Amy Freeman Burton and Ainsley Freeman, 13, Found Shot to Death in Pleasanton CA Home

PLEASANTON MURDER-SUICIDE?  Amy Freeman Burton (Amy Carlin Freeman Burton) and Ainsley Freeman, her 13 year old daughter, were found shot to death in their Pleasanton, Calif., home. Police aren’t saying if it was a murder-suicide or double homicide. The bodies were found by the woman’s husband, Christopher Burton, 28, at about 6 p.m.

Ainsley Freeman and Amy Freeman Burton, 37, were found inside their home at 3532 Stacey Court just south of Interstate 580 about 6 p.m., said Pleasanton police Lt. Jeff Bretzing, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Amy Burton worked in the St. Louis-area as a compliance officer for Edward Jones, A.G. Edwards and Commerce Bank. She started a new job as a compliance officer for UBS Financial Services Inc., in California in January, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Ainsly is believed to have been a pupil at Hart Middle School in Pleasanton. A murder weapon has not been found and police have not named a suspect in the murders but the husband was being treated as a “person of interest” in the case.


Sanford Police Wanted to Bring Charges in Trayvon Martin Murder, Police Chief Claimes “No Probable Cause”

TRAYVON MARTIN MURDER:  Surprise, surprise, it seems that there is a serious discrepancy between what the state attorney’s office did and what Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. suggested. The Miami Herald reports the Sanford Police Department, at the conclusion of its Trayvon Martin murder investigation, recommended that the prosecutor file charges against the shooter George Zimmerman. But that’s not what Bill Lee said on March 12. He claimed there was not enough evidence to charge George Zimmerman with a crime and arrest him. In other words, somebody, probably chief Lee took it upon himself not to push forward with charges. Then that begs the question of why his temporary resignation isn’t a permanent one?

Angela Corey, the special prosecutor now assigned to the case, confirmed the report:

“As far as the process I can tell you that the police went to the state attorney with a capias request, meaning: ‘We’re through with our investigation and here it is for you.’ The state attorney impaneled a grand jury, but before anything else could be done, the governor stepped in and asked us to pick it up in mid-stream.”

A capias is a request for charges to be filed.

Police Chief Bill Lee said there was not enough evidence to arrest George Zimmerman, who followed Martin in his SUV and ended up confronting the teen before shots were fired.

“In this case Mr. Zimmerman has made the statement of self-defense,” Lee said. “Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don’t have the grounds to arrest him.” Source

It is quite clear there was a cover-up somewhere and it seems to have emanated from Chief Lee’s office. It only adds to questions about Lee and other members of the Sanford police department. Why wasn’t George Zimmerman tested for drugs and alcohol? Why weren’t his clothes taken in for evidence? Why wasn’t a background check done on him and why was he allowed to walk away from an obvious homicide of an unarmed teen? It also raises serious questions about why a key witness was “corrected” and the police report amended to bolster George Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. There was enough probable cause to have arrested this man, but did his father’s connections in the law enforcement community play a role?