George Zimmerman Says He Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently: ‘It Was God’s Plan’ For Me To Kill Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman Says He Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently: ‘It Was God’s Plan’ For Me To Kill Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night and said Trayvon Martin reached for his waistband and it intimidated him. He also said Trayvon Martin wasn’t running, but skipping away from him. He claims Trayvon Martin asked him what was his f*cking problem and punched him one time breaking his nose. He said as soon as he broke his nose he was disoriented and calling for help. He became disoriented and the teen punched him in the head several times — more than a dozen.

He said he feared for his life when Martin was banging his head against the concrete and wanted to get to the grass. He was able to get to the grass by shimming. Um, didn’t he claim he was disoriented? George Zimmerman said Trayvon Martin tried to suffocate him and kept telling him to shut up. He said Trayvon Martin put his hand over his mouth to silence him from shouting. He knew he was talking to the police and wanted the police to hear him. Trayvon Martin isn’t here to give his side of the story. This is bad, really bad.

He said he felt Trayvon Martin moving his hand down his chest to his holster to grab his gun. A lot of thoughts for someone who was disoriented. He is blaming the victim, who isn’t here to speak up for himself. There is no witness to the actual shooting but himself and Trayvon Martin. As usual Sean Hannity is on George Zimmerman’s side. He isn’t asking him tough questions. He’s leading him by the hand like they’re on a date. George Zimmerman said he didn’t realize Trayvon Martin was killed until he went to the police station. Um, big lie.

George Zimmerman says it was in God’s plan for what happened and he wouldn’t have done anything differently. He said he doesn’t regret following the teenager or having the gun. Sean Hannity asked why did he think Trayvon Martin came after him in that way. George Zimmerman couldn’t answer, but blames the media. He said he would tell Trayvon Martin’s parents that he is sorry. He loves his children even though they aren’t born yet. He prays for them daily. He said he would like to talk to them at some point. One thing I will give Sean Hannity is that he doesn’t seem to believe Trayvon Martin pursued George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman said he believes he will prevail in court. He said he did not look over at Trayvon Martin at any time after he shot him. He didn’t know he was dead. Right. “I was scared, nervous after discharging my gun. Worried police would find me and shoot me,” Zimmerman said. He seems to think Rev. Al Sharpton and Spike Lee owe him an apology. Um, as though racial profiling doesn’t exist in this country.

George Zimmerman claims the inmates treated him differently and a few inmates made a sign of strength to him. Really, I wonder if those same inmates would make the same sign if he’s found guilty. What sign of strength? The Klan? Of course he won’t answer questions on the molestation accusation against him but gladly paints himself as the victim and Trayvon Martin as the aggressor.

Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father, said “We must worship a diff god bc no way that MY God would’ve wanted Zimmerman to kill my son.”

Watch George Zimmerman’s interview with Sean Hannity:

Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman’s New Bail Set at $1 Million

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’S BOND SET AT $1 MILLION:  Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. set, Trayvon Martin shooter, George Zimmerman’s new bail at $1 million. That’s $100,000, which he should have from all the donations he received, since his lawyer said he had $211,000 in that account.

So, George Zimmerman walks for now, but this time “tarnished” in the eyes of the judge, who called him a manipulator for lying under oath about his finances, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Zimmerman could have also lied about what really transpired that night when he killed unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman Claims “You Got Me” Were Last Words Trayvon Martin Uttered Before Dying

SANFORD, FL- APRIL 20: George Zimmerman sits o...

George Zimmerman Claims “You Got Me” Were Last Words Trayvon Martin Uttered Before Dying (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

George Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin’s last words were “you got me.” But how do we really know that’s what the decedent said? We only have George Zimmerman’s account of what happened, plus his many, many untruths and half-truths. So, why should I believe someone who was willing to mislead a court of law?

Zimmerman said he stepped out of the car to find a street sign so he could tell police his location. After told by the dispatcher not to pursue Martin, Zimmerman said, “As I headed back to my vehicle, the suspect emerged from the darkness and said ‘you got a problem’ [?] I said ‘No.’ The suspect said ‘you do now.’” Martin then punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground, he said.

Zimmerman said he reached for his gun after Martin “took my head and slammed it against the concrete several times, and each time I thought my head was going to explode and I thought I was going to lose consciousness.” He said that, during their struggle — in which “he tried to smother my mouth and my nose” — his firearm became exposed. At that point, he said he felt Martin’s hand slide down in his chest, and Martin told him, “You’re gonna die tonight, motherfucker.” “In fear for my life as he has assured me he was going to kill me,” Zimmerman wrote he fired one shot into Martin’s torso. Source

While I have no doubt Mr. Zimmerman may have felt threatened for his life, since he was beaten-up by a teenager, I still maintain had he followed the instructions of the 911 dispatcher this would not have happened. Better yet, had he not assumed to be the neighborhood vigilante, he would have never crossed paths with Trayvon Martin, who was minding his own business on his way to his father’s home from the store.

George Zimmerman Written Statement

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Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Fired in the Wake of Trayvon Martin Murder Case

NEWSFLASH:  Sanford FL Police Chief Bill Lee, who came under fire for his department’s handling of the Trayvon Martin murder case, was fired Wednesday. Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte reportedly made the decision to terminate him, spokeswoman Sara Brady said. Lee had submitted a resignation letter in April but city commissioners voted not to accept it. You will recall George Zimmerman was released after killing Trayvon Martin, by invoking the “Stand Your Ground” law. So will the healing begin?


Shellie Zimmerman, Wife of Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Arrested on Perjury Charge

Shellie Zimmerman, Wife of Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Arrested on Perjury Charges

BREAKING NEWS:  Shellie Zimmerman, wife of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, arrested on perjury charge. Judge Kenneth Lester said yesterday that she testified untruthfully. The moral of the story is don’t lie under oath. The cover-up is worse than the crime.

BNONews:  Earlier today, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was contacted by investigators with the Office of State Attorney Angela Corey, 4th Judicial Circuit, who advised a warrant had been issued for Shellie Zimmerman, 25 years of age.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., deputy sheriffs with SCSO arrested Shellie Zimmerman at the location she was residing in Seminole County and transported her to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. She was booked on one count of perjury. Bond is set at $1,000. She is currently in the process of posting bond.

Click to read probable cause document:

Here’s the reaction on Twitter:

Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Back in FL Jail After Judge Kenneth Lester Revokes Bond

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman is back in a Florida jail after Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. revoked his bond over charges he misled the court on money in a Paypal account and having two passports. He will remain behind bars until the judge decides what to do. Judging from the photograph of him surrendering, he seems to have gained some weight.

Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Back in FL Jail Over Misleading Court (Reuters)

Legal experts say George Zimmerman’s credibility could become an issue at trial, since the case hinges on jurors believing Zimmerman’s account of what happened the night in February that Martin was killed. Stranger things have happened in an Orlando court. Remember Casey Anthony, who lied just because she could? Um, she walked.

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Revokes Bond for Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman

BREAKING NEWS:  Judge Kenneth Lester revokes bond for Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman, after state files motion on Friday just before a hearing in Sanford discussing the release of more evidence in the case against the neighborhood watch captain. George Zimmerman must report to Seminole County jail by Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

Prosecutors say Zimmerman misled the court on his finances during a bail hearing that allowed his release on $150,000 bond. Zimmerman’s attorney said several days later that he had discovered his client had raised more than $200,000 from a website. That money wasn’t disclosed at the bond hearing.

Judge Kenneth Lester heard the argument at the evidence hearing because he said the matter was “very serious.”

State prosecutors said on Friday Zimmerman’s wife, Shelley, knew about the PayPal money from his website and lied at the bond hearing when she said she didn’t know of it. State prosecutors said Zimmerman also had another passport he didn’t disclose to the court. Source

Anyone with any commonsense know you don’t lie under oath because the consequences can be quite severe. How do you forget to tell the court you have two passports?

Malcolm X Elementary School in Washington D.C. Declares Friday “Trayvon Martin Day”

Taste The Rainbow

Malcolm X Elementary School in Washington D.C. Declares Friday "Trayvon Martin Day"

Malcolm X Elementary School in Washington D.C. have declared Friday the “Trayvon Martin Day,” in an effort to “educate students and their parents about race relations and social injustice,” ABC 7 reports. The teachers are using the tragedy as part of their “Let’s Keep Our Children Safe” seminar, in the hopes that it will help reduce senseless violence and bullying in the southeast D.C.  community.

Principal J. Harrison Coleman said that every adult who attended the seminar would receive an Arizona Iced Tea and each student would get a bag of Skittles, ABC 7 reports.

While I understand the basic premise of the school administrators’ intentions, isn’t it a little too soon to use Trayvon Martin’s name in such a manner, particularly since the case has not been litigated and a verdict reached in a court of  law? The mere fact that they are giving every adult who attends the seminar an Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles, they are sending the message that George Zimmerman is guilty of the crime, without a verdict being handed down.

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Conservatives Suggest Race War Brewing With Alleged Spike in “Black-on-White” Violence

RACE WAR BREWING:  McKay Coppins: “If you’ve spent much time consuming conservative media lately, you’ve probably learned about a slow-burning ‘race war’ going on in America today. Sewing together disparate data points and compelling anecdotes like the attack in Norfolk, conservative bloggers and opinion-makers are driving the narrative with increasing frequency. Their message: Black-on-white violence is spiking — and the mainstream media is trying to cover it up.”

“Black-on-white” violence is now the new code word to vote for Mitt Romney and not the black guy. What benefit would covering up a hate crime be for the mainstream media? I personally have covered black-on-white, black-on-black and white-on-black crimes for a long time.  Never mind the fact that the right wing media pulled out all the stops to demonize Trayvon Martin who was killed after a possible racial profiling incident by George Zimmerna, a white Hispanic, in Sanford, FL.

Geraldo Rivera to Bill O’Reilly: Trayvon Martin 7-Eleven Tape Shows He was “Dressed in That Thug Wear”

Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Society event...

Geraldo Rivera to Bill O'Reilly: Trayvon Martin 7-Eleven Tape Shows He was "Dressed in That Thug Wear" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Geraldo Rivera hasn’t learned his lesson about demonizing Trayvon Martin as a thug because he wore a hoodie the night he was murdered. He went on the O’Reilly Factor and blasted the victim once again saying the 7-Eleven tape shows Trayvon Martin dressed in “that thug wear.”

“The marijuana is probably a lot less powerful than the surveillance video at the 7/11,” Geraldo Rivera told Bill O’Reilly, and went on to say that the video shows that Martin was “dressed in that thug wear– look at the size of him, he’s not a little kid.” He also found the burden on the defense easier than the prosecution saying “if this young man was a stranger to George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin looks just like people who had been burglarizing and victimizing that neighborhood for the past 6 months.” Nice try Geraldo, but that’s called racial profiling, as Bill O’Reilly accurately pointed out, though he was quick to add he was “playing Devil’s advocate.”

Rivera opined profiling based on “a reasonable comparison” was fair, and that the prosecution would have a problem since George Zimmerman had been overcharged “based on the enormous pressure she was under from every civil rights activist in the United States, including the President.” Bill O’Reilly concluded that Zimmerman could have been “looking for action… he wants to be Inspector Clouseau” after Rivera said both men could have been trying “to do the right thing.” I wonder how Geraldo Rivera would feel if this had happened to an illegal immigrant from Mexico or if that was one of his sons?

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