Portia Simpson-Miller and PNP Poised to Win Jamaica General Election


The PNP is leading in the number of declared seats in the Jamaican general elections. It seems that the loud-mouthed, bad manners former prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller is poised to win election. Thanks to the Dudus scandal that ended Bruce Golding’s tenure in office as PM, Andrew Holness is probably going to lose. Well, Portia Simpson Miller wrecked the country the first time and she will do so again.

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Election Day in Jamaica, Who Will Win Andrew Holness or Portia Simpson Miller?

Election day in Jamaica, will voters choose the young and fresh Andrew Holness or the tired and incompetent career politician and hoodrat Portia Simpson-Miller?

Election Day in Jamaica, Who Will Win Andrew Holness or Portia Simpson Miller? (CBC)

Election day in Jamaica and many are asking who will win? Will Jamaicans go with a new face and a person from the younger generation or an incompetent career politician, Portia Simpson-Miller, who doesn’t have a history of accomplishment or getting the respect as the first woman prime minister of Jamaica on an international scale.

Jamaicans go to the polls today in what pollsters are predicting to be a close contest and which only the brave are willing to call.

Based on the current voters’ list, just over 1.6 million Jamaicans are registered to vote in today’s general election, the 16th since Jamaicans gained Universal Adult Suffrage 67 years ago.

The figure is approximately 310,000 more than the number of people who were registered to vote in the September 2007 general election which was won by the Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Source: Jamaica Observer

We will be watching the results of this very important election and will post updates as we get them from the ground. My family has always supported the Jamaica Labor Party and we hope Andrew Holness will chart a new course for the “no problem mon” island that has been beset with high crime and murder rates, as well as high unemployment rates.

UPDATE#1:  Director of elections, Orrette Fisher, says the country could know the winner of this year’s general elections by as early as 9:30 p.m., the Jamaica Gleaner reports.

UPDATE#2: Portia Simpson Miller and the PNP lead the JLP in the number of declared seats. Portia Simpson Miller is on the verge of becoming the next prime minister. Thanks to Bruce Golding and the Dudus scandal Andrew Holness may be defeated tonight.