OH SOS Jon Husted Latest Idea: Divide Electoral Votes by Congressional Districts, Would Work in GOP’s Favor

Jon Husted Ohio secretary of state

OH SOS Jon Husted Latest Idea: Divide Electoral Votes by Congressional Districts Would Work in GOP’s Favor

The residents in the state of Ohio, who support the Democratic Party take note:  Secretary of State Jon Husted’s latest idea, to divvy up Ohio by Congressional districts, would have handed the 18 electoral votes to Mitt Romney if he had his way:

He says we should make Ohio less important in the election by dividing up our electoral votes by Congressional district.

This is huge and should raise giant red flags. Under the current winner-take-all system, Obama won all 18 of Ohio’s electoral votes. Under Husted’s plan, 12 of those 18 electoral votes would be handed to Mitt Romney, the popular vote loser.

The reason for this is Ohio’s incredibly gerrymandered Congressional districts have been drawn to pack Democrats together so they have the majority in only 4 of the state’s 16 congressional districts. In addition to winning those four — assuming Husted would have us adopt the electoral vote allocation used by Maine and Nebraska, the only states to split their EVs by Congressional district — Obama would have also gotten the two at-large electoral votes bringing the final tally to 6 for Obama and 12 for Romney. Source

Besides making it incredibly harder for Ohioans to take advantage of early voting with an endless barrage of ridiculous lawsuits, it’s amazing this gem missed the mainstream media. The Republicans are out to steal elections from right under us by any means necessary and Jon Husted isn’t finished yet.