Rev. Jesse Jackson to Seek “Best Humanitarian Relief” US Has to Offer Thomas Eric Duncan

Jesse Jackson Seeks "Best Humanitarian Relief" US Has to Offer Thomas Eric Duncan

Jesse Jackson Seeks “Best Humanitarian Relief” US Has to Offer Thomas Eric Duncan

Rev. Jesse Jackson is in Dallas to make sure Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is getting the best medical care possible. He tweeted that Duncan’s family had appealed to him for help because they “feel he has been shunned,” Fox 4 reports.

Jackson said he plans to offer the family comfort and “seek the best humanitarian relief America has to offer.” He tweeted, “we must kill the disease and not the person.”

He dismisses claims by the Liberian government that Thomas Eric Duncan lied on his travel forms to get to the U.S., saying he doesn’t believe he knew he was exposed. Jackson said, Duncan was simply trying to help the dying pregnant woman and then come to the U.S. to marry Louise Troh.

Jackson told Fox 4, “Thomas deserves the love and the best medical treatment America can afford as has happened for all other Americans who have contracted this terrible disease.” He added, “He must be treated as a patient with all the human rights deserved and not as a criminal.”

“Thomas deserves the love and the best medical treatment American can afford as has happened for all the other Americans who have contracted this terrible disease,” he told FOX 4. “He must be treated as a patient with all the human rights deserved, not as a criminal.”

Duncan is being given the experimental drug brincidofovir after he was downgraded to critical condition at a Dallas hospital.

Here are Rev. Jesse Jackson’s tweets about Thomas Eric Duncan:

Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law Challenged in Federal Lawsuit

Georgia's Stand Your Ground Law Challenged in Federal Lawsuit

Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law Challenged in Federal Lawsuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Georgia’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is being challenged in a federal lawsuit, seeking to declare the controversial law unconstitutional. The complaint was filed Monday in Atlanta by The Rainbow PUSH Coalition, which was founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The lawsuit alleges the 2006 law is applied unevenly and allows people to use deadly force in self-defense as a preventive measure rather than as a last resort, MyFoxAtlanta reports.

Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law says a person is “justified in threatening or using force if he believes it is necessary to protect himself or another person.”

The lawsuit names Gov. Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens as defendants.

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Ronald Reagan Wanted to Ban Blacks from Playing Football with Whites in South

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Ronald Reagan Wanted to Ban Blacks from Playing Football with Whites in South

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Ronald Reagan Wanted to Ban Blacks from Playing Football with Whites in South (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rev. Jesse Jackson, speaking at Furman University in South Carolina, said former president Ronald Reagan wanted to permanently ban blacks from playing both college and professional football with whites in the South.

In the same speech he also alleged that the modern Tea Party was born from efforts to sustain segregation.

“Goldwater and Reagan – had they been successful, it would have been illegal for blacks and whites to play together on a Saturday afternoon,” he said…

In the tirade, recorded by a Furman University student, Jackson went on to claim that if Reagan and former GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater had their way, there would have been no Olympics in Atlanta, and basketball legend Michael Jordan would have been ineligible to play basketball at the University of North Carolina (UNC)…

He repeatedly calling the United States south “the land of the free, the home of genocide,” and suggested that the modern day Tea Party was born from efforts to maintain “the walls” of slavery and segregation.

“The Union, those in the Confederacy sought to maintain the walls [of slavery and segregation of races] and secede from the country, the shots fired at Fort Sumter, the beginning of the Tea Party, the ‘Fort Sumter’ Tea Party, who sought to secede from the union, set their own government, their own currency, sought to ally with France and Britain, to form their own country,” he said.

Gov. Rick Scott Demands Apology From Jesse Jackson for Calling Florida ‘the Selma of Our Time’

Gov. Rick Scott Demands Apology From Jesse Jackson for Calling Florida 'the Selma of Our Time'

Gov. Rick Scott Demands Apology From Jesse Jackson for Calling Florida ‘the Selma of Our Time’ (Photo credit: Biography)

Gov. Rick Scott is demanding an apology from Rev. Jesse Jackson for calling Florida an “Apartheid state” and “the Selma of our time.” While I think Jesse Jackson’s comments were over the top, Rick Scott has a lot to apologize to black Floridians for as well, starting with the mess that ensued during the 2012 presidential elections.

Gov. Scott released the following statement:

“Jesse Jackson owes every Floridian an apology for his reckless and divisive comments. It is unfortunate that he would come to Florida to insult Floridians and divide our state at a time when we are striving for unity and healing.  Floridians are a strong, resilient people. We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson took part in the Dream Defenders sit-in at the state capitol. The student-protesters are in their third week of demonstrations aimed at forcing lawmakers to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law. The sit-ins at Gov. Scott’s office started after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Jackson also likened Gov. Scott to segregationist governor George Wallace and his refusal to allow black students to enroll at the University of Alabama in 1963, until he reached a deal with President Kennedy to allow himself to be carried off the university steps by troops in plain view of the media. Jackson said, “We’ve seen Southern governors before change their minds.” “Wallace said we couldn’t go to the University of Alabama. He had to change his mind.”


Rev. Jesse Jackson Likens Florida Gov. Rick Scott to Segregationist George Wallace

Rev. Jesse Jackson Likens Florida Gov. Rick Scott to Segregationist George Wallace

Rev. Jesse Jackson Likens Florida Gov. Rick Scott to Segregationist George Wallace

Rev. Jesse Jackson labeled Florida’s political environment as ‘toxic’ and likened Gov. Rick Scott to late segregationist George Wallace.

Jackson planned to spend the night with the protesters who are in the midst of their third week of sitting in Scott’s office, demanding that he call a special session to repeal Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground” law. Though initially cited by supporters of Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman, the law wasn’t an element in the trial earlier this month that saw Zimmerman acquitted of shooting and killing Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, in a Sanford gated community.

Jackson said the controversial law was part of a broader discriminatory system against minorities, including voter-disenfranchisement.

“Stand your ground laws must end,” Jackson told reporters. “The manipulation of African-Americans here is disgraceful.” Source: Orlando Sentinel

Fox News’ Juan Williams: Revs. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson Caught Up in 1950s and 1960s

Fox News' Juan Williams: Revs. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson Caught Up in 1950s and 1960s

Fox News’ Juan Williams: Revs. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson Caught Up in 1950s and 1960s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fox News commentator says civil rights leaders like Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are still ‘caught up in the 1950s and ’60s and have made race a business.’ He believes the focus should be on the breakdown of the black family and the need for better schools, saying, “I would talk about drugs, I would talk about that whole thug life, gangster culture that is being encouraged.”

During an appearance on Fox Business Channel’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Williams said, “On the other side of that fence, I understand there are lots of poor black people, poor people of any color in this country, who feel they never get heard from, and when a Sharpton or Jackson shows up, at least the media shows up.” I wonder if Juan Williams realizes that 86 percent of blacks disagree with the Zimmerman verdict in the death of Trayvon Martin?

Williams continued, “But I think it’s bad leadership when you don’t say to people, ‘Here’s what you can do to help yourself. Here’s why we can help you in terms of education, in terms of employment, in terms of family, in terms of faith to take the steps to get up that ladder of upward mobility and enjoy America and benefit from all that America has to offer.”

I am no fan of Jesse Jackson, but I don’t recall hearing about Juan Williams as a foot-soldier in the civil rights movement. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty wrong with Jackson, but Juan Williams hasn’t exactly reached out and helped the black community with regards to the breakdown of the black family, high incarceration rates of black males for petty offenses or pushed for better schools in the inner cities.

On a personal note, my son and his friends were racially profiled by an overzealous homeowners’ association board member in my subdivision. I would love to know how the breakdown of the black family relates to this incident, since my kids like in a two-parent household and he’s not a ‘thug.’ Fox News and all its lackeys, including the black ones, are painting a wide area in a single swipe of the brush. Not every black kid that gets racially profiled is a thug, a troublemaker, smokes marijuana and is from a single parent household.

Sen. Orrin Hatch Questions “Propaganda Posters” Featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson at Labor Department HQ

Trouble for Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Sen. Orrin Hatch is calling for an investigation into Labor Department “propaganda” posters featuring the two so-called civil rights leaders. Um, really? He wants to know if Secretary Hilda Solis broke the law when she placed posters in elevators throughout the Labor Dept. headquarters in Washington D.C., the Daily Caller reported. Didn’t realize he was getting his talking points from Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller.

Those posters featured a photo of Solis marching in protest alongside the Rev. Jesse Jackson and MSNBC television host Rev. Al Sharpton, among others. She was acting as an emissary of the Obama administration protesting against Alabama’s strict new law combating illegal immigration. Solis had her arms locked with Sharpton, and Jackson is a few feet away. The poster also carried a message for federal government employees — who are traditionally expected to be apolitical in the performance of their duties.


On Tuesday, Hatch wrote to the Labor Department’s Deputy Inspector General Daniel Petrole asking him to “investigate this matter thoroughly to determine whether the insertion of these posters violates any federal laws, including the Hatch Act, and whether the Secretary’s message has created a hostile work environment for any federal employees who might have differing political views.”

Hatch said Solis’ “poster campaign” conveys an “overtly political message.” Hatch said he thinks it’s “vital” to make sure “American taxpayers are not subsidizing partisan political messages, particularly during this contentious election season.” He said it’s also important to “ensure that federal government employees are not subjected [to] political propaganda in the workplace.” Source

Be that as it may, it’s time for Orrin Hatch to be put out to pasture. He has worn out his welcome in the U.S. Senate.

Here is how people feel about Orrin Hatch — He should be worried:

Rev. Jesse Jackson Says Blacks are Under Attack, But Domestic Violence Against Women Continues to Rise in U.S.

If you think blacks are “under attack” as Rev. Jesse Jackson said of the Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman, then how do you explain the numerous instances of women being injured or killed in acts of domestic violence? I have read about at least three instances, in the last two days, of women either being killed, raped or beaten by their significant others.

First,  Robert Ashley, 55, was charged with the sexual assault of 82 year old Louella Mosley in her Philadelphia home. The victim and her family came forward one day after he was charged to tell the world about the ordeal she went through at the hands of a monster. Police say, last September, Robert Ashley entered Louella Mosley’s home on South 51st Street, stole money and then raped her. Ashley is charged with rape, robbery and other related offenses. Investigators say he was arrested four times prior to September’s incident, including once for another sexual assault, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Next, Shaima Alawadi, a 32 year old mother of five who migrated from Iraq, was found severely beaten in her El Cajon, Calif., home, with a threatening note saying “go back to your country, you terrorist,” lying next to her. She died yesterday at a local hospital, three days after being attacked with a tire iron by an intruder. The family, who had recently moved to California from Michigan, had previously found another racist note.

Third, Edgar Alfonso Vasquez, 25, of San Leandro, allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Annellie Marie Moreno, to death because she refused to get back with him after the two broke up. Her body was found slumped over in the driver’s seat of her family’s vehicle, parked outside her home Friday evening.

We have covered numerous cases of murder-suicide in the last few months and the trend is very alarming. So, before Rev. Jesse Jackson gets on his high horse and say that blacks are under attack in America, take a look at the statistics for violence against women in this country. There are many cases that go unreported.

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Trayvon Martin Murder: “Blacks are Under Attack” and Obama Victory “Triggered Tremendous Backlash”

Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. discusses funding h...

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Trayvon Martin Murder: "Blacks are Under Attack" and Obama Victory "Triggered Tremendous Backlash"

Rev. Jesse Jackson has entered the uproar over the death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin at the  hands of a wannabe cop George Zimmerman and that is never a good thing. Jesse Jackson said “blacks are under attack in America.” Um, really? That’s such an ugly and divisive thing to say. How many whites have demonstrated on Trayvon Martin’s behalf? Blacks are not under attack in the sense as Jesse Jackson is implying and that’s very unfortunate.

“Blacks are under attack.” African American families are facing record home foreclosures and unemployment. Their children are burdened with student loan debt. States, particularly conservative ones, are passing voter laws that leaders know will disenfranchise blacks and other minorities. Meanwhile, the nation’s prisons are brimming with black faces, he said, and their numbers that suggest that the legal system is quicker to send blacks to prison than whites.

Jackson said gunfire in America continues to be a problem for all Americans — not just blacks. Why, he asked, isn’t America outraged, that far more people die of gun violence in one year in America than the number of soldiers killed in the wars waged in Iraq and Afghanistan? “Our disparities are great,” he said. “Targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business.” Source: LA Times

Jesse Jackson’s comments about blacks being under attack are just as ugly as GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich saying Obama pulled the race card over his comments about the Trayvon Martin murder. If anything, President Obama could have simply said he was sorry and extended his sympathies to the family of the teen and that the legal process will sort it out. I wouldn’t say he was pulling the race card because he is a parent just like many of us, whose son could have met a similar fate.

The reality is that there are problems, many social problems, dogging the black community, including some that Rev. Jesse Jackson hasn’t bothered to champion, such as improving inner city schools and helping these same communities improve. Instead, he has chosen to make a blanket statement about blacks being under attack in America because of the backlash the election of Barack Obama, our first black president, has caused. The reality is Jesse Jackson is a race hustler whose rhetoric shouldn’t be allowed to change the focus of the justice we seek for Trayvon Martin.

Rev. Jesse Jackson: "Poverty Is Bad For Your Health"

In the words of Rev. Jesse Jackson, poverty is bad for your health. I sat in an audience at a recently concluded “State Of The Black Family” summit, organized by The Word Network, and hosted by Greater Grace Temple of Detroit, MI. A panel including Rev. Jackson discussed the state of the black family in America today. The aim of the summit was to highlight issues facing the African American family and what remedies can be applied. I was intrigued at the information presented to the audience. Knowledge is power and if we are to remove ourselves from the bondage of poverty then we must empower and arm ourselves with information. We are all aware of diseases affecting our population.

What we might not have internalized is the extent to which poverty impacts diseases. For example, a person living in an inner city community without reliable transportation has very little options in order to maintain a diet that is healthy and supportive of his wellness goals. The store on the corner is less inclined to carry times such as fresh fruit and vegetables but is armed to the teeth with alcohol, canned goods, foods high in sodium,and low in nutrition. Poverty is bad for your health. Poverty is also a vicious cycle as it afflicts generation after generation of individuals who exist on the edges of society who never have enough to maintain their current situation or to allow for economic empowerment of the next generation.

How do we stop this vicious cycle from afflicting our population? We need programs that offer support and and educational investment among youth of inner city populations.There has to be some community regeneration projects with the underlying intention of making each community economically empowered. Read more: