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Christian Painter Stephen Sawyer’s "No Appointment Necessary" Painting Portrays Jesus as a T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Wearing Dude Flexing Tattooed Tricep

Is Christian painter Stephen Sawyer’s latest painting, “No Appointment Necessary,” portraying Jesus flexing tattooed tricep and wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans an insult to Christians?

Christian paint Stephen Sawyer has taken his craft to a new low — denigrating Jesus as a tattooed, t-shirt and blue jeans wearing dude, flexing his right tricep, with his “No Appointment Necessary” painting. So, I guess we can look forward to seeing a hip-hop Jesus Christ coming soon!

The 58-year-old Christian artist’s goal, according to his “Art for God” website, is to use his paintings to “reflect the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in the 21st century.” The painting described above has appeared in hundreds of different newspapers around the world, Sawyer says, including the Jerusalem Post.

“Those people who have tattoos, many of which are bikers, who have turned their heart over to God … instead of them being embraced by Christian fellowship … they had Leviticus being spouted out at them,” Sawyer told The Christian Post on Tuesday while explaining the purpose of the painting. “That was my open hand slap to say, ‘Stop judging people based on the outside of their cup,’” he said.

He was referring to Leviticus 19:28, which in the New International Version says, “Do not … put tattoo marks on yourselves.” Source

Of course, no-one knows what Jesus looks like and I guess that’s up to one’s interpretation of the Bible. I guess if he wanted to be accurate from a historical context, he should have portrayed Jesus with a darker complexion.

President Obama Hits Back at Black Criticism, Reportedly Said It’s "Bullshit"

So, the word circulating in the mainstream media is that President Obama believes the criticism being leveled at him for “ignoring” the black community is “bullshit.” Let me back up….According to Politico, President Obama is reportedly angry that black leaders aren’t crediting him for his hard-bought achievements that will benefit the black community, including health care reform, aid to cities, student aid and protecting Medicaid. Um, this is the same person who was willing to throw Medicaid & Social Security on the chopping block to make deals with the Republican Party. Don’t get me wrong, both entities are sorely in need of change because they are cash-cows and badly run.

“The whole thing is bull——. … We have met with [black leaders] more than any other group, and we are increasing our outreach,” said a person close to Obama.

But Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Calif.), who represents several predominantly black Los Angeles-area neighborhoods, brings up an issue that African-American leaders repeatedly raise when talking about Obama: They say he’s worried about being too closely identified with the community that gave him inspiration and bedrock support. Source: Politico

I have always maintained that President Obama cannot devote his attention solely to every need of the black community, but I am a little disturbed that he hasn’t devoted not even a passing glance at the black community that went out in droves to support him. He cannot fix all the problems that ails this group, but he can at least show he gives a sh*t by making a predominantly black community one of his campaign stops. The bigger problem is that the Democratic Party, as a whole, is taking the black community for granted because they know most blacks will vote that way. Well, I, for one, am not beholden to any one party. I have crossed party lines to vote for Republicans and I would do it again and again, if that particular candidate embodies the issues I consider important to me. I will echo Gen. Colin Powell’s sentiment that I am not sold on Barack Obama in 2012. Actually, I am not sold on anyone in the Republican Party either. I am on the fence at this juncture.

University of SC Professor Dr. Jennifer Lee Wilson Found Stabbed to Death in Duplex, Ex-Boyfriend Hank Eric Hawes Charged with Her Murder

University of South Carolina professor Dr. Jennifer Lee Wilson, 36, found stabbed to death in Columbia home, ex-boyfriend Hank Eric Hawes charged with murder, being held without bond.

Another woman has died due to domestic violence. Dr. Jennifer Lee Wilson, 36, who was just tenured at the University of South Carolina, was found stabbed to death in her Columbia duplex on Sunday and her ex-boyfriend, Hank Eric Hawes, charged with her murder. according to the Charlotte Observer, friends of Wilson, a Fulbright scholar, said she was trying to break off any relationship she might have had with Hawes and was worried about his aggressive behavior and her safety.

She was reportedly killed at approximately 2am on Sunday, when an unidentified neighbour called police after hearing a loud ‘physical altercation going on’ and ‘furniture banging around,’ according to a police report. Wilson was inside screaming: ‘No! No! No!’ the report said. Source: Daily Mail

What a sad end to such a promising life. Dr. Wilson suffered multiple stab wounds. Hank Hawes is being held without bail in Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. Domestic violence cuts across socioeconomic status and race. It is a silent killer in too many homes.

Michael Vick Reportedly Inks $100 Million Contract with Philadelphia Eagles

Good News: Michael Vick is proof that you fall down, you can get back up, and can succeed despite the odds stacked against you.

From Sports Illustrated:

Michael Vick is really back on top now. Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles agreed on a six-year contract on Monday that again makes the Pro Bowl quarterback one of the highest-paid players in the NFL.

A source familiar with the negotiations said the deal is worth $100 million, including about $40 million guaranteed. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because terms weren’t released.

Vick has come a long way since spending 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges. He led the Eagles to the NFC East title last year, was the starting quarterback in the Pro Bowl and was the AP Comeback Player of the Year. Read more: Vick signs $100M contract | Sports Illustrated

Qantas Airlines Issues Apology for Racist Portrayal of Fijian-born Flanker Radike Samo in Blackface by Two Fans

Qantas Airlines issues apology after social media campaign backfires after two fans dress up in blackface, saying Fiji-born flanker Radike Samo was their favorite player, and the airline uploaded picture to Twitter.

Australian airline Qantas has been forced to issue an apology after one of its weak attempts at using social media backfires and was branded racist. The airline had offered two tickets to the deciding game of the Bledisloe Cup between Australia and New Zealand national rugby teams in Brisbane on Saturday night.  The Qantas Twitter giveaway promised two exclusive tickets to the game, at Suncorp Stadium, to the two fans who could best show their support for the Australian team, according to the Daily Mail.

Radike Samo

The tickets were awarded to two Wallabies fans who dressed up in ‘afro’ wigs, daubed black paint on their faces and wore the Australian rugby green-and-gold uniform.

The pair said they were copying their ‘favourite player’, Fijian-born flanker Wallabies flanker Radike Samo, by blacking up their faces, arms and legs.

Qantas awarded the tickets to the pair, but only if they promised to wear their costume to the game. The airline posted pictures of the two fans on Twitter after the game, saying they had ‘lived up to their promise! Good work’. Source

Um, anyone in their right mind would spot the racist element right off the bat. It should be noted that Australia is no stranger to crude racist humor.

Rev. Aaron Banks, Campaign Manager for Incoming Hinds County MS Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, Arrested for DUI

Abundant Spirit Church pastor Aaron Banks & campaign manager for incoming Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, arrested on DUI, also had open contempt of court charge.

Pastor Aaron Banks charged with DUI

Pastor Aaron Banks, who leads the Abundant Spirit Church in Jackson, MS, was arrested from driving under the influence Friday night. What’s ironic about this incident is that Banks is also the campaign manager for the incoming Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis. According to, he was also found to have a charge of contempt of court for failure to appear. Wow, some community leader!

Cynthia Greenwood & Son Isaac Greenwood Facing Charges After He Impregnates his 12 YO Mentally Disabled Adopted Sister

Isaac Greenwood, 19, charged with sexual assault of a child after he impregnated his mentally disabled 12 year old adopted sister, while his mother, Cynthia Greenwood, tried to cover up his actions by taking the girl to Ohio for abortion.

Isaac Greenwood & Cynthia Greenwood Facing Sexual Assault Charges (HPD)

TRAVESTY: Cynthia Greenwood and her son, Isaac Greenwood, 19, are facing charges in the sexual assault of her mentally disabled 12 year old adopted daughter, who was impregnated by her son. According to the KHOU, Ms. Greenwood, 50, took the girl to Ohio to have an abortion, investigators said. She has been charged with evidence tampering. Isaac Greenwood is charged with sexual assault of a child from impregnating the girl.

According to court documents, Cynthia Greenwood took the girl to have an abortion in Houston in early October of 2010, but the procedure wasn’t performed because the girl was too hysterical. At that point, CPS officials in Texas launched an investigation, but said Cynthia Greenwood would not provide any information as to how her daughter got pregnant.

A few weeks later, a second report was filed with CPS after the girl had an abortion at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. When investigators interviewed the girl, she initially said she didn’t know who’d gotten her pregnant. But, according to court documents, the girl later told investigators that her brother had assaulted her four or five times. Source

Words can’t adequately express the way I feel about what happened to this girl. Cynthia Greenwood and her son, Isaac Greenwood, should be thrown under a Texas prison for the rest of their lives.