Charlize Theron Under Fire for Comparing Press Intrusion to Rape

Charlize Theron Under Fire for Comparing Press Intrusion to Rape

Charlize Theron Under Fire for Comparing Press Intrusion to Rape (Photo credit: Reddit)

Actress Charlize Theron came under blistering criticism for comparing press intrusion to rape.  Wow, talk about a wrong choice of words.

Theron, who was in the U.K. to promote her new film, “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” made the offensive statement when asked by Sky News if she ever googled herself.

Charlize Theron: “I don’t do that, so that’s my saving grace. When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start I guess feeling raped.”

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Yale Battles Historic Levels of ‘Sexual Assault’ with Campus Programs Including ‘Bystander Intervention’

The south building of Berkeley College at Yale...

Yale Battles Historic Levels of ‘Sexual Assault’ with Campus Programs Including ‘Bystander Intervention’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sexual assault hits a historic high at Yale University. The Ivy League school came under federal investigation in 2011 after 15 students filed a complaint alleging the university is a “hostile sexual environment” and failed to deal with the incidents of sexual harassment. The group of students used a video of an alleged Yale University fraternity pledges holding a sign that read “We love Yale sluts” and chanting “No Means Yes” on campus. Money doesn’t make one a better person, considering the tuition costs around $50,000 yearly.

In 2011, the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate was formed following reports that some Yale fraternity members had chanted, “No means yes,” on campus. Yale had already been under federal investigation for allegedly under-reporting campus crime as early as 2004. The U.S. Department of Education‘s Office for Civil Rights began another investigation after the frat incident.

Last year, the Sexual Literacy Forum, a student-facilitated discussion group at Yale, was born. Fifty students signed up to participate in this year’s 12 workshops as a continuing curriculum, aimed at giving students a safe place to ask questions without fear or shame. Among the topics are safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and self-pleasure, according to co-director Paulina Haduong, a senior studying linguistics.

“The more people talk about these things, the better the sexual climate on campus,” Haduong said.

At Yale, women’s groups and some students say that the university’s climate has improved but that more work is needed.

“Although my sense is that women tend to feel safe on campus and have increased confidence in the university’s handling of sexual assault reports, the problem of campus sexual assault at Yale is significant and troubling,” said Suzanna Fritzberg, public relations coordinator for The Yale Women’s Center. “The Yale administration has made a concerted effort to take campus sexual assault seriously.” Source

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International Women’s Day 2013: Say No to Violence Against Women

Poster for Women's Day, March 8, 1914

International Women’s Day 2013:  Say No to Violence Against Women (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy International Women’s Day 2013! The United Nations theme for the day, “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women,” and the International Women’s Day theme for 2013 is “The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum.” Women have come a long way in the world, but there is still a lot of work to be done. International Women’s Day started 100 years ago and we have made great strides. We now have the right to vote, hold office and basically do anything a man can do, but we face limitations across the world. Let us remember all the victims of violence, like Anene Booysen, who was viciously raped and disemboweled in South Africa. Let us resolve to unite for the good of women across the globe. Happy International Women’s Day 2013.


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Anene Booysen, South African Teen Gang-Raped and Disemboweled, Laid to Rest in Bredasdorp

Anene Booysen gang-raped and murdered

Anene Booysen, South African Teen, Gang-Raped and Disemboweled, Laid to Rest in Bredasdorp (Photo credit: Twitter)

#RIP Anene Booysen:  Hundreds gathered in South Africa to pay final respects to Anene Booysen, 17, was found brutally raped and left for dead in Bredasdorp Western Cape. She was laid to rest on Saturday.

The mother, grandmother and brother of 17-year-old victim Anene Booysen broke down in tears during the service in a packed church in the southwestern town of Bredasdorp, according to SABC Radio today. The girl was found disembowelled at a construction site last weekend and later died in hospital.

Pictures posted on social media showed the girl’s white coffin being carried out onto a dusty street before being buried. A single bouquet of pink flowers adorned the casket. The brutal murder has triggered much soul-searching in a country that often appears numb to sexual violence and is known as the world’s rape capital.

The girl’s attackers reportedly slit open her stomach, took out her intestines and broke her legs. Police have so far arrested three people in the case, including one of her friends. The victim’s brother said he felt betrayed as he had been close to one of the suspects. “He was a friend of mine, we went to school together, stayed in one house, we were like brothers,” Ryno Booysen told the SABC. Source

This is eerily reminiscent of the brutal gang-rape on a bus in India that left a young woman fighting for her life. She has since died. When will violence against women stop? That includes domestic violence, mental abuse, financial abuse, etc. Women around the world have to unite and take a stand, no matter when your socioeconomic status, ethnic background, creed, or sexual orientation is. Violence against women is real and must stop.

Cartoon from Zapiro about Anene Booysen’s vicious murder:

Anene Booysen gang-raped and disemboweled

South African Teen Anene Booysen Buried After Being Gang-Rape and Disemboweled (Cartoon: Zapiro)

Here are some tweets about Anene Booysen’s death:

Six Arrested, 7th Sought After Another Woman Gang-Raped in India

ANOTHER WOMAN GANG-RAPED IN INDIA:  Six men are in police custody in yet another gang-rape of a woman in India. This latest incident comes four weeks after a brutal attack on a student on another bus. She died from her injuries after being transported to a Singapore hospital.

Police officer Raj Jeet Singh said the 29 year old woman was the only passenger on the bus as she traveled to her village in northern Punjab state Friday night. The driver reportedly refused to stop at her village and drove her to a desolate location. She was then taken to a building where the bus driver and conductor were joined by five friends who took turns raping her throughout the night. The bus driver dropped the woman off at her village early Saturday  Singh said. Six people were arrested and a seventh is being sought. The victim is recovering at her home.

Separately, a 32 year old man was arrested for allegedly raping and killing a nine year old girl two weeks ago in Ahmednagar district in western India, the Press Trust of India news agency reported. The child’s decomposed body was found Friday. The suspet committed the crime seven months after he was released from prison where he served nine years for raping and murdering a girl in 2003, PTI reports.

Myles Bradley Ashley and Wife Thelma Ashley Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide in Harris County TX

HARRIS COUNTY MURDER-SUICIDE: Myles Bradley Ashley and wife Thelma Ashley were pronounced dead at a Houston-area hospital after they were found shot in their River Pines home in Harris county. Deputies were called to the home to investigate a 911 hang-up, with a second call before they arrived at the home, from a woman who said her husband had shot her and then turned the gun on himself.

Rivera said deputies found Thelma Ashley wounded, lying on the living room floor. She was bleeding from several gunshot wounds to her body. Her husband was found in a downstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head. A handgun was found in the bedroom, as well.  Deputies said Thelma Ashley called 911 to report the shooting, saying she had been shot.

There were no signs of forced entry in the home. Deputies were still in the process of investigating the scene,  but it appears that the shooting could be a possible murder-suicide, Rivera said. Source

When will all these senseless murder-suicides end? Too many violence in our midst. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families left behind to grapple with this senseless act of violence.

Tony Parker Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against W.i.P. Club Over Eye Injury Caused by Chris Brown-Drake Fracas

Tony Parker Discussing Chris Brown-Drake Fracas the Left Him Injured, Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against W.i.P. Club

More fall-out from the Chris Brown-Drake fracas — San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the W.i.P., the New York City club where a fight broke out involving Chris Brown and members of Drake’s entourage reportedly  over Rihanna.

Tony Parker, alleges in the lawsuit filed Thursday in NY State Supreme Court in Manhattan, the SoHo club and its operators were negligent in security and supervision, allowing the fight to take place. Tony Parker reportedly suffered injured to the retina of one eye.

Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard were among eight injured during the fight last week.  Shouldn’t Tony Parker also sue Drake and Chris Brown in the process?

Adolph Ray Neal, AKA Sonny Neal, Wanted in Murders of Wife and her Grandfather

It must be open-season on women because yet another man is wanted in the murder of his significant other.  Have you seen Adolph Ray “Sonny” Neal?

Adolph Ray Neal, AKA Sonny Neal, Wanted in Murders of Wife and her Grandfather (AJC)

Adolph Ray Neal, also known as Sonny Neal, is wanted in the murders of his wife, Jessica Neal, 27, and her grandfather, Don William Shedd, 67, in Dalton, Ga. Police have launched a manhunt for Sonny Neal, extending into other states, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Michael Grindrod and Wife Sara Grindrod Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in North Fort Myers

Michael Grindrod and Wife Sara Grindrod Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in North Fort Myers (Facebook)

NORTH FORT MYERS MURDER-SUICIDE:  Sara Grindrod and her husband Michael Grindrod were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in their Fort Myers home Friday. The News-Press reports the incident was domestic-violence related and Michael Grindrod committed suicide after killing his wife. They leave behind two young sons.


Brandon Coleman, Unidentified Woman Dead in Suspected Murder-Suicide in Cumberland County NC

NEWSFLASH:  Brandon Coleman, 23, a Cumberland County, NC, resident, is dead in a suspected murder-suicide. According to ABC affiliate WTVD-TV, authorities found the body of an unidentified woman inside a home in the 600 block of Hollins Street, near the Fayetteville Regional Airport about 5 a.m. Thursday. A short time later, deputies found the body of Brandon Coleman at a bridge over Interstate 95.

UPDATE#1:  The woman has been identified as Allisha Michelle Cherry.