Thanks to White Privilege, Rand Paul’s “Belligerent” Son Gets Pass for 3rd DUI

Rand Paul son William Paul DUI

Thanks to White Privilege, Rand Paul’s “Belligerent” Son Gets Pass for 3rd DUI

Rand Paul’s son, William Paul, cited for DUI

Thanks to affluenza, William Paul, the oldest son of GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul, gets a pass for another drunk driving incident.

William Hilton Paul, 22, was given a citation (slap on the wrist) after being pulled over on Sunday after he crashed in the back of an unoccupied parked car in Lexington, Kentucky, the police said. That’s despite having “bloodshot, watery eyes” and behaving in a “belligerent way.”

Paul was treated at the University of Kentucky hospital for minor injuries to his face. He also failed a field sobriety test, reported. He also refused blood and breathalyzer tests at the hospital.

This is William Paul’s third alcohol related offense. He had two run-ins with the police prior to turning 21 in 2013.

He was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor by the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control while drinking at a racetrack in October, 2013.

Paul was charged with assaulting a female flight attendant, underage consumption, disorderly conduct, and being intoxicated and disruptive while traveling in January 2013.  The charges were dropped after he completed alcohol education classes and community service.

The right wing is silent. Can you imagine if that had been Sasha or Malia Obama? They would have blasted President Obama and his wife. It’s funny that Rand Paul is throwing the kitchen sink at Hillary Clinton, whose daughter has never been involved in untoward behavior. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is the least of his worries….

Let’s make this about race and privilege–had this been a black or Hispanic male, the outcome would have been very different. William Paul escaped punishment because of white privilege and his father’s name.

[Photo credit:  Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office]

Michele Bachmann: President Obama Bringing World to “End Times”

Michele Bachmann: President Obama Bringing World to "End Times"

Michele Bachmann: President Obama Bringing World to “End Times” (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said President Obama is intent on bringing the world to “end times,” TPM reports.

Michele Bachmann: “We need to cry out to a Holy God. This is coming faster than anyone can see. Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon. Why? Why would you put the nuclear weapon in the hands of madmen who are Islamic radicals?”

Marco Rubio State Health Plan, Rubiocare, Only Signed Up 80 People

Marco Rubio State Health Reform, Rubiocare, Only Signed Up 80 People

Marco Rubio State Health Reform, Rubiocare, Only Signed Up 80 People (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

Only 80 signed up for Rubiocare since 2008

Marco Rubio’s signature state healthcare legislation (Rubiocare) only signed up 80 people since it went live in 2008. Um, not 80,000 — 80. That’s opposed to the 1.6 million in Florida alone who signed up for Obamacare, which he wants to repeal.

“It’s about competition, it’s about choice, and it’s about the marketplace,” he told The Palm Beach Post at the time. Florida Health Choices, which finally opened last year, now covers 80 people.

Obamacare, which Rubio wants to repeal, covers 1.6 million in Florida alone. And 93 percent of them are subsidized.

Of course, Marco Rubio would prefer not to talk about his successful health care plan. It’s sound better to thrash Obamacare, which has clearly been more successful. He’s trying to pull a Mitt Romney.

Rubio’s spokeswoman, Brooke Sammon, said “It is unfortunate that this disastrous healthcare law is impacting the Florida Health Choices program, which is exactly the kind of consumer-based healthcare solution Americans are looking for.” Um, that’s all 80 of them. LOL.

President Obama Dings Jamaica on Gay Rights During UWI Town Hall

President Obama Dings Jamaica on Gay Rights During UWI Town Hall

President Obama Dings Jamaica on Gay Rights During UWI Town Hall (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

Jamaica gay rights

President Obama dinged Jamaica on gay rights by singling out LGBT activist Angeline Jackson for standing up and no backing down in her fight for equality. That was a strategic jab at the island nation for it horrible record on gay rights.

Obama singled Jackson out as one of two extraordinary young people who were in the audience at the Youth Forum at the University of the West Indies.

angeline jackson LGBT activist

President Obama Singles Out Jamaican LGBT activist Angeline Jackson (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Here’s a little about Angeline Jackson (@angelinejackson):

Angeline Jackson is the executive director of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica, which advocates on behalf of lesbian and bisexual women and transgender Jamaicans.

Jackson was kidnapped and sexually assaulted as a teen.

Angeline Jackson’s tweet after President Obama singled her out:

Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller Should Take Obama on Tour of Her Constituency

Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller Should Take Obama on Tour of Her Constituency

Jamaican PM Portia Simpson Miller Should Take Obama on Tour of Her Constituency (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama visits #Jamaica

:  I will be the first to say, I beamed with joy when I heard President Obama’s plane had landed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, a short time ago. It is a historic visit. What I am upset about is the sanitization of New Kingston and the National Heroes Park area ahead of his visit. The street vendors were kicked off the streets in the Heroes Park vicinity. This was a problem that didn’t arise weeks before the president’s visit. It had been ongoing. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is going all out to show a version of Kingston that is far from reality. Jamaica is sinking under the weight of strong austerity measures, due in large part to IMF requirements and total mismanagement and nepotism on the part of the government.

Most Jamaicans are thrilled President Obama is on the island for a visit, what is unnerving, is that the government continues to turn a blind-eye to the poverty, crime and mismanagement that is rocking the country.  The homeless people were moved from New Kingston to parts unknown. This reminds me of when Queen Elizabeth II visited Montego Bay in February 1983 and all the insane and homeless people were moved off main street where her party travelled through the city.

The Jamaica Observer reports:

PREPARATIONS for this week’s visit of US President Barack Obama have triggered anger among street vendors in sections of the capital city as their stalls have been destroyed.

“We understand that they have to be fixing up areas where Obama will be travelling, but what they are doing to us is unfair,” said 67-year-old Claudette Reid who sells crabs at National Heroes Circle.

“Is more than 40 years I have been selling right here so. Is through this selling I was able to send all of my children to school. Imagine, the Queen come here and them never remove wi, the Prince also come and we were allowed to stay, so why now?” said the distraught woman.

She was supported by several other angry vendors who said they, too, were affected by the demolition that was carried out Sunday night.

I wonder if Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller will take President Obama to visit her constituency so he can see what a good job she’s doing. Of course, I am being sarcastic. According to a report on the Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) 2012, 19.9 percent of Jamaicans are living in poverty, with that number inching up every year. Seems to me that sanitizing certain areas on President Obama’s travel route should be the least of the Simpson-Miller’s worries.

Here’s an excerpt on the effects of austerity measures crippling the nation:

The Caribbean island nation has had declining living standards for the past 20 years. Per capita GDP has fallen by an average of 0.3 percent annually, making Jamaica the worst-performing economy in the hemisphere over that time frame. And this measures only average living standards. It is much worse at the bottom, with poverty more than doubling since 2007 and unemployment surpassing 14 percent – higher than its peak from the 2009 world recession. (More detail can be found here.)

But where Washington bears the most responsibility are the country’s dim future prospects. It is currently under an IMF agreement that requires the government to run annual primary budget surpluses – revenue minus spending, excluding interest payments – of 7.5 percent. This is the worst such burden in the world. For comparison, Greece was projected to run a primary budget surplus of 3.0 percent this year and about 4.5 percent thereafter. This goal is so unsustainable that it is causing a political crisis as well as a widespread belief that it can’t possibly happen.

Obama Family Attends Easter Service at Historic Alfred Street Baptist Church

Obama Family Attends Easter Service at Historic Alfred Street Baptist Church

Obama Family Attends Easter Service at Historic Alfred Street Baptist Church (Photo Credit: White House/Pete Souza)

President Obama, along with wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia, attended Easter service at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va.

Rev. Dr. Howard John Wesley told the congregation, “How fitting that on the day that we celebrate the rising of our Lord and Savior, we also welcome our sitting president.”

He jokingly added, “This is not selfie time.” “Let the brother worship in the house of God.”

President Obama’s wishes for Easter and Passover:

First Lady Michelle Obama’s tweet:

Michele Bachmann Compares Obama to Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Michele Bachmann Compares Obama to Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz

Michele Bachmann Compares Obama to Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

(OPINION) — Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is still a raging lunatic. She is comparing President Obama to deranged Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who killed 150 people, by “deliberately” crashing the plane in the French Alps. This is why the Republican Party is losing credibility…fast.

On Tuesday, Bachmann posted on her Facebook page:

With his Iran deal, Barack Obama is for the 300 million souls of the United States what Andreas Lubitz was for the 150 souls on the German Wings flight – a deranged pilot flying his entire nation into the rocks. After the fact, among the smoldering remains of American cities, the shocked survivors will ask, why did he do it?

I am sure Michele Bachmann thought she was making such a valid point and not coming off as the right wing lunatic we know her to be. What a moron.

James Baker Blasts Benjamin Netanyahu as “Obstacle to Peace”

James Baker slams Benjamin Netanyahu as an "obstacle to peace"

James Baker slams Benjamin Netanyahu as an “obstacle to peace” (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Former secretary of state James Baker, who served during former president George H.W. Bush’s administration, blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an “obstacle to peace,” echoing similar comments made by White House Chief of Stff Denis McDonough, Haaretz reports.

Baker slammed Netanyahu’s “diplomatic missteps and political gamesmanship,” saying his “actions have not matched his rhetoric.”

James Baker said “the lack of progress regarding a lasting peace” plan for a two-state solution diminished since Netanyahu’s reelection last week. In other words, John Boehner and other Republicans lawmakers are kissing up to Netanyahu as though he’s the moral authority on what the Obama adminstration should do with regard to Iran and Palestine.

Baker’s comments come as the Wall Street Journal reported that Israel spied on the closed-door nuclear negotiations with Iran and shared the information with U.S. lawmakers. A seniro U.S. official told the WSJ, “It is one thing for the U.S. and Israel to spy on each other.””It is another thing for Israel to steal U.S. secrets and play them back to U.S. legislators to undermine U.S. diplomacy.”

Benjamin Netanyahu is acting as though his country gives the U.S. millions of dollars and other support, including their Iron Dome, instead of the other way around.

Ben Carson Operative Jim Dornan Deletes Tweets Calling Obama ‘Dipshit,’ Among Others

jim dornan Ben Carson Operative Deletes Tweet Calling Obama "the Dipshit in WH"

Ben Carson Operative Deletes Tweet Calling Obama “the Dipshit in WH”

Jim Dornan

Presidential wannabe Dr. Ben Carson is facing some fallout over inflammatory and racist tweets by his operative, Jim Dornan.

Here’s more from Buzzfeed on Jim Dornan’s tweets:

One tweet from Dornan referred to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama’s butt. One tweet calls Ferguson protestors “thugs.” Another calls Obama a “dipshit.” One tweet calls Debbie Wasserman-Schultz a “pathetic excuse for a human being.” Two tweets call Chris Matthews and the Huffington Post “aholes.” Another tweet at Obama tells him to “bend over bitch.”

This comes after Ben Carson apologized for saying prison explains being gay is a choice, as people identifying as straight come out of prison as identifying as gay.

Erick Erickson: Obama’s Policies “Designed to Humble the Arrogant Crackers”

Erick Erickson: Obama's Foreign Policy "Designed to Humble the Arrogant Crackers"

Erick Erickson: Obama’s Foreign Policy “Designed to Humble the Arrogant Crackers” (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Right wing blogger Erick Erickson is at it again. On Friday morning he told radio listeners that all the policy decisions President Obama made were “designed to humble the arrogant crackers” who run America. Um, one problem….Obama’s mother is white and he was raised by white grandparents.

Erickson, who was guest-hosting “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” said, “Barack Obama believes the United States of America is a destabilizing, arrogant force in the world. We need our comeuppance and we need to be humbled.”

“And so everything Barack Obama does domestically and in foreign policy is designed to humble the arrogant crackers who have always run the United States,” he added.

Erick Erickson was recently blasted for tweeting President Obama wasn’t a Christian in a meaningful way. Whatever….

Listen to Erick Erickson via Media Matters: