Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Calls Glenn Beck a "Cynic," Says Birthers are "Crazy"

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was unusually blunt in his assessment of the fringe elements of the Republican Party and conservative media during an appearance before a crowd of Washington D.C.’s elite power players at The Atlantic’s First Draft of History conference. He called Fox News resident nutjob host Glenn Beck a “cynic” whose show was antithetical to American values. Finally a Republican from South Carolina who seems lucid and able to make coherent statements!

“Only in America can you make that much money crying,” Graham said of Beck. “Glenn Beck is not aligned with any party. He is aligned with cynicism and there has always been a market for cynics. But we became a great nation not because we are a nation of cynics. We became a great nation because we are a nation of believers.”

He called the birther community that questions the president’s U.S. citizenship “crazy” and implored them to “knock this crap off” so the country could get on to more important matters. “I’m here to tell you that those who think the president was not born in Hawaii are crazy,” said Graham, who went on to dispel another myth: that Obama is a closet Muslim. Speaking before The Atlantic’s First Draft of History conference, Graham also ventured to call “crazy” a recent article on Newsmax, laying out how a military coup could overtake the Obama administration. Source: Huffington Post

I do agree with his comments that the demagoguery and wild emotions were prevalent to the fringes of both political parties. “There are people out there saying crazy things on our side of the aisle,” he said, “there were people saying crazy things about President Bush. That’s just the way it is. ” There are people who just cannot accept a black president, but I honestly do not think the majority of the people criticizing President Barack Obama are racist. We are all confronting harsh economic realities and people are just plain scared and angry at their plight.

Sir’mone McCaulla, Army Reserves Soldier & Post Office Stab Suspect Dead, Cops Say He Likely Committed Suicide

Sir’mone McCaulla, 28, an Army Reserves soldier has been identified as the man who fatally stabbed, Christopher Gutierrez, a young father outside the main post office in New York City, appears to have committed suicide. His body was reportedly found in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Philadephia, slumped in a tub with a plastic bag over his head. According to the NY Daily News, sources have said that a cable box was found on his chest, which suggests he electrocuted himself.

The NYPD said a Philadelphia police officer recognized McCaulla, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital at at about 6:27 p.m., from their time together in the military. His family seems to think he was not the person who was photographed walking away from the body of Christopher Gutierrez on Sunday. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said three people also called the Crime Stoppers hotline to identify McCaulla, who was stationed in Kuwait at one point.

McCaulla allegedly plunged a knife into Gutierrez’s chest after a seemingly minor altercation outside the James A. Farley Post Office on Eighth Ave. in Manhattan on Sunday. Kelly said the two men bumped shoulders and walked past each other, but kept exchanging words, then stopped and squared off. Gutierrez, 20, took off his jacket and assumed a fighting stance, Kelly said. McCaulla then strode toward him, brandishing a knife at his side. “As they get closer, the perpetrator lunges – four quick strokes or jabs – into the victim,” Kelly said. Gutierrez, the father of a 1-year-old boy, collapsed on the post office steps. McCaulla, who lived with his mom, had three arrests on his rap sheet, including busts for burglary and robbery.

He had posted a video on his MySpace page in which he counts several thousand dollars worth of hundred-dollar bills, bragging to the camera about his wealth. “This is some people’s bank accounts and this is what I use for sneaker money,” he says on the video. “I’m addicted to it.” Source: NY Daily News

It’s a shame Christopher Gutierrez had to lose his life and if McCaulla is the killer, he took the easy way out by ending his life. This has left two families left grappling for answers and for peace. It seems that some of our young men are turning to a life of crime and violence rather than being productive members of society. Christopher Gutierrez, like Derrion Albert, was trying to do the right thing with his life and some hard-core thug ended his life too. There is a breakdown in the family structure of perpetrators such as this young man. While I understand the motivation behind President Obama’s decision to go to Copenhagen to lobby for the 2016 Summer Olympics to be awarded to Chicago from a financial perspective, we have far more pressing issues in this country to address. There is something seriously wrong in the inner cities across this country and it speaks to more than a breakdown in the homes.

Photo credit: Sir’mone McCaulla, NY Daily News

NAACP Says Poster Depicting Obama as the Joker Hanging Outside Club Velvet Bar is Racist

The NAACP says a large poster hanging outside the Club Velvet bar in Richmond, VA, depicting President Barack Obama in makeup similar to the “Joker” from Batman movies, has gone too far and is racist. The bar’s owner, Sam Moore, said it is simply an expression of free speech and he is protesting “big government.” The NAACP is encouraging people in Richmond to boycott the bar. This is just downright ridiculous. Wasn’t President George W. Bush also portrayed as the Joker?

“It’s racist,” said King Salim Khalfani, president of the NAACP Richmond chapter in an interview with Eyewitness News 9. “The President can’t say it but we can and we’ve had enough.” Sorry, but I could think of at least 10 projects and causes the NAACP could champion instead of screaming racism over really inane things.

First Daughters of Spain’s Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero are Secret Goths

The Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and his wife posed with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during the G-20 Summit. Good Lord, they were invaded by Goths, in a pre-Halloween photo op. Okay, I won’t talk about the prime minister’s daughters, but all I can bring myself to say is DANG, couldn’t someone see to it that they dressed a little more tasteful.

Thanks to the State Department, Prime Minister Zapatero’s daughters, Alba, 13, and Laura, 16, managed to embarrass their parents with that look. For some odd reason they were included in the photograph. They are usually concealed from the press for their privacy, but that reason is questionable, given their outfits.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Calls President Obama Suntanned Again, Days After Being Snubbed by Michelle Obama at G-20 Summit

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has called President Barack Obama “sun-tanned” again. Fresh from the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pa., the gaffe-proned politician told a crowd in Milan, “I bring you greetings from a person who is called…a person who is sun-tanned… Barack Obama.” He took it a step further and said,  “You wouldn’t believe it, but they go sunbathing at the beach together – his wife is also sun-tanned.” You will recall that he sparked international outrage last November when he first described Mr. Obama as “sun-tanned.” The man just doesn’t learn. I thought President George W. Bush was a gaffe-machine, but this guy beats him by a landslide. He’s in the same class as Vice President Joe Biden.

Berlusconi snubbed by Michelle Obama at G-20 Summit (AFP/Getty)

At the G20 meeting last week, Mrs. Obama rebuffed his open arms and pointedly chose to shake his hand rather than give him hug and a kiss on the cheek, as she did to other world leaders. I guess her reserve may have been a deliberate move not to appear cozy with a man who has been dogged since last April by accusations that he “consorts with minors” young enough to be his granddaughters and that he had slept with a high-class prostitute at his private mansion in Rome.

If anyone has a suntan, it is Silvio Berlusconi!

Sarah Palin Fails to Dazzle Global Investors in Hong Kong, Criticized President Obama Causing Two U.S. Delegates to Walk Out

Sarah Palin/Hong Kong
Once again, Wasilla’s own Sarah Palin has proven that she’s too ignorant to be taken seriously. This time, she gave her “speech” to a group of global investors in Hong Kong about her views from “Main Street USA.” This speech was billed as a wide-ranging talk about governance, economics and U.S. and Asian affairs. Er, that’s not Sarah Palin’s forte, so it was rather comical to read about her presentation, which is rumored to have bagged her a fee in the low six figures.

According to AFP, two U.S. delegates left early, with one saying “it was awful, we couldn’t stand it any longer.” Wow, that’s a vote of confidence for the former governor, don’t you think so? Of course, she probably has no clue about the slap on the cheek as a result of these two delegates’ actions. “I’m going to call it like I see it and I will share with you candidly a view right from Main Street, Main Street U.S.A.,” Palin told a room full of asset managers and other finance professionals, according to a media reports. “And how perhaps my view of Main Street … how that affects you and your business.” People we are talking about Wasilla, Alaska. That is vastly different from Main Street New York, for that matter.

Palin spoke out against government intervention in the economy. “We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place,” Palin said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “We’re not interested in government fixes, we’re interested in freedom,” she added. She also praised the conservative economic policies of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, according to another attendee who declined to be named because he didn’t want to be seen as speaking on behalf of his company. She claimed that if taxes were cut and the capital gains tax and estate tax eliminated, the world would “watch the U.S. economy roar back to life.”

Palin argued that many average Americans are uncomfortable with health care reforms that infringe on private enterprise, Chris Palmer, an American fund manager for Gartmore Investment Ltd., told reporters. She didn’t refer to President Barack Obama by name, the Wall Street Journal reported, but said she called his campaign promises “nebulous, utopian sounding… Now 10 months later, though, a lot of Americans are asking: more government? Is that the change we want?” Source: AFP

Of course, that certainly wasn’t the place to attack your president and some attendees reportedly said they were disappointed by her focus on her home state of Alaska and her attacks on Obama. As usual, she was ready to criticize President Obama but “offered no solutions.” Then she managed to insult the Chinese by mentioning China’s ethnic problems, an obvious dig about the tensions between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese that have led to riots. She argued that they are “a sign that China lacks mechanisms to deal with regional issues.”

Sorry, but this speech will not help to burnish her international credentials. This Hong Kong trip was an attempt to defray some legal and other bills that she has. If she could diss the president in public, God knows what she would say in private.

Mark Levin, Conservative Radio Host, Blasts "Mindless…Pathetic" Beck For McCain Criticism

A backlash is building against Glenn Beck for comments he made during an online interview with Katie Couric, in which his incoherence took a sharp swerve. After months of referring to President Barack Obama as a “radical” and a “racist” he said that the country would have been worse off under Senator John McCain, and that he might have voted for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is best known for attempting to provide universal, government-provided health care for all Americans. Well, one of Beck’s fellow right-wing talkers, Mark Levin came out swinging against him:

LEVIN: How can you day after day and night after night correctly rail against Obama’s radicalism, how he’s undermining the Constitution, how he’s nationalizing our basic industries, how he has Marxists all around him, and then say in an interview with Katie Couric, I think John McCain would have been worse than Obama? Quote: “How about this? I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama. How’s that?”

That’s not good. McCain is no conservative, in fact in many respects he’s a progressive. Which is why I fought him. Day in and day out. Day in and day out behind this microphone. Not only fought him behind this microphone but wrote article after article — go ahead and Google it — rejecting his candidacy. But to say that he’d be worse than a president that’s a Marxist, who’s running around the country — I’m sorry, the world — apologizing for our nation, who’s slashing our defense budget, who’s nationalizing our health care system?

To say he would be worse is mindless, mindless, incoherent as a matter of fact. There’s our 5-PMer, on Fox … I don’t know who certain people are playing to, I don’t know why they are playing to certain people … I think there’s enormous confusion and positioning and pandering. It may be entertaining, but from my perspective, it’s not. It’s pathetic.” Source: Huffington Post

Levin had Beck pegged pretty accurately. Inconsistency is Glenn Beck’s middle name. Well, the Rethuglicans can keep him. I am sure he’s the last person the Democrats want in their circles — Judas Iscariot. We all know that intellectual coherence isn’t his forte.

Glenn Beck Says "John McCain Would Have Been Far Worse for the Country than Obama"

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Well this is a first. Right wing nutjob Glenn Beck made a startling admission in an interview with Katie Couric to air on Tuesday evening. He said, “I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama,” Beck told Couric in the debut episode of her new web show, @katiecouric.

Beck’s revelation came in response to Couric’s question about Hillary Clinton, who Beck said he may have even voted for had she been the Democratic nominee against John McCain. What? Quick, someone call the paramedics. The man is delirious.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Beck said, “I think I would have much preferred [Hillary Clinton] as president and may have voted for her against John McCain.” He went on to describe McCain as “this weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt was.”

So, is Glenn Beck an undercover Democrat? I am sure the Democrats are saying that’s okay. Rethuglicans can keep him. The full interview airs at Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET.