Donna Donella Fifth Woman to Raise Questions Over Herman Cain’s Behavior

Donna Donella, becomes fifth woman to raise questions over Herman Cain’s behavior, saying he asked her to arrange dinner date with woman who attended 2002 speech in Egypt.

Herman Cain

Donna Donella Fifth Woman to Raise Questions Over Herman Cain's Behavior (Wikipedia)

Herman Cain reportedly asked Donna Donella, former USAID worker,  to set up a dinner date with a woman who attended a speech he gave in Egypt in 2002,  the Washington Examiner is reporting, but when she declined to do so, he allegedly said, “then you and I can have dinner.”

Donna Donella said she felt it was important to describe her encounter with Cain after hearing more serious allegations of sexual harassment brought by other women.

“I couldn’t swear that he had some untoward intentions, but we all thought his tone was suspect and we didn’t feel comfortable putting him in touch with that woman,” Donella recalled.

“I think [Cain] should not be a serious candidate for the presidential nomination because of what I’ve seen,” said Donella, an independent who said she voted for President Obama in 2008 and probably will again next year. “He’s not a person I would want running the country.” Source: Washington Examiner

This is a mess and it has taken an ugly turn, particularly since we can put names to some of the players involved. Yesterday Sharon Bialek leveled damaging accusations of sexual harassment against Cain and now we have another woman, Donna Donella, who felt his behavior was very suggestive. I am no fan of Gloria Allred, who I believe is an ambulance chaser of sorts, but I know she’s calculating, shrewd and wouldn’t pick a fight with Cain if she didn’t believe she had the ace in her pocket.

Could Another Republican Presidential Candidate Enter the 2012 Race?

Matt Latimer: It might be possible for another Republican presidential candidate to enter 2012 race to go up against a weakened President Obama.

The Daily Beast’s Matt Latimer thinks it might be possible for another Republican presidential candidate to enter the 2012 race. Really? Even though filing deadlines have passed in several early states? I guess that would be okay if that person isn’t a right wing evangelical wingnut like Michele Bachmann. On second thought, hell-to-the-no! We don’t want to go through this mess again.

“This year feels very different, as if anything could happen. Who knows: if an establishment favorite like Romney falters early, it is always possible that an entirely new candidate might yet decide to jump into the contest. Hoover, FDR, Kennedy, Nixon, and LBJ each won presidential primaries as write-in candidates. If things continue to be so unsettled, it’s not impossible that someone may decide to repeat that feat in 2012. Just don’t anybody give that idea to Donald Trump.” Source: The Daily Beast

Whether they care to admit it or not, the GOP is in panic-mode because their so-called front runners — Herman Cain, with the “high-tech lynching” he has endured due to that sexual harassment scandal that’s about to torpedo his almost laughable presidential aspirations or Rick Perry, who is fighting rumors he might have been drunk during a recent speech in New Hampshire or flip-flopping Mitt Romney — couldn’t even beat a very weakened President Obama. We certainly don’t need another thin-skinned like Herman Cain or a wingnut like Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul torturing us with their presidential ambitions.