Mitt Romney’s New ‘Partner’ in Congress Rep. Steve King Has Long History of Racist Rhetoric

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Mitt Romney’s New ‘Partner’ in Congress Rep. Steve King Has Long History of Racist Rhetoric. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mitt Romney is palling around with lunatics, such as Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and is proving more and more to be willing to sacrifice his beliefs and integrity for the sake of winning the presidential election. How else can you explain his endorsement of someone who has not only insulted women, but blacks, Latinos and children. Romney endorsed Rep. Steve King at an Iowa rally Friday, saying “I’m looking here at Steve King because this man needs to be your congressman again. I want him as my partner in Washington, D.C.,” the Des Moines Register reports. That means, if Mitt Romney beats Obama on Nov. 6, he will be partnering with one of the most radical members of the U.S. Congress. That’s a chance we can’t afford to take. Either Mitt Romney and his campaign are ignorant to the shameful and despicable things Steve King has said in the past, or they just don’t care one iota.

The Huffington Post said the move “drew a quick response from an Obama campaign seeking to paint its opponent as an advocate for antiquated policies.” Isn’t it time the people in King’s district kicked him out of Congress by voting him out of office? We blogged about Steve King several times and are appalled that Mitt Romney, who’s dangling the Black Leadership Council in front of the black community to pretend as though he gives a damn about us, would even have the nerve to back this divisive politician. Here are some links to articles we wrote about Steve King:

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Here’s a list from Think Progress:

 King compares immigrants to dogs, proposes keeping them out with electrified fence. Describing immigrants as birddogs, King said that we should only take “frisker” people, “not the one that’s over there sleeping on the corner.” This makes his remedy for illegal immigration, an electric fence, unsurprising, which he justified by saying “we do this with livestock all the time.” He also thinks that multicultural groups are about self-pity and that immigrants who “love taxes” aren’t real Americans.

King believes states can ban birth control and that contraception may destroy America. King, who adheres to a revisionist interpretation of the 10th Amendment, disagrees with well-established Supreme Court precedent guaranteeing a woman’s right to control her own body. This may be because King thinks that access to birth control may “let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we’re a dying civilization. Hypocritically, King has proposedthat it is unconstitutional for states to ban foie gras. King, like Todd Akin, has “never heard of” a rape-induced pregnancy.

King tends birther. King personally searched for and discovered Obama’ birth announcement in Hawaii newspapers, he remains unconvinced that Obama was born inside the United States, positing the notion that “they might’ve announced that by telegram from Kenya.”

King sympathized with a terrorist and secessionism. After being informed of an attempted right-wing suicide attack on an IRS building, King expressedempathy with the terrorist’s motives, saying “It’s sad the incident in Texas happened, but by the same token, it’s an agency that is unnecessary and when the day comes when that is over and we abolish the IRS, it’s going to be a happy day for America.” Further, after the passage of the health care law, Kingintimated that parts of the country may need to secede from the Union,claiming that “we wouldn’t have to do that” if his audience could beat “the other side” to a pulp and chase them down.

Talking Points Memo: On Monday night, he suggested that President Obama, as a senator, may have been prejudiced to help the black farmers.“Figure this out, Madame Speaker: We have a very, very urban Senator, Barack Obama, who has decided he’s going to run for president, and what does he do?” King said. “He introduces legislation to create a whole new Pigford claim.” He then said the claims — which stem from discrimination against black farmers in the 1980s and 1990s — are “slavery reparations.”

I could go on and on listing the incendiary and racist rhetoric emanating from the lips of this lunatic in the Congress, but I don’t want you to puke in disgust. Then presidential candidate Barack Obama was called out on his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but the right wing is quiet as a little mouse on Mitt Romney association with this racist windbag.

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