Policy Polling survey in Iowa shows the three leading contenders all within two points of each other — Ron Paul leads at 20%, followed by Mitt Romney at 19%, and Rick Santorum at 18%.  The other candidates: Newt Gingrich at 14%, Rick Perry at 10%, Michele Bachmann at 8%, Jon Huntsman at 4%, and Buddy Roemer at 2%.

It’s actually a little scary that Rick Santorum, a longshot for the presidency, could see such a meteoric rise in the polls. He moved up eight points since the last PPP poll. He gained from Newt Gingrich implosion and a softening of Ron Paul’s numbers. The social evangelicals are running to Rick Santorum, but this guy was a senator who was rejected by voters in the last election. He claims it was because the Republicans had hit a rough patch during that time. Well, if he was as good as he says he is, then he should have won reelection easily. It seems the Republicans are in a tizzy because they just can’t rally around one candidate at this point because each one is flawed in some way. For what it’s worth, Mitt Romney’s numbers have remained constant but the others have risen and fallen as they continue to play musical chairs.+

Among voters who say they decided who to vote for in the last seven days Rick Santorum leads Romney 29-17 with Paul and Gingrich both at 13.


Santorum’s net favorability of 60/30 makes him easily the most popular candidate in the field. No one else’s favorability exceeds 52%.  He may also have more room to grow in the final 48 hours of the campaign than the other front runners: 14% of voters say he’s their second choice to 11% for Romney and only 8% for Paul. Santorum’s taken the lead with two key groups of Republican voters: with Tea Partiers he’s at 23% to 18% for Gingrich, 16% for Paul, 15% for Bachmann, and only 12% for Romney.  And with Evangelicals he’s at 24% to 16% for Gingrich, and 15% for Paul and Romney.

For what it’s worth, winning the Iowa caucus doesn’t necessarily translate into a win for the White House. We all know Ron Paul, with  all his radical ideas, will not be the GOP nominee. Donkeys would fly first. My bet is that Mitt Romney will secure the GOP presidential nomination or Jon Huntsman will become the nominee by an act of God. This Rick Santorum surge is not for real. He cannot sustain this momentum. That record of accomplishment he brags about is very flimsy and he manages to negate all that with crazy statements such as bombing Iran’s nuclear sites, saying no to same sex marriage and repealing the right for gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

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Polling Forecasts Show Ron Paul Most Likely to Win Iowa Caucus as Newt Gingrich Implodes

Public Policy Polling survey: Ron Paul must be feeling really good this morning, since Nate Silver‘s forecast is that he a 44% chance of winning the Iowa caucus since Newt Gingrich is literally imploding before our eyes. Mitt Romney has a 32% chance of winning, while Gingrich’s chances have sunk to just 15%.

Polling Forecasts Show Ron Paul Most Likely to Win Iowa Caucus as Newt Gingrich Implodes (Public Policy Polling)