Ret. Gen. Colin Powell Says Republican Party has a “Dark Vein of Intolerance”

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Ret. Gen. Colin Powell Slams GOP has a “Dark Vein of Intolerance”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ret. Gen. Colin Powell slammed the GOP Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” saying that “there’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.” Colin Powell pointed to a number of statements directed at President Obama as evidence that there is still racism within the Republican Party.

He singled out former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s “shuck and jive” comment aimed at President Obama’s response to the attacks in Libya:  “When I see a former governor say that the president is ‘shuckin’ and jivin’.’ That’s a racial-era slave term,” he said.

He also took aim at former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, a Romney surrogate, who called the president “lazy” after the first debate. I might also add Sununu also said the president needed to learn how to be an American and that Colin Powell only endorsed him because he’s black. Here’s what Gen. Powell had to say about John Sununu: “He didn’t say he was slow, he was tired, he didn’t do well; he said he was ‘lazy.’ Now, it may not mean anything to most Americans, but to those of us who are African Americans, the second word is “shiftless,” and then there’s a third word that goes along with it.”

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Romney Supporter Wears “Put White Back in White House” Racist T-Shirt to Lancaster OH Campaign Rally

A Romney-Ryan supporter wore a highly offensive t-shirt to a rally in Lancaster, OH, Friday and I am appalled to say this man represents the worst of America. Buzzfeed reports that a Romney spokesperson said the t-shirt was “reprehensible” and had no place in an election. We saw the same offensive behavior during the 2008 presidential election. This comes as a shot was fired at the Obama campaign officer in Denver, Colo. Thankfully no-one was hurt since there were people inside the office.

You see, many in the Republican Party have set the tone for this behavior. When you have someone like Romney advisor John Sununu and Newt Gingrich painting the president as lazy (as in the case of John Sununu) or lacking rhythm and may need to sleep (as uttered by Newt Gingrich) as well as being called a foreigner, what else do you expect from the fringe elements? Not  once did Mitt Romney denounce the whole birther crap coming from Donald Trump. What did he do? Embrace Donald Trump, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others:

Romney Ryan supporter put white back in white house

Romney Supporter Wears Racist T-Shirt, “Putting White Back in White House” to Lancaster OH Campaign Rally (Photo credit: Getty Images)