Republicans Pull a Todd Akin on Mark Sanford, Pull Plug After Ex-Wife’s Trespassing Accusation

The Republicans are ready to pull the plug on South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford after his ex-wife accused him of trespassing, violating their divorce agreement.

According to the AP, Jenny Sanford’s attorney filed a lawsuit on Feb. 4 alleging that she confronted Mark Sanford at her home the previous day, where he had been using his cellphone as a light. Trespassing would violate the terms of their divorce settlement, which said that neither would be able to be at the other’s home without explicit permission.

A court hearing is slated for May 9, according to the report – two days after Sanford competes in a closely watched special election.

NRCC has decided, like Todd Akin, Mark Sanford has no clear path to victory and has has decided not to spend more money on Sanford’s behalf ahead of the May 7 special election.

Rep. Phil Gingrey: Todd Akin ‘Partly Right’ Woman’s Body Can Prevent Pregnancy After Legitimate Rape

Phil Gingrey legitimate rape

Rep. Phil Gingrey: Todd Akin ‘Partly Right’ Woman’s Body Can Stop Pregnancy After Rape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) says Todd Akin “partly right” on a woman’s body shutting down to prevent pregnancy after rape.

“And in Missouri, Todd Akin … was asked by a local news source about rape and he said, ‘Look, in a legitimate rape situation’ — and what he meant by legitimate rape was just look, someone can say I was raped: a scared-to-death 15-year-old that becomes impregnated by her boyfriend and then has to tell her parents, that’s pretty tough and might on some occasion say, ‘Hey, I was raped.’ That’s what he meant when he said legitimate rape versus non-legitimate rape. I don’t find anything so horrible about that. But then he went on and said that in a situation of rape, of a legitimate rape, a woman’s body has a way of shutting down so the pregnancy would not occur. He’s partly right on that.”

Gingrey pointed out that he had been an OB-GYN since 1975.

“And I’ve delivered lots of babies, and I know about these things. It is true. We tell infertile couples all the time that are having trouble conceiving because of the woman not ovulating, ‘Just relax. Drink a glass of wine. And don’t be so tense and uptight because all that adrenaline can cause you not to ovulate.’ So he was partially right wasn’t he? But the fact that a woman may have already ovulated 12 hours before she is raped, you’re not going to prevent a pregnancy there by a woman’s body shutting anything down because the horse has already left the barn, so to speak. And yet the media took that and tore it apart.” Source:  AJC