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Gov. Scott Walker Becomes First 2016 Presidential Hopeful to Open Iowa Office

Gov. Scott Walker Becomes First 2016 Presidential Hopeful to Open Iowa Office

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker became the first 2016 presidential hopeful to open an Iowa office, the Des Moines Register reports. A political organization created by Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, has leased the space at 2775 86th St. in Urbandale – an office with a storied Republican political history. The strip-mall […]

by Janet Shan· · Elections

Ron Paul Calls Mitt Romney Flip-Flopper in Campaign Ad, First Attack Since Iowa Caucuses

Ron Paul released a campaign ad slamming all three of his primary opponents and describes Mitt Romney as a “flip-flopper who has been on all sides.” Still think Ron Paul is a Mitt Romney surrogate? Hardly.

by Janet Shan· · Ron Paul

Did Rick Santorum Beat Mitt Romney to Win Iowa Caucus After All?

Did social conservative darling Rick Santorum win the Iowa caucus after all and not frontrunner Mitt Romney? That would be an interesting turn of events, since the Romney campaign is selling itself on making history as the first Republican presidential candidate to win the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. […]

by Janet Shan· · Rick Santorum

Michele Bachmann Exit is Near, Schedules Press Conference in Des Moines & Cancels SC Trip

Michele Bachmann may have received the message delivered by Iowans in yesterday’s caucuses — we don’t want you as our GOP presidential candidate. She scheduled a press conference for 11 a.m. in Des Moines after finishing dead last in the caucuses. “Speculation is running high that she cut short her presidential […]

by Janet Shan· · Michele Bachmann

Gov. Rick Perry Going Back to Texas to Reassess Presidential Campaign After 5th Place Finish in Iowa Caucus

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry says he’s going back to Texas to reassess his campaign after resounding defeat in Iowa caucus. He isn’t going to South Carolina tomorrow as he had initially stated. This sounds like someone who’s about to drop his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. Um, why […]

by Janet Shan· · Rick Perry
Des Moines Register Believes Longshot Rick Santorum Could Win Iowa Caucuses

Des Moines Register Believes Longshot Rick Santorum Could Win Iowa Caucuses

Des Moines Register believes GOP presidential hopeful and longshot Rick Santorum could still win Iowa caucus even though he hasn’t led one poll there. Could GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum eke out a win in the Iowa caucases, even though he hasn’t led a single poll?  First Read breaks down Saturday night’s Des […]

by Janet Shan· · Rick Santorum

Jon Huntsman: “They Pick Corn in Iowa, They Pick Presidents in New Hampshire”

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “They pick corn in Iowa. They pick presidents in New Hampshire.” — Jon Huntsman, quoted by the AP, on why he’s not competing in the Iowa caucuses. By the way, it’s an old line. Personally, I think Jon Huntsman is the only viable candidate among the slate […]

by Janet Shan· · Jon Huntsman

Musical Chairs in the East Wing as First Lady Michelle Obama Replaces her Chief of Staff Jackie Norris with Longtime Friend Attorney Susan Sher

Musical chairs in the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama has replaced her chief of staff, Jackie Norris, with White House lawyer Susan Sher. My first thought is to ask, who cares, but I guess it is worthy of some discussion since this happened four months into the Obama administration. […]

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