Peace Organization Says Jacob Zuma, ANC-Led Government Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’ for Marikana Killings

Jacob Zuma, former vice president of South Africa.

Peace Organization Says Jacob Zuma, South African Government Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’ for Marikana Killings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South African President Jacob Zuma has more than Brett Murray’s ‘The Spear’ painting mocking his manhood and Jonathan Shapiro’s (Zapiro) cartoon calling him ‘a dick.’ He has presided over the worst massacre of South Africans since the riots in the 1970s and 1980s, when 34 striking miners were killed and 78 wounded at the Lonmin mine in Marikana. Now New Zealand-based peace organization, Global Peace and Justice Auckland’s John Minto has written an open letter to Zuma and the government saying they have “blood on their hands,” the Mail & Guardian reports:

“Just as we held the apartheid regime responsible for the massacres in the 70’s and 80’s, we now hold the ANC government responsible for the massacre of striking mineworkers.”

Minto said members of the organisation had watched with growing alarm at the direction the ANC leadership had taken South Africa since the first democratic election in 1994.

“Under the ANC we have seen South Africa change seamlessly from race-based apartheid to economic apartheid”.He said the strike came as a result of the ANC’s choice to follow free-market economic policies.”Such policies had always transferred wealth from the poor to the rich and stripped hope from the majority” he said.

Jacob Zuma called for an inquiry into the shooting, but do they really need an inquiry to tell them that apartheid is alive and well in South Africa and that the platinum mine owner is the new slave master? Surely President Zuma must have heard that police chief Riah Phiyega defended the actions of the police in the shooting massacre.

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