101 drunk driving arrests made by Plano police in December

During December, the Plano Police Department reported 101 arrests related to drunk driving.

According to the Plano police statement, there were 68 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol, one arrest for driving under the influence, 12 arrests for driving under the influence with an open container, 11 arrests for driving under the influence for a second offence, eight arrests for driving under the influence drunk for three or more offenses that are felonies and one arrest while intoxicated, resulting in 101 incidents in Plano.

December is National Drunk Driving Prevention Month.

“As a result of most people returning home in a responsible manner and thanks to the diligence of our officers, we are pleased to report that there were no road fatalities in December in Plano, which is often a deadly month due to the influx of holiday parties and people. Holiday travel,” the statement said.

In December, 48 police officers were involved in 101 DUI arrests. After each DUI arrest in December, each officer was given a piece of jewelry to place on the department’s “Tree of Life” located in Plano’s northwest police precinct. Each decoration placed on the tree symbolized a life that may have been saved by a drunk driver driving off the road.

New Year’s Eve is one of the days of the year when most police departments see the highest number of drunk drivers. A recent Harris Poll examined adult behavior during the holiday season. The survey showed that 16% of those surveyed said they drink more than usual during the holidays, and 50% said that alcohol plays a role in their family get-togethers. But the Plano Police Department was on the roads to make sure the holiday-goers were safe.

“Our officers are ‘playing PlaNO’ when it comes to drunken enforcement,” another statement said. “If you choose to celebrate the New Year with alcohol, please make sure you plan your trip home sober.”

Even though the holidays are over, drunk driving is still a problem. If you think someone may be drunk driving, report it to Motorist Support Services at 1-800-525-5555.

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