10 things to know about Universal Studios’ new Frisco, Texas theme park

Universal Studios has announced a theme park for Frisco. There isn’t much information released, but here’s what we know.

According to a recent announcement from Universal Parks & Resorts and Frisco council member Tammy Meinershagen on Instagram, the park has big plans for the city of Collin County.

Here are 10 things to know:


Universal’s plan for the park’s location is a field development in North Frisco, east of the Dallas North Toll Road and north of Panther Creek Parkway.


The park is designed for children under 12 years old, but it will be interesting for the whole family.

The size

The area is expected to be about a quarter of Universal Orlando and smaller than Six Flags Over Texas. The company will use approximately 97 acres for the complete project.


There is no theme for the park yet, but each “themed land” will feature green landscapes.


High-tech components will bring immersive entertainment to the park. Roller coasters and other attractions for the whole family are also expected.


Universal plans to introduce its most famous characters for family gatherings and socializing. Game shows will be offered to visitors throughout the day.


“Universal Parks knows that smooth traffic, easy access and ample parking are essential for loyal customers, so they will work hard with our traffic departments to make sure you want to come back,” Meinershagen said.


As the park caters to younger children, opening hours are likely to be from noon to early evening (10:00 am to 6:00 pm).


“Outside noise levels will be near zero because Universal doesn’t want any sound from their own themed lands to seep into neighboring ones,” Meinershagen said. “They want to completely immerse you in the history of each land, which means isolating sound even within the park.”

Why Frisco

The city was chosen for its rapidly growing population and its ability to attract new businesses to the area.

While we don’t know much about the future of Universal’s location in Frisco, we do know that the park will surely draw visitors from all over the country and possibly even the world.

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