Stephen King on 2016 GOP Candidates: “I Thought I was Supposed to Write the Horror Stories”

Stephen King on 2016 GOP Candidates: "I Thought I was Supposed to Write the Horror Stories"

Stephen King on 2016 GOP Candidates: “I Thought I was Supposed to Write the Horror Stories” (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Author Stephen King slams 2016 GOP presidential candidates

Author Stephen King didn’t hide his feelings about the current slate of Republican presidential candidates, tweeting, ” I thought I was supposed to write the horror stories.” LOL.

Stephen King went after the GOP over the religious freedom laws that have been passed in states such as Indiana and Mississippi.

George W. Bush Admits Jeb Bush’s Candidacy Has a “Me” Problem

George W. Bush Admits Jeb Bush's Candidacy Has a "Me" Problem

George W. Bush Admits Jeb Bush’s Candidacy Has a “Me” Problem (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

Jeb Bush’s biggest problem in 2016 is George W. Bush

Former president George W. Bush admitted what most of us knew was true of his brother, Jeb Bush, that he has a “me” problem. Yep, he is tied to his sibling in every way possible. GWB is Jeb Bush’s biggest problem in 2016.

“It’s an easy line to say, ‘Haven’t we had enough Bushes?’ After all, even my mother said, ‘Yes,’” the former president told an audience of 7,000 health IT experts here on Wednesday.

“That’s why you won’t see me out there, and he doesn’t need to defend me, and he’s totally different from me. The role of family is not to be a political adviser or a policy adviser — there are plenty of those around — the role is to say, ‘Hey man, I love you.’

“The president needs people around him who are there to say they want to help. Imagine if instead Laura had been saying to me, ‘What the hell did you get us into this for?’ You’re living in a museum. It’s cold. It’s not your furniture. It’s Jefferson’s furniture.” Source: Politico

Um, no surprise here…Jeb Bush has a George W. Bush problem that will dog him on the campaign trail. Well, just as soon as the rest of the GOP field figures out that Hillary Clinton isn’t their immediate adversary.

Could Martin O’Malley Pose Primary Challenge to Hillary Clinton?

Martin O'Malley Hillary Clinton challenger

Could Martin O’Malley Pose Primary Challenge to Hillary Clinton? (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Could former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley pose a campaign challenge to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations? I think so. In 2008, Clinton thought the Democratic Party nomination was all hers. Barack Obama proved her wrong. Could Martin O’Malley stage a similar upset?

O’Malley struck a populist tone in a recent speech. The Wall Street Journal said his “biggest applause line during a speech here this week came as he listed ways the U.S. could pay for a higher minimum wage, an expansion of Social Security and more spending on infrastructure and education.”

O’Malley said, “We do it by asking the wealthiest among us to believe enough in their country to actually make the sort of investments we made in other generations instead of offshoring their profits and offshoring their wealth.”

He recently dinged Republicans over their deep-seated hatred for President Obama:

Clinton aides aren’t ignoring Martin O’Malley. In fact, they believe he is the most viable alternative and that he will eventually gain the support of the liberal activists who are encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run. Barack Obama had low name recognition in 2008 and he won resoundingly twice. Martin O’Malley has the opportunity to introduce himself to the “American people on his own terms,” Politico reports.

I would urge black voters to get engaged and do not go solely on name recognition. We shouldn’t sit back and readily accept Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee and Jeb Bush on the Republican side.

Hillary Clinton Being Attacked as “Cold” Because She’s a Woman

Is Hillary Clinton Being Held to Higher Standard Because She's a Woman?

Is Hillary Clinton Being Held to Higher Standard Because She’s a Woman? (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Is Hillary Clinton a good presidential candidate? Personally, I think she is a flawed one, but aren’t they all? The sad reality is that the Democratic Party has no-one else. What is troubling to me is that many are going after her persona — that she exudes coldness and not warmth. But, weren’t John Kerry and Al Gore seemingly cold too?

Jason Zengerle: “The grind can be obvious watching Clinton on the campaign trail. In her two successful Senate races and her unsuccessful presidential run in 2008, she often struggled to exhibit the basic qualities required of politicians… Where most pols project warmth, she often runs cold. Her speeches can be leaden and forced. She tightens up in unscripted moments. Above all, she bristles at what the public and the press now want most from politicians: authenticity.”

“And yet, there’s an increasingly popular school of thought, especially among political scientists but also among some political consultants, that being a good candidate is overrated. Some even argue that it’s irrelevant — not just to what sort of president a candidate would be, but also to whether he or she can get to the White House in the first place.”

First Read: “But here’s the fundamental question we’ve asked before about Clinton and 2016: Is she so flawed of a presidential candidate that she was destined to lose in 2008 — to anyone who was “decent”? Or did she lose what was essentially a 51%-49% Democratic race to the only person on the planet who could beat her?”

Gary Hart thinks Democrats should run away from anyone who can run a billion-dollar campaign. We saw where it got Mitt Romney in 2012…a shellacking.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is expected to get President Obama’s campaign email list. That will be huge.

Politico: Hillary Clinton “is expected from the start to have access to two potent collections of names, email addresses and other useful information — Obama’s vaunted 2012 campaign list of roughly 12 million supporters, and a separate list of about four million people gathered over the last two years by the outside group Ready for Hillary. While the legal details for the lists’ transfer are still being worked out, Democratic strategists say they expect both will eventually help Clinton raise money and build her team of volunteer field staffers.”

Clinton’s staff is said to be on high alert for a possible announcement in the coming weeks:

CNN: “The long and winding prelude to her announcement is nearly over, according to aides, and the start of her second bid for the White House is likely only days away. Top Democratic activists in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire privately say they have been placed on alert that Clinton will soon be on her way.”

Hillary Clinton Signs Lease for Campaign Headquarters in Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton Signs Lease for Campaign Headquarters in Brooklyn

Hillary Clinton Signs Lease for Campaign Headquarters in Brooklyn

A lease has reportedly been signed for Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

The campaign will work out of 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, Politico reports.

“The campaign will occupy two full floors of the office building, which is close to 12 subways lines and a dozen bus lines, and will be taking them as is – no buildout. The Clinton team’s neighbors in the building will be Morgan Stanley and the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.”

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Loses Election to Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Loses Election to Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Loses Election to Muhammadu Buhari (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has lost the election to opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari in tight election. He reportedly called to congratulate him on the victory.

Buhari, a former military leader, is ahead by nearly three million votes, with results let to come from just three states.

Can Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley Challenge Hillary Clinton for Democratic Nomination?

Can Elizabeth Warren and Martin O'Malley Challenge Hillary Clinton for Democratic Nomination?

Can Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley Challenge Hillary Clinton for Democratic Nomination? (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Can Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination? Personally, I believe Warren is too liberal while O’Malley is a relative unknown. Still, Barack Obama was a relative unknown when he started the 2008 presidential campaign and ran a stellar campaign against the Clinton establishment the first time around. That’s why I am giving Martin O’Malley a second look. He certainly has less baggage than Clinton.

Martin O’Malley was well-received in Iowa during a recent appearance in Davenport. He blasted the GOP presidential contenders on their stance on income inequality.

“How ironic since their choices led to it,” he told The Des Moines Register in an interview Saturday. “This is their theory, and we tried it for the better part of these last 30 years: Concentrate wealth at the top, take regulation out of the equation and keep wages low. So for them now to say that they’re somehow very appalled and concerned about inequality is ironic, to put it most kindly.”


During O’Malley’s appearance at the Scott County Democrats’ “Red, White and Blue Dinner,” he offered a prescription for “making the dream true again” that includes raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security benefits, making pre-kindergarten universally available and ensuring equal pay for women. “Sing it with me people,” O’Malley said. “When women succeed, America succeeds.”

The speech, which drew multiple standing ovations, both underscored O’Malley’s opportunities and the challenges in the nation’s first presidential nominating state, where early polls show Clinton with a commanding lead and O’Malley barely registering. In interviews afterward, many Democratic activists said they were only starting to learn about O’Malley. Source: Des Moines Register

The Boston Globe is making the case for Elizabeth Warren. I like her a lot because she’s for the middle class, but I find some of her positions too liberal. She would have to move a little to the center for me.

Unlike Clinton, or any of the prospective Republican candidates, Warren has made closing the economic gaps in America her main political priority, in a career that has included standing up for homeowners facing illegal foreclosures and calling for more bankruptcy protections. If she runs, it’ll ensure that those issues take their rightful place at the center of the national political debate.

Some of Warren’s admirers feel she’d be better off fighting for those causes in the Senate — but her opportunities to enact reforms there are shrinking, which should make a presidential run more attractive. As a member of the minority party in the Senate, her effectiveness is now much more limited than when she first won election, since Republicans control the legislative agenda. Democrats face an uphill challenge to reclaim the Senate in 2016 and face even slimmer prospects in the House. For the foreseeable future, the best pathway Warren and other Democrats have for implementing their agenda runs through the White House.

A presidential campaign would test Warren as never before. Her views on foreign policy are not fully formed. And on many other important issues — climate change, gun control, civil rights — Warren could struggle to articulate clear differences between herself and Clinton. That’s a risk she should be willing to take.

It will be interesting to see who will step up and challenge Hillary Clinton. The path to the White House shouldn’t just be handed to another Clinton or another Bush, for that matter.

SMH: Dr. Ben Carson Claims ISIS Dates Back to Jacob and Esau

SMH:  Dr. Ben Carson Claims ISIS Dates Back to Esau in Genesis

SMH: Dr. Ben Carson Claims ISIS Dates Back to Esau in Genesis (Photo Credit: Hugh Hewitt Show Video Screengrab)

Dr. Ben Carson continues to show why he isn’t ready for the national political stage. In a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, he said the Baltics States should get into NATO. Um, they are already a part of NATO. Buffoonery, pure and simple.

Dr. Carson thinks Baltic States aren’t in NATO:

HH: The Baltic states are very nervous, and we have troops in the Baltic states. Ought NATO to be willing to go to war if Putin attempts in the Baltic states anything like he’s attempted in Ukraine?

BC: I think they would be willing to go to war if they knew that they were backed up by us. I think part of the problem throughout the world right now is that our allies cannot be 100% certain that we’re behind them.

HH: And so should we have that sort of commitment, that if Putin makes a move on the Baltic states, we’d go to war?

BC: Well, if we have them involved in NATO. We need to convince them to get involved in NATO and strengthen NATO.

HH: Well, the Baltics, they are in NATO. […]

Ben Carson may know his way around an operating room but he has no clue on U.S. foreign policy, or any other policy for that matter.

Carson claims ISIS dates back to Jacob and Esau:

HH: What do you consider to be their tap root? What is the origin of their rage, in your view?

BC: Well, first of all, you have to recognize they go back thousands and thousands of years, really back to the battle between Jacob and Esau. But it has been a land issue for a very long period of time. Possession is very important to them. And one of the things that we’re doing, I think, incorrectly right now is not recognizing that they are expanding their territory. Not only the land that they’ve taken in Iraq, but what they’ve taken in Syria, they’re creating an Islamic state. And we can bomb it all we want. But unless we actually can take the land back, we’re really not doing them any damage.

HH: Dr. Carson, but you know, Muhammad lives in 632AD, so it’s a 1,300, 1,400 year old religion. How do you go back to Jacob and Esau, which are BC?

BC: I’m just saying that the conflict has been ongoing for thousands of years. This is not anything new, is what I’m saying.

HH: So it’s not specific to the Islamic faith or the Salafist offshoot to the Islamic faith?

BC: Well, the Islamic faith emanated from Esau.

HH: Okay, I would date it to 632, but you’ve got a Biblical connection here that some people may share with you, but I think scholars might dispute.

Wow, so now he’s a Biblical scholar? I didn’t think I would ever say this, but he’s worse than Mr. 9-9-9 Herman Cain. Dear God, please let Ben Carson get the GOP presidential nomination. Any Democratic candidate would beat him by a landslide.

Will Jeb Bush Address Connection to Fugitive Miguel Recarey Jr?

Will Jeb Bush Address Connection to Fugitive Miguel Recarey Jr?

Will Jeb Bush Address Connection to Fugitive Miguel Recarey Jr? (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s connection with a fugitive, Miguel Recarey Jr., is in the news. This is contrary to the squeaky clean image he’s trying to fool us with.

Washington Post:  The [Miguel] Recarey case illustrates aspects of [Jeb] Bush’s business record that are likely to resurface as he moves closer to a campaign for president. Time and again, he benefited from his family name and connections to land a consulting deal or board membership, sometimes doing business with people and companies who would later run afoul of the law.

In the case of Recarey, Bush has said over the years that he “made one call” to a mid-level official to seek a fair deal for a Florida businessman.

But new interviews and a review of congressional testimony show that Bush engaged in multiple calls on Recarey’s behalf to senior administration officials — and that his advocacy made a difference.


One recipient of Bush’s outreach on behalf of Recarey, C. McClain Haddow, then the chief of staff to the secretary of health and human services, Margaret Heckler, told The Washington Post that hearing from the vice president’s son “certainly altered the trajectory of the decision.”

Donald Trump Drops “The Apprentice” to Launch Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Drops "The Apprentice" to Launch Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Drops “The Apprentice” to Launch Presidential Campaign (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Carnival barker Donald Trump reportedly drops his “The Apprentice” show to launch a presidential campaign, WMUR-TV reports. Would love to hear his message to the black community since he insulted then-candidate Barack Obama on so many occasions, even demanding that he release his college transcripts and long-form birth certificate. Yeah, would love to see how he will campaign to “the blacks.”

WMUR-TV reports that Trump will announce his intentions Wednesday. He will reportedly head to New Hampshire on Thursday to attend an event for Rep. Steve Stepanek (R-Amherst). The Union Leader reports he has a team of New York-based political advisors and has hired staff in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. He also hired senior political adviser Corey Lewandowski.

This will be very hilarious to watch since he will believes in his mind that he can become our next POTUS. He will also have to release his tax returns, so it will be interesting to see how much he gives to charity and what his tax rate is. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign will crash and burn just like Rudy Giuliani’s.