SMH: John Boehner to Sue Obama for Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay

john boehner crying1 350x193 SMH:  John Boehner to Sue Obama for Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay

John Boehner to Sue Obama for Obamacare Employer Mandate Delay

The GOP clown car just keeps on rolling….Just when you think Congressional Republicans couldn’t sink any lower with their obstructionist tactics, John Boehner just outdid himself. He now plans to sue President Obama for not imposing the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act fast enough. Yes, fast enough. But wait, didn’t we have a government shutdown led by Teabagger Sen. Ted Cruz over defunding Obamacare? You can’t make this stuff up:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Thursday revealed that he plans to sue President Barack Obama for his unilateral delay of the Obamacare employer mandate.

The Speaker unveiled a two-page bill that he plans to advance through the House, declaring a right of action to sue the president for exceeding his authority.

“Today we’re releasing a draft resolution that will authorize the House to file suit over the way President Obama unilaterally changed the employer mandate,” Boehner said in a statement. “In 2013, the president changed the health care law without a vote of Congress, effectively creating his own law by literally waiving the employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it. That’s not the way our system of government was designed to work. No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own.”

Um, if they succeed in their lawsuit, doesn’t it mean that Obamacare will be implemented faster? But didn’t they want this repealed? Wow. What geniuses we have representing us. LOL.

The White House Press Secretary issued a statement:

It is disappointing that Speaker Boehner and Congressional Republicans have decided to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a political stunt. At a time when Washington should be working to expand economic opportunities for the middle class, Republican leaders in Congress are playing Washington politics rather than working with the President on behalf of hardworking Americans. As the President said today, he is doing his job – lawsuit or not – and it’s time Republicans in Congress did theirs.

Hogwash: Is Obama Planning to Snub Hillary Clinton, Back Elizabeth Warren in 2016?

elizabeth warren hillary clinton 350x178 Hogwash: Is Obama Planning to Snub Hillary Clinton, Back Elizabeth Warren in 2016?

Hogwash: Is Obama Planning to Snub Hillary Clinton, Back Elizabeth Warren in 2016? (Photo Credit: Daily Kos)

The New York Post is out with an article claiming President Obama has quietly given his word to Sen. Elizabeth Warren that he will back her over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nominee. Um, there are all kinds of problems with that theory. For starters, just think back to the 2012 presidential election when Bill Clinton rescued Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention.

President Obama has quietly promised Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren complete support if she runs for president — a stinging rebuke to his nemesis Hillary Clinton, sources tell me.

Publicly, Obama has remained noncommittal on the 2016 race, but privately he worries that Clinton would undo and undermine many of his policies. There’s also a personal animosity, especially with Bill Clinton, that dates from their tough race six years ago.

A former Harvard law professor and administration aide, Warren would energize the left wing of the Democrat Party just as Obama did againstClinton in 2008.

Thanks to her outspoken stand against big banks and the top 1 percent, Warren is the darling of progressives. She won her Senate seat thanks to millions of dollars in donations from outside Massachusetts, including from rich environmentalists and Hollywood celebrities.


The Clintons have come through for President Obama time and time again. Even when he getting a huge black eye over Obamacare. Bill Clinton went to bat for him, even showing up at a press conference. So, no, I don’t believe Barack Obama would go with Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton.

Obama has authorized his chief political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to conduct a full-court press to convince Warren to throw her hat into the ring.

In the past several weeks, Jarrett has held a series of secret meetings with Warren. During these meetings, Jarrett has explained to Warren that Obama is worried that if Hillary succeeds him in the White House, she will undo many of his policies.

He believes that the populist Warren is the best person to convince the party faithful that Hillary is out of touch with poor Americans and the middle class. Warren, in his view, would carry on the Obama legacy after he leaves the White House.

Besides, is there really much difference between the two women and their political ideology? Heck no. Hillary Clinton is just as liberal as Elizabeth Warren. The only difference is that she’s a heckuva lot shrewder that Warren. Let’s not underestimate the Clinton machine. President Obama owes them big. How about taking a good look at Gov. Martin O’Malley as a possible Democratic presidential candidate?

Marion Barry Tweets Denial of “Freedom to Washington D.C. is Flat-Out Racist”

marion barry 350x245 Marion Barry Tweets Denial of Freedom to Washington D.C. is Flat Out Racist

Marion Barry Tweets Denial of “Freedom to Washington D.C. is Flat-Out Racist” (Credit: Wikimedia)

Marion Barry, former Washington D.C. mayor, went on a epic fourth of July rant and speech by Frederick Douglass about freedom and the lack of statehood for the district.

Barry tweeted:  “So before  you grab that hot dog to celebrate someone else’s freedom, you should know that as a DC resident you are NOT,” characterizing that Washington D.C. was “colonized.”


First Lady Michelle Obama: Nothing Cooler Than Having a Good Education

michelle obama essence 347x450 First Lady Michelle Obama: Nothing Cooler Than Having a Good Education

First Lady Michelle Obama: Nothing Cooler Than Having a Good Education

First Lady Michelle Obama was featured on the cover of the latest issue of Essence magazine. She discussed her family life and stressed the importance of a good education. FLOTUS is promoting a new initiative, Reach Higher, that encourages post-high school education.

“The people we admire in our society today are athletes, singers, reality stars. You don’t see teachers an doctors and lawyers revered in the same way,” Obama said. “So, naturally, kids gravitate to what they think is cool. But one of the things I’ve tried to tell my girls, and try to tell all the children I talk to, is that there is nothing cooler than having a good education. Education is going to open the doors to the opportunities that are going to give you the freedom later on in life to make really cool choices – like having a good job, being able to own a home, being able to take vacations and travel the world. That’s what being cool is.”


Immigration Reform DOA, President Obama to Use Executive Order on Fixes

white house1 350x259 Immigration Reform DOA, President Obama to Use Executive Order on Fixes

Immigration Reform DOA, President Obama to Use Executive Order on Fixes (Credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican Party wants the Hispanic vote, but they have no desire to fix the broken immigration system.  Roll Call reports, “The White House is throwing in the towel on a comprehensive immigration bill this year after Speaker John Boehner told Obama last week that he will not allow a vote in the House.” 

President Obama said he was tired of waiting on the Congress to act on immigration reform and would act on his own. Um, watch for the name-calling from the GOP — “Imperialist president” and “Monarch Obama.”

President Obama also wrote a letter to Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell addressing the situation at Rio Grande Valley areas where illegal immigrants have been streaming into the U.S. Here’s an excerpt:

While we are working across all of these channels, to execute a fully effective Government-wide strategy as the influx of migrants continues, we are eager to work with the Congress to ensure that we have the legal authorities to maximize the impact of our efforts.  Initially, we believe this may include:

• providing the DHS Secretary additional authority to exercise discretion in processing the return and removal of unaccompanied minor children from non-contiguous countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador; and

• increasing penalties for those who smuggle vulnerable migrants, like children.

In addition, we will request congressional action on emergency supplemental appropriations legislation to support:

• an aggressive deterrence strategy focused on the removal and repatriation of recent border crossers;

• a sustained border security surge through enhanced domestic enforcement, including interdiction and prosecution of criminal networks;

• a significant increase in immigration judges, reassigning them to adjudicate cases of recent border crossers, and establishing corresponding facilities to expedite the processing of cases involving those who crossed the border in recent weeks;

• a stepped up effort to work with our Central American partners to repatriate and reintegrate migrants returned to their countries, address the root causes of migration, and communicate the realities of these dangerous journeys; and

• the resources necessary to appropriately detain, process, and care for children and adults.


Do-Nothing Congress Upset ‘Imperial President’ Obama Defiant on Executive Orders

obama imperial donkey hotey 350x218 Do Nothing Congress Upset Imperial President Obama Defiant on Executive Orders

Do-Nothing Congress Bristles After President Obama Calls John Boehner Lawsuit a ‘Stunt’ (Credit: Donkey Hotey)

‘Imperial President’ Barack Obama is calling the bluff of the Republican Party, most notably Mr. Do Nothing, House Speaker John Boehner’s threatened lawsuit. Well, guess who can’t stand it? The Republicans. They are still pushing the “imperial presidency” line because Obama said if the Congress won’t work with him, he’ll go it alone. Um, I wonder how long will it take for them to realize they aren’t dealing with a Congressional page, but the president of the United States who has been afforded certain rights along with the job, which includes using executive orders?

Don’t get me wrong, I have been upset with President Obama’s hands-off approach to dealing with many problems, but I can’t fault him for using executive orders to get around Congress. Didn’t former president George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan use that power more than he has? The right wing have a case of amnesia. That’s it. Amnesia. They say President Obama is blaming others for his troubles. Um, didn’t Sen. Mitch McConnell proudly proclaim his mission was to make Obama a one-term president? So, that failed and now we are hearing about the “Obama Monarchy.”

You see, President Obama has a knack for bringing his case directly to the American people and that’s what he did on Friday. He told an enthusiastic crowd in Minneapolis, “the only holdout standing in the way of change for tens of millions of Americans are some Republicans.” Can you say immigration reform, jobs bill, extending unemployment benefits, raising the minimum wage, and so on?

Obama added, “I just want to be real blunt. If you watch the news, you just see, OK, Washington is a mess. And the basic attitude is everybody is just crazy up there. But if you actually read the fine print, it turns out the things you actually care about are the things the Democrats are promoting. And we’re just not getting enough help.”

Of course, right wing sites like Truth Revolt are upset that the President is calling out the Republicans. Daring the Democrats to complain about the term ‘imperial.’ I guess it’s business as usual for them to call him all manner of names and blame him for their abysmal approval numbers, but take offense to him pointing the finger at their inaction. You know Republicans are losing the argument when some over at Fox News are calling them out. Take Neil Cavuto’s shoutfest with Tea Party nutcase Rep. Michele Bachmann, for example. He dismissed John Boehner’s threatened lawsuit as a charade.

President Obama chided the Republicans saying, “They don’t do anything! Except block me. And, and, and, call me names. And it can’t be that much fun. It’d be so much more fund if they said, “you know what, let’s do something together.” If they were more interested in growing the economy for you, and the issues that you’re talking about, instead of trying to mess with me, then we’d be doing a lot better.” Yeah, so calling Obama the ‘imperial president’ is very childish but continue to watch the Republicans deflect from solving the issues confronting Americans by throwing the kitchen sink and everything else at him.

President Obama Calls John Boehner’s Threatened Lawsuit a “Stunt”

obama abc news 350x169 President Obama Calls John Boehners Threatened Lawsuit a Stunt

President Obama Calls John Boehner’s Threatened Lawsuit a “Stunt”

President Obama isn’t caving in to the latest Republican Party sideshow of a threatened lawsuit over his executive orders. He called House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit threat a “stunt” and said he’s not going to apologize for being the president. It’s a sad day when even a Fox News host finds the threatened lawsuit a waste of time. Yeah, Neil Cavuto got in a shoutfest with wingnut Rep. Michele Bachmann earlier in the week.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News on Thursday, President Obama tossed the ball right back in John Boehner’s lap, saying he refuses to apologize for trying to get something done while they do nothing. I think Boehner and his colleagues fail to realize that the president has tools at his disposal, such as executive orders, that he can use in his authority as president.

Watch the interview:

John Boehner says, “We elected a President we didn’t elect a monarch or a king.” President Obama’s response to that comment was simply, “I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something while they’re doing nothing.” In short, Barack Obama is legally able to take some actions in his capacity as president and he’s not going to run from that just because Republicans are playing politics.

Obama  added, “You notice that he didn’t specifically say what exactly he was objecting to.”

The fact is, John Boehner is certainly not credible, since he couldn’t even get his own bill passed in the House. So, threatening to sue the president for using executive orders is laughable and asinine, at best. This was nothing more than an attempt to intimidate Obama and he’s fighting back.

Obama was told John Boehner claimed the lawsuit was over him not faithfully executing the law. President Obama emphatically said, “the suit is a stunt.”

The Republican Party has spent the last six years trying to derail every move President Obama makes, no matter how small and trying to make it seem that the George W. Bush presidency was great for the country, with Iraq and Afghanistan now blamed on Obama. You know, Obama’s Iraq, Obama’s Afghanistan, Obama’s NSA, Obama’s IRS, Obama’s VA, Obama’s Monarchy, etc….

I guess the lawsuit stunt has started to backfire, thanks to a Do-Nothing Congress presided over by a Do-Nothing House Speaker.  It has given the Democrats their biggest fundraising day of 2014.


John Feehery: Barack Obama is the “Velcro President”

velcro 350x233 John Feehery: Barack Obama is the Velcro President

John Feehery: Barack Obama is the “Velcro President” (Credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama has been dubbed the “Velcro President” because everything seems to stick to him — IRS scandal, Benghazi, VA, Gitmo prisoner swap, etc. Is this a fair assessment, considering the Republican Party made it their mission to derail him on every move?

John Feehery: “They said that Ronald Reagan was the Teflon President. Nothing, not even Iran-Contra, could stick to him. Barack Obama is the Velcro President. Everything is sticking to him.”

“He probably thought he could get some major political mileage out of bringing home the only prisoner of war held by the Taliban. He even did a Rose Garden ceremony to announce the deal. Boy, was he wrong.”

This comes as the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap continues to dog Obama, who seems to have either miscalculated the reaction to deal which included five senior Taliban detainees being set free.

Marc Ambinder: “There’s no bones about it: in trading five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, President Obama willfully broke a law. And this wasn’t an old law, or a law that was passed before he became president. It was his law — or more accurately, successive versions of the military budget bill called the National Defense Authorization Act.”

“Now, Obama did not like the provision that required him to give Congress 30 days of notice before transferring detainees out of Guantanamo. And in a signing statement, he said as much: the executive branch’s ability to defend the country shouldn’t be constrained by the notification period. But the law’s language was clear, as was Congress’s intent.”

The Hill: “A special briefing by senior administration officials Wednesday evening failed to sell skeptical senators concerned about President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban commanders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release.”

 John Feehery: Barack Obama is the Velcro President

Swapping Five Thugs for American POW Bowe Bergdahl Sets Dangerous Precedent

bowe bergdahl 350x270 Swapping Five Thugs for American POW Bowe Bergdahl Sets Dangerous Precedent

Swapping Five Thugs for American POW Bowe Bergdahl Sets Dangerous Precedent

(OPINION) — Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl needed to come home from captivity in Afghanistan, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of swapping some brutal thugs at Guantanamo Bay. It sets a dangerous precedent and it’s a page from the George W. Bush playbook — act now, worry later.  Still, as a mother, I can’t help but feel some sympathy to his parents for the five years of anguish they have had to live through. In short, I am very conflicted about the prisoner swap deal

I have had some time to think about the turn of events that led to Bergdahl’s release from captivity in Afghanistan where he was held as a prisoner of war for five years. After learning that several soldiers died trying to find him, my heart breaks for the families of those fallen soldiers. To make it worse, Bergdahl is being called a deserter by many because he walked off the base. In their minds, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is no hero. Still, that’s no reason to leave one of our own behind. One of our own — how about bringing home the thousands President Obama intends to leave behind to help stabilize a country led by an ungrateful leader such as President Hamid Karzai?

The soldiers we lost in the hunt for Bowe Bergdahl have been identified as  Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, 29, and Private First Class Morris Walker, 23, who were killed in an IED explosion on August 18, 2009. Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, 27, on August 26, 2009. Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, 34, and Private First Class Matthew Michael Martinek, 20, died after a rocket-propelled grenade ambush on September 4, 2009. Lastly,  Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey, 25, was killed in an IED blast on September 5, 2009.

President Obama’s intentions may have been honorable, but you can’t deny, it’s a game changer in rules of engagement, when dealing with extremist groups like the Taliban. The idea that we don’t negotiate with terrorists was just stomped on, particularly since Bergdahl deliberately wandered away from his base in Paktika province five years ago.

The Taliban is celebrating the release of five of its senior members while we are left in the throes of confusion and anger at the White House. How could the president swap a murderous thug named Mohammad Fazl, who is closely associated with Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban’s commander? He is wanted by the United Nations as a potential war criminal for the murders of thousands of Shiites. His Gitmo case file says it all….”detainee is likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests and its allies.” There are no guarantees that the five prisoners won’t revert to their old ways and engage in terroristic behavior.

The Republicans are losing no time in their “outrage,” oblivious to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney releasing 500 Gitmo inmates and Ronald Reagan selling missiles to Iran in exchange for the hostages being freed. It’s laughable that Fox News should trot out Dick Cheney of all people to give his two cents about Obama failing, saying those terrorists will come back and attack America. He should know since one of the prisoners’ released on his watch, Abu Sufian bin Qumu, is suspected of playing a role in the Benghazi consulate attack.

Again, I am not justifying what President Obama did. I am very concerned about the precedent this will set. CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said President Obama broke the law. Um, isn’t he the Commander-in-Chief, or is it that he’s being a bit too uppity for his critics? The fact is, this is not the time for partisan posturing, but a time to reassess American policy where this matter is concerned. We have been down this road before and Americans shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips. That goes for when Ronald Reagan did it and now with Obama.

 Swapping Five Thugs for American POW Bowe Bergdahl Sets Dangerous Precedent

Dick Cheney: Barack Obama Maybe the Weakest President in My Lifetime

dick cheney 1 350x203 Dick Cheney: Barack Obama Maybe the Weakest President in My Lifetime

Dick Cheney: Barack Obama Maybe the Weakest President in My Lifetime (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

LOL: Former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed President Obama as a weak president after the president delivered a foreign policy speech that was a rebuke of the Bush administration, The Hill reports.

Dick Cheney: “He is a very, very weak president. Maybe the weakest — certainly in my lifetime.” 

Cheney went on to say that during a recent trip to the Middle East, allies he had “dealt with all the way back to Desert Storm” expressed alarm at the president’s handling of foreign policy.

“They all are absolutely convinced that the American capacity to lead and influence in that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by this president,” Cheney said. “We’ve got a problem with weakness, and it’s centered right in the White House.”

In his speech, Obama said that those who “suggest that America is in decline, or has seen its global leadership slip away, are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics.”

In an implicit rebuke of the foreign policy practiced in the Bush Administration, Obama said he would betray his duty to the troops if he dispatched them every time somewhere in the world “needed fixing, or because I was worried about critics who think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak.”

Oh, the irony of that comment….I’m just saying. Consider the source of this rebuke. Dick Cheney, really? A man who is a proven liar, not once, but many, many times.

This comes as applications for US unemployment benefits fell to 300,000 last week, near a seven-year low. Let me also add that Vladimir Putin blinked in the Ukraine standoff as well, but the right will never admit Obama achieved anything.

 Dick Cheney: Barack Obama Maybe the Weakest President in My Lifetime