Hilary Rosen Attacks NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for Not Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Hilary Rosen Attacks NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for Not Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Hilary Rosen Attacks NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for Not Endorsing Hillary Clinton (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Hillary Clinton endorsement

Ready for Hillary leader Hilary Rosen attacked New York City mayor Bill de Blasio for not endorsing Hillary Clinton during an appearance on “Meet the Press.” I’m not sure why Rosen is getting bent out shape. The election isn’t next week. It’s next year.

Hilary Rosen tweeted:

To be honest, I think de Blasio did her a favor. The stench from his recent squabble with the NYPD still reeks and he’s not widely loved in New York City. His opinion doesn’t carry much weight with voters.

Besides, it isn’t smart to make Hillary Clinton’s announcement seem like a coronation. It’s prudent to give other contenders a chance to show what sets them apart from HRC. We know she will be the nominee, but why crown her at this juncture?

“SNL” Mocks Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run Announcement in Cold Open

SNL Mocks Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run in Cold Open

SNL Mocks Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run Announcement in Cold Open (Photo Credit: SNL Video Screengrab)

Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run

“Saturday Night Live” went after Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run announcement in a cold open. She is expected to launch her presidential bid on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, believes that the presidency is hers.

McKinnon and one of Clinton’s advisers, played by Vanessa Byers, decided to record her announcement on a cellphone video in a bid to make her come across a little softer and more approachable. Clinton has had a problem with being able to relate to ordinary voters. Still, Clinton came across as self-centered.

During the skit, Bill Clinton, played by Darrell Hammond, made an appearance. That was pretty funny.

Watch SNL Hillary Clinton presidential run skit:

Rand Paul’s Campaign Slogan: “Defeat the Washington Machine”

Rand Paul's Campaign Slogan:  "Defeat Washington Machine"

Rand Paul’s Campaign Slogan: “Defeat the Washington Machine” (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey/Flickr)

Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign slogan for the 2016 presidential election will be: “Defeat the Washington machine. Unleash the American dream,”Politico reports.

“The slogan, beneath the RANDPAC logo of a torch flame, will be unveiled tomorrow as the senator kicks off a five-day, five-state announcement tour – starting in Kentucky and then going to New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada (plus a Friday night fundraiser in Newport Beach, Calif.). The slogan is designed to set a theme that would work in both the primaries and the general election.”

NAACP Says Mitt Romney’s Agenda At Odds with What It Stands For, Including Affordable Health Care


NAACP Says Mitt Romney’s Agenda At Odds with What It Stands For, Including Affordable Health Care (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP, issued a statement following Mitt Romney’s speech at their annual convention this morning, saying: “This morning Governor Romney laid out his policy agenda for this nation. Unfortunately, much of his agenda is at odds with what the NAACP stands for – whether the issue is equal access to affordable health care, reforming our education system or the path forward on marriage equality. We appreciate that he was courageous and took the opportunity to speak with us directly.” Damn, he just wasted his time going there to speak, didn’t he.

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Obama Clarifies “Private Sector Doing Fine” Comment, While Romney Ignores Owner of Iowa Restaurant Used for Roundtable Meeting

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Obama Clarifies "Private Sector Doing Fine" Comment, While Romney Ignores Owner of Iowa Restaurant Used for Roundtable Meeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday was another tough day for President Obama, particularly after he said the private sector was fine. The right pounced like a pack of hyenas fighting over a gazelle in the Serengeti, only to have him backtracking faster than Usain Bolt in a 100m dash. There was reminiscent of then-GOP presidential candidate John McCain saying the economy was fine when all hell was breaking loose around him. As I have said before, I am very disappointed that President Obama can’t seem to find his footing in this election cycle, quite the opposite of the 2008 presidential campaign. That hope and change thingy gone, gone, gone. I am also disheartened because Mitt Romney isn’t the person we need in the White House either. Imagine using a restaurant for a roundtable discussion and not having the common decency to speak with the owners of that restaurant? That’s exactly what Mitt Romney did to Dianne Bauer, who said “the Secret Service said they would ask to make sure we got to be introduced and get a picture. I don’t care as much about the picture but at least let me meet the guy who I tore my place up for.”

President Obama blamed everyone else for the economic woes we face than to take some responsibility for his role since he took office during the press conference. He inherited a truck load of sh*t from the previous administration, but now he owns it and has to figure out a way to get people back to work, but as you know, the sole mission of many in the Republican Party is to ensure that he’s a one-term president, and that’s exactly what they are doing by saying “my way or the highway” with Obama. There’s also another facet to Obama’s dilemma — Obama himself. I don’t know if it’s inexperience or naivete, but he doesn’t recognize the power of his office and is relegating himself to always being on the offensive. President Obama, how about you stand up and act like the most powerful man in the world instead of like a Waffler-in-Chief? Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

Today, we’re fighting back from the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  After losing jobs for 25 months in a row, our businesses have now created jobs for 27 months in a row — 4.3 million new jobs in all.  The fact is job growth in this recovery has been stronger than in the one following the last recession a decade ago.  But the hole we have to fill is much deeper and the global aftershocks are much greater.  That’s why we’ve got to keep on pressing with actions that further strengthen the economy.

Right now, one concern is Europe, which faces a threat of renewed recession as countries deal with a financial crisis.  Obviously this matters to us because Europe is our largest economic trading partner.  If there’s less demand for our products in places like Paris or Madrid it could mean less businesses — or less business for manufacturers in places like Pittsburgh or Milwaukee.

The good news is there is a path out of this challenge.  These decisions are fundamentally in the hands of Europe’s leaders, and fortunately, they understand the seriousness of the situation and the urgent need to act.  I’ve been in frequent contact with them over the past several weeks, and we know that there are specific steps they can take right now to prevent the situation there from getting worse.

In the short term, they’ve got to stabilize their financial system.  And part of that is taking clear action as soon as possible to inject capital into weak banks.  Just as important, leaders can lay out a framework and a vision for a stronger eurozone, including deeper collaboration on budgets and banking policy.  Getting there is going to take some time, but showing the political commitment to share the benefits and responsibilities of a integrated Europe will be a strong step.


Last September, I sent Congress a detailed jobs plan full of the kind of bipartisan ideas that would have put more Americans back to work.  It had broad support from the American people.    It was fully paid for.  If Congress had passed it in full, we’d be on track to have a million more Americans working this year.  The unemployment rate would be lower.  Our economy would be stronger.

Of course, Congress refused to pass this jobs plan in full. They did act on a few parts of the bill — most significantly the payroll tax cut that’s putting more money in every working person’s paycheck right now.  And I appreciate them taking that action.  But they left most of the jobs plan just sitting there. And in light of the headwinds that we’re facing right now, I urge them to reconsider.  Because there’s steps we can take right now to put more people back to work.  They’re not just my ideas; they’re not just Democratic ideas — they’re ideas that independent, nonpartisan economists believe would make a real difference in our economy.

Keep in mind that the private sector has been hiring at a solid pace over the last 27 months.  But one of the biggest weaknesses has been state and local governments, which have laid off 450,000 Americans.  These are teachers and cops and firefighters.  Congress should pass a bill putting them back to work right now, giving help to the states so that those layoffs are not occurring.

In addition, since the housing bubble burst, we’ve got more than a million construction workers out of work.  There’s nothing fiscally responsible about waiting to fix your roof until it caves in.  We’ve got a lot of deferred maintenance in this country.  We could be putting a lot of people back to work rebuilding our roads, our bridges, some of our schools.  There’s work to be done; there are workers to do it.  Let’s put them back to work right now.

The housing market is stabilizing and beginning to come back in many parts of the country.  But there are still millions of responsible homeowners who’ve done everything right but still struggle to make ends meet.  So, as I talked about just a few weeks ago, let’s pass a bill that gives them a chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage and taking advantage of these historically low rates.  That’s something we can do right now.  It would make a difference.

Instead of just talking a good game about job creators, Congress should give the small business owners that actually create most of the new jobs in America a tax break for hiring more workers.

These are ideas that, again, have gotten strong validation from independent, nonpartisan economists.  It would make a difference in our economy.  And there’s no excuse for not passing these ideas.  We know they can work.

Now, if Congress decides, despite all that, that they aren’t going to do anything about this simply because it’s an election year, then they should explain to the American people why.  There’s going to be plenty of time to debate our respective plans for the future.  That’s a debate I’m eager to have.  But right now, people in this town should be focused on doing everything we can to keep our recovery going and keeping our country strong.  And that requires some action on the part of Congress.  So I would urge them to take another look at some of the ideas that have already been put forward.


Q    What about the Republicans saying that you’re blaming the Europeans for the failures of your own policies?

THE PRESIDENT:  The truth of the matter is that, as I said, we’ve created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone.  The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government — oftentimes, cuts initiated by governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in. 

And so, if Republicans want to be helpful, if they really want to move forward and put people back to work, what they should be thinking about is, how do we help state and local governments and how do we help the construction industry.  Because the recipes that they’re promoting are basically the kinds of policies that would add weakness to the economy, would result in further layoffs, would not provide relief in the housing market, and would result, I think most economists estimate, in lower growth and fewer jobs, not more.

So, while the Republicans couldn’t wait to pounce on Obama for his “private sector doing fine” comment, what are their proposals on how to fix the economy and get people back to work? Mitt Romney said we don’t need any more teachers, police officers or fire men. Um, has he looked the the escalating gun violence across this country? Isn’t this the person who said he has “walked the same streets” as the people on Main Street? Surely he would have known that many teachers are faced with growing classrooms and unable to devote adequate time to each student. Surely he would have known that some cities have reduced their police presence due to budget cuts, while criminals run rampant. Mitt Romney keeps saying he understands how to fix things. Really? He wasn’t the “big job creator” he brags about. Just take a look at his record as governor of Massachusetts. Newsflash Mitt, the U.S. isn’t the Winter Olympics. Neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney is the right person to lead this country for obvious reasons, but I will stick with the lesser of two evils for the next four years. Yeah, the thrill has been long gone with Obama, but Mitt Romney doesn’t give me any reason to be excited about his candidacy.

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Anemic Economic Recovery Could Shape Presidential Campaign by Making Race All About Obama’s Handling of Economy

The weak unemployment could end up being a milestone around the necks of President Obama and the Democratic Party and giving a win to Mitt Romney and the Republicans in November if things don’t turn around, fast. Jobless benefits are running out for the long-term unemployed, including Rhode Island, West Virginia and New York. Five million Americans remain out of work for six months or longer. This is a weak jobs recovery and it could work against the Democrats.

New York Times: “The weak employment report on Friday held the potential to reshape the presidential campaign, members of both parties said, lifting Mitt Romney’s efforts to make the race all about President Obama’s handling of the economy and making it harder for Democrats to break through in their efforts to define Mr. Romney on their terms.”

Washington Post: “Friday’s dismal jobs report and some unexpected words from Bill Clinton delivered a bracing reminder to President Obama and his advisers that the election remains primarily a referendum on his record and that their path to victory may lie less in trying to discredit Republican Mitt Romney and more in winning a battle of ideas with their Republican rival.”

I am sure Rev. Al Sharpton is ticked off at Bill Clinton for pulling a Cory Booker move in a roundabout way, by giving some credit to the Republican presidential candidate. Nothing the Clintons do is by accident and this was a wake-up call to Obama that you can’t possibly think you’ll coast to an easy victory in November.

We can’t lose sight of the fact that the anemic economic recovery could shape the campaign and take Obama off message to the benefit of Mitt Romney. The black community has been hit harder than any other race, with unemployment numbers for May coming in at 13.6%. I don’t understand why more blacks haven’t come out and voiced their concern or displeasure that the Obama administration has done nothing for this voting bloc or has even given us the time of day by campaigning in a black community. On the flip-side, Obama needs to remind the electorate that he inherited a mess and it will take more than four years to literally rise from the wreckage.

Mitt Romney Surrogate and Birther Donald Trump Takes Credit for His ‘Substantially Rising Poll Numbers’

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Mitt Romney Surrogate and Birther Donald Trump Takes Credit for His 'Substantially Rising Poll Numbers' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carnival barker Donald Trump takes credit for Mitt Romney “alleged” rise in the polls, saying it was the media attention he drew for Romney that led to a spike in the polls for him, NBC News reports.

Donald Trump: “I think he got the headline on a day where I did get a lot of press, and interestingly, since then, his poll numbers have gone up very substantially. So I really think, and he really thinks, that the press has helped and it’s been good.”

Um, is he talking about his birther comments? I don’t see where Mitt Romney got a big jump in any polls. But here’s my advice for Mitt Romney, if you want to lose credibility on other fronts, other than your usual flip-flopping, by all means allow your surrogate Donald Trump to keep drawing media attention to you. Keep the birther thingy going, please, you pompous windbag.

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Inventor YaVaughnie Wilkins Taking the Business World by Storm with Innovative New Products, “Glamorous Lie” Documentary

YaVaughnie WilkinsTaking the Business World by Storm with Innovative New Products (YAVAWI Enterprises)

Black inventors are a rare breed in our society and naturally, my interest was piqued when I heard about YaVaughnie Wilkins’ revolutionary bathroom tissue roller, ReJUVENESCENCE, which debuted online late last year. ReJUVENESCENCE is heading for store shelves in the next few months. YaVaughnie Wilkins, who served in the U.S. military for a short period of time, is no stranger to innovation.  She has several projects in the pipeline, including more products. I found YaVaughnie’s story riveting and wanted to share the very essence of this rising black female entrepreneur with our readers. In many respects, the issues she grappled with as a child and even in adulthood are similar to what many women faced growing up and even as adults themselves.

So, what is ReJUVENESCENCE? It is a tissue roller filled with beads soaked in “sophisticated, long-lasting essential oils.” “They are made in America of recyclable material and covered perforations on each roller allow users to control the amount of fragrance released.” The line also includes candles and scented kitchen towel holders, and both come in three natural scents, “Wild Orchid, Moonflower and Spice,” according to a recent press release.  YaVaughnie recently made waves at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards when ReJUVENESCENCE took part in the Connected Gift Rooms’ pre-Kids’ Choice Awards suite. The products were part of the celebrity experience venue, part shopping mall and part teen radio show, with dozens of celebrities sampling products from over 30 vendors. ReJUVENESCENCE received the endorsements of former NFL player Matt Leinart, actor Scott Baio, “Modern Family” young actor Nolan Gould, “A.N.T. Farm’s” Sierra McCormick and many others.

YAVAWI Enterprises Presents ReJUVENESCENCETissue Rollers (YAVAWI Enterprises)

There is more to YaVaughnie Wilkins than her revolutionary bathroom rollers and I was in for a real treat when I spoke with her late last month. YaVaughnie juggles three enterprises under YAVAWI Enterprises LLC umbrella. The companies are:  Follow Thru, LLC, which deals with product development and is the home of ReJUVENESCENCE™; Free Spirit Rider, which YaVaughnie describes as an “open forum for research and discussion on public affairs for politics, social issues, economics and current laws.”  Next up is 21 Yellow Tulips, an independent production and publishing company. She is currently working on a feature-length documentary “The Glamorous Lie,” which tells her story of overcoming adversity. YaVaughnie rose like a phoenix from the seemingly insurmountable obstacles she faced,  stepping out of the shadows of notoriety, from an irretrievably broken relationship influenced by her childhood, and from the long struggle to find happiness and success. She is also working on her second book, a non-fiction thriller, AUGUST, which details “how the liberty and career of a Wall Street executive are saved at the great sacrifice and expense of those deceived into loyalty and conspiracy.” YaVaughnie also has a children’s book in the works, as well as another documentary, Dot.Com, which focuses on the period leading up to the tech industry meltdown from 1996-2000.

So, who is YaVaughnie Wilkins? She is a role-model and a mover-and-shaker for not just black women, but all women. She embodies what America is all about, from her rich biracial heritage, to her business acumen and her determination to succeed and innovate. That is the reason why I reached out to YaVaugnie Wilkins. Her story is compelling and speaks to the power of hard work and the will to succeed in the face of adversity. We need more INNOVATORS in the black community and we salute YaVaughnie Wilkins for her accomplishments. When I asked her about being a role model, YaVaughnie was modest, but realized this was an awesome and powerful responsibility. She said, she has a handful of women in her life and doesn’t know where she would have been without these women. She said it is a daunting responsibility and wants to do the right thing because so many people are watching.

YaVaughnie  exuded so much enthusiasm when we talked about turning an idea into a product, as she did with ReJUVENESCENCE. She is very proud of the products she has taken to market and has more exciting things in the pipeline. Black innovators are a rare breed, particularly black female innovators. YaVaughnie has learned a great deal from the process of taking of applying for a patent, which can be quite daunting, but rewarding once it comes to fruition.

I was especially interested in the process of moving a concept from idea to product. She said she thought of the product and went to a patent attorney to ascertain what the process entailed. She said she decided to do the research herself, to reduce the cost, and included a review of prior art, meaning conducting a thorough research of all the different types of air fresheners, scented toilet paper rollers, etc. The lawyer then files the patent application and then the rest is on the U.S. Patent Office, which could take from one to three years to grant or reject the patent application. She said the process is daunting and expensive, but if you do the research yourself, that reduces some of the costs. Next up is the prototype and then the actual product will be produced once everything falls into place. Once that’s all done, you are ready to take the next step, to find a manufacturer and then get it to market.

Kudos to YaVaughnie for sticking to the “Made in America” mantra that has eluded us in recent years. Her products are manufactured in the U.S. and not in China or any other country, and the products uphold the highest levels of social responsibility to the environment. YaVaughnie and her team are working to get ReJUVENESCENCE into stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Nordstrom, but her “ultimate goal is to license” the products to other companies such as hotels, customized to their needs. She is also working to get on “Shark Tank” to get promotional backing from one of the “sharks” at the end of May.

The current political landscape also  featured prominently in our discussion, from a business perspective. She said she was very disappointed that the two people we have to choose from aren’t people she would readily support on the ballot. She said the process of choosing a candidate has turned her off because the decision will have been made for her once it gets to California, due to the primary process. Many voters have expressed the same reservations about both President Obama and the presumptive GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

YaVaughnie also gives a portion of her proceeds to charities such as the Rape Trauma Services of San Mateo County, the Gay and Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, the National Society of Black Engineers and the National Black Child Development Institute, because most represent issues she dealt with while growing up. She recalled being molested as a child and said that dogged her for many years, even playing a role in how she viewed herself and the relationships she had with men. Though the molestation was horrific, she has grown from it as a person and won’t allow herself to be abused by anyone. She also talked about her mother and the domestic violence she endured, as well as the woman she became, largely shaped by those experiences. YaVaughnie Wilkins is the embodiment of the American dream and what one can achieve with hard work, dedication, tenacity and surrounding oneself with the right people. We urge you to listen to this riveting interview and tell your friends about YaVaughnie Wilkins and what she’s doing. She’s one bad Sistah!

Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell Won’t Endorse Obama Reelection Tactics, Tells MSNBC’s Chris Matthews “Either/Or”

Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell refused to endorse the Obama campaign tactics when questioned by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Tuesday. Wow, is Ed Rendell fast becoming another turncoat like some consider Newark Mayor Cory Booker for slamming Obama reelection tactics as “nauseating” and Harold Ford Jr.?

Chris Matthews: “Governor Rendell, big question. Are you with the Obama campaign as it’s being run right now, or are you against it?”

Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell: “Well … either/or.”

Well, it depends where you stand on the issues to say whether or not Ed Rendell refused to back the Obama campaign, but if he chose not to, that’s interesting because he is from the state of Pennsylvania which has traditionally gone to the Democratic presidential candidate in a general election.

It’s also interesting to note Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)also refused to throw Bain Capital under a bus. In fact, he told CNN’s John King  he has friends at Bain Capital and respects the company:

It’s not about whether Bain is good or bad. I have friends at Bain. I have people who supported the other candidate in my own campaign, so I respect what Bain does, and its role in the free market system, but we need somebody who understands that there are multiple bottom lines and that’s what we have in President Obama.

I know Ed Rendell was a big Hillary Clinton supporter, but isn’t it time to get off that bus? Well, I can’t say I disagree with Cory Booker’s initial comment about the negative campaigning. I was dismayed that he backtracked. It’s time both candidates recognize there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed. If anything, the Democrats fleeing Obama on the Bain Capital slam shows he isn’t really in control of his party. It is also interesting to note Colin Powell, a Republican who crossed party lines to vote for then-candidate Obama in 2008 is on the fence about who he will endorse this November.

Here is the reaction on Twitter:

Watch Chris Matthews Question Ed Rendell:

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Cory Booker Upset at Being Used by GOP for “Nauseating” Obama Reelection Tactics Slam

Image representing Cory Booker as depicted in ...

Cory Booker Upset at Being Used by GOP for "Nauseating" Obama Reelection Tactics Slam (CrunchBase)

The Cory Booker “nauseating” slam on Obama reelection tactics lives another day…. Mayor Booker, spoke to  Rachel Maddow Monday night about being the Romney campaign’s shield for Presdent Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital, saying:

“I am very upset that I am being used by the GOP this way and it’s, uh, while I thought today I was going to be quiet, I’ve been pushed so far that you are going to hear a lot from me to the extent possible and to the extent that President Obama and his campaign want to hear from me.”

First Read notes “while Republicans have made Cory Booker their new hero in the battle over Bain, it’s worth remembering that will only go so far. Booker, clearly nervous about how this episode is playing with base Democrats.”

Herein lies the problem for Cory Booker — he has benefited tremendously from Bain Capital during his 2002 run for the mayoral race. In fact, a significant amount of the money he raised was derived form Bain Capital executives and investors.  According to Think Progress,  Booker also created the “Booker Team for Newark” committee which received over $15,000 in donations from Bain Capitals Managing Directors, Joshua Bekenstein and Mark Nunnelly.

There was far more to Booker’s “nauseating” slam than meets the eye. He knew exactly why he went to bat for Bain Capital — money. Well, I would love to see how he wiggles out of this faux pas. This is playing nicely into the hands of the Republicans. Um, he has become the poster boy in the Bain Capital fight. I would venture to say, his rising star stature in the Democratic Party may be dimming fast. Cory Booker is comparable to the little kid you didn’t tell secrets to because he will blurt it out. In closing, I wouldn’t go as far as calling Cory Booker a traitor to the Democratic Party. He told the truth, the mudslinging on both sides is nauseating and I wouldn’t have walked that back. Where he’s running into problems is his association with Bain Capital and his real feelings about President Obama’s reelection bid.

UPDATE#1 (05/22/12):  The Obama campaign seems to be engaging in a cover-up of sorts and it reminds me of the Shirley Sherrod knee-jerk action they took. I watched Brook Baldwin on CNN yesterday when Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt appeared and said quite clearly that the campaign didn’t reach out to Cory Booker to walk-back his slam against Obama reelection campaign tactics. Well, that’s not quite how the story really goes. Booker said while appearing on MSNBC last night that the campaign had reached out to him. Guess what, Ben LaBolt clarified his CNN interview earlier today by saying it was a DNC official, not a campaign official who contacted Cory Booker and no-one had asked him to retract his criticize or clean it up. Um, someone’s lying….

Cory Booker on Rachel Maddow Show: