Sen. Dianne Feinstein to Introduce Bill Banning Assault Weapons

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein to Introduce Bill Banning Assault Weapons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) will introduce a bill to ban assault weapons on Thursday, USA Today reports. Feinstein’s legislation would grandfather in weapons that are owned legally when the ban takes effect and more than 900 firearms used for hunting.

Shortly after President Obama announced a package of gun control proposals, Sen. Feinstein issued a press release reiterating her stance that a bill to “prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices that carry more than 10 rounds,” was necessary. There will be political challenges along the way, but at this juncture, the lawmakers who are for some type of gun control measures have the support of most Americans.  Sen. Feinstein told USA Today,”That doesn’t mean the battle shouldn’t be waged. It’s an uphill battle all the way.”

As you know, the Republicans are in bed with Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. He issued a laughable rebuke of President Obama’s inaugural speech, somehow oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t get to call the shots. Literally and figuratively.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein assault weapons ban

Sen. Dianne Feinstein at press conference about assault weapons ban

UPDATED#1 (01/24/13):  The ban includes 150 weapons, including including some rifles and handguns, as well as the sale of high-capacity magazines. The Democrats are also seeking a national registry.  Here’s a list of the firearms Sen. Feinstein is proposing to ban: She reportedly got special permission to display the guns during the press conference.

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Hate Group Westboro Baptist Church to Celebrate “God Executing Judgement” In Horrific Sandy Hook Massacre

sandy hook shooting victims

Hate Group Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Outside Sandy Hook Elementary School to Celebrate “God Executing His Judgment” in Shooting Massacre.

Right wing hate rears its ugly head again via hate group Westboro Baptist Church, which plans to celebrate “God executing His judgment” in the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre. The group plans to picket outside the school and funerals of six and seven year old kids. What a disgrace.

Here are some tweets from member Shirley Phelps-Roper:

A counter protest is the only way to fight their disgusting protest and mission. Can we let the parents and families grieve in peace for their children and the adults who were senselessly murdered by an animal named Adam Lanza? This is simply beyond words.

Salon: Hacker collective Anonymous were swift to respond, releasing private information of Westboro members including email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. This video, decrying the church for spreading “seeds of hatred.” The video warns, “We will destroy you. We are coming.” Click to watch video:

Mother Jones has an interesting article about more guns, more mass shootings out that speaks volumes to the siege this country has found itself under. Westboro Baptist Church is helping to foment the hatred simmering in some would-be gunmen. We need gun control, not fomenting hatred.

Mother Jones more guns more mass shootings

Mother Jones: More Guns Means More Mass Shootings, Skyrockets in 2012 with Aurora Theater Shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre